Tiffany Bailey '12

Majors: Social Work, Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy

Tiffany Bailey '12 entered Wheelock with a career path in human services in mind.

"I knew I wanted to be a social worker coming into Wheelock," she said. "But that vision really solidified for me during my sophomore year. I realized I wanted to be a mentor and an advocate for older kids and teens."

Tiffany was inspired by her Introduction to Juvenile Justice class-so much so that she decided to add a second major to her repertoire. "There are a lot of factors causing young people to end up in the court system. We need to be focused on helping these young people and rehabilitating them."

Tiffany knows first-hand the importance of having a support system. "I'm close with all of my siblings. My twelve-year-old sister is my little twin," she quipped. "And my little brother is seventeen. I'm helping him prepare for college."

"When I was going through middle school and high school, I didn't have that kind of support," Tiffany said. "So I try to be a role model for my brother and sister."

In her field placement, Tiffany utilized her experience as an older sister to help middle- and high-school students at the after school program, Squashbusters.

"The kids I worked with were eager to communicate with us. Because I am closer in age to them than their teachers or their parents, they are more open to talking with me," Tiffany reasoned. "It's great for me and for them to be able to make that one-on-one connection."

"I know that this is what I'm meant to do. It's natural for me to help others."