Mass. Education Leaders Debate President Obama’s College Funding Proposal

August 26, 2013


The cost of college and student debt continues to rise.

President Obama is proposing a new plan to try to lower costs, and give students more information about what they could get out of each college. Things like: how much debt graduates have, the average salary that graduates make, and what percentage of students graduate in 6 years.

The president's plan would rank colleges and universities according to this and other data. Then, the president would like to tie federal student aid to those rankings.

Could President Obama's proposal push colleges and universities to lower costs by increasing the transparency toward students? Or could it end up pushing colleges to become more alike and hurt professions that are not high paying?

  • Jon Marcus, freelance education writer and contributing editor at the Hechinger Report.
  • Jackie Jenkins-Scott, President of Wheelock College. See the Obama administration's College Scorecard for Wheelock College.
  • Marty Meehan, Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. See the Obama administration's College Scorecard for UMass Lowell.

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