Student Handbook: Wheelock's Mission, Vision, and Values

All information is valid for the academic year 2017-2018.


To improve the lives of children and families.


As a private college with a public mission, Wheelock strives to be the premier college educating people to create a safe, caring, and just world for children and families. As we have since 1888, we contribute to the vitality of families, communities, and societies by:

  • Educating students who are well prepared academically and as practitioners with real-world experience - ready to be leaders and advocates, confident in their abilities, and sought after in a wide range of careers;
  • Advocating for programs, policies, and laws that enhance the quality of life for children and families.


We are committed to being a dynamic, rigorous, and transformational learning, living and working community underpinned by theory, practice, research, and advocacy.

We infuse all we do with a focus on achievement, integrity, mutual respect, multiculturalism and diversity, and social justice with a global perspective.
We value the power of partnerships and collaborations to effect positive change for children and families.

We work to ensure that graduates view their Wheelock experience as a valuable investment that serves them well throughout their professional and personal lives.

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