Violence Transformed Exhibit

April 26, 2007

Wheelock College will co-sponsor the “Violence Transformed” exhibition that will be held April 23-27 at the Massachusetts State House. Select pieces from the photograph and digital art show, “Life Worth Remembering: Images from Four Street Memorials,” which originated at Wheelock, will be included.

Designed as part of National Crime Victims Rights Awareness Week, “Violence Transformed” is a collaboration between artists, activists, academics, museum professionals and community service providers working in the greater Boston area who share a belief in the transformative power of art and art-making; and an artists’ ability to confront, mediate and challenge the prevalence of violence in contemporary society.

On April 26, from 3 to 9 p.m., all are invited to "Celebrate the Transformative Power of Art," an exciting program of performance art and other activities. Violence Transformed events will include: a panel of curators and artists, spoken word, dance, and musical performances, digital projections of art work submitted by artists throughout the state. Attendance is free of charge and open to all. Please join us.

The exhibition celebrates the diversity of visual cultures engaging with issues of political, sexual, domestic, and community violence that exist in Boston. From shrines to peace gardens, murals to performance art, quilts to video installations, our community is remarkably creative in using art to highlight violence, express collective horror, commemorate victims, foster healing and imagine alternatives.

“Life Worth Remembering: Images from Four Street Memorials,” consists of more than 50 photo and digital art images and constructions compiled from four street memorials erected for youth who have been murdered in Boston over the last several months. The show is designed to help all who attend to “feel” the importance of each of the young people who died violent deaths and the subsequent losses suffered by loved ones and communities.

Violence Transformed will be held at Doric Hall located in the Massachusetts State House. It will include works in a variety of media including painting, photography, prints, book art, video installation, digital projection, spoken-word and performance pieces.

In addition to Wheelock College, “Violence Transformed” is co-sponsored by the Cambridge Health Alliance Victims of Violence Program, the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance, the Artists Foundation, the Cloud Foundation, the Museum of the National Center of African American Artists and the Women’s Study Program at Boston University.

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