Student Handbook: Administration, Facilities, and Services

All information is valid for the academic year 2017-2018.

Academic Administration

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and provost is responsible for College-wide curriculum development and evaluation, long range academic planning, faculty development and evaluation, and the promotion and tenure process.

There are two academic Schools at Wheelock: Arts and Sciences and Professional and Graduate Studies. Each School is led by a Dean who is responsible for coordinating its academic programs.

Office of Student Success

The Office of Student Success uses a developmental philosophy and holistic approach to empower students to reach their educational, professional and personal goals. Students are assisted in identifying and reaching these goals through assessment, determining appropriate steps, and utilizing available resources. Student Success is concerned not only with a specific personal or vocational decision but also with facilitating environmental and interpersonal interactions, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Our programs foster engagement in educationally purposeful activities, lifelong learning and shared responsibility.

The Office of Student Success includes:
 Academic Advising
 Academic Assistance and Disability Services
 Center for Career and Professional Development
 International Student Support

Academic Advising

Wheelock College created a shared model of undergraduate advising that offers students professional advising for the first two years and faculty advising for the second two years. (This is often referred to as our 2+2 model).
Transfer students are incorporated into the model as appropriate to their class with the majority being assigned to a professional advisor.

First years and sophomores work with a professional academic advisor on:
 successfully transitioning to college life,
 designing an academic program plan,
 developing and monitoring their academic success plan, and
 connecting to the multitude of opportunities available at Wheelock, COF, and in local communities.

Students must declare their major by the second semester of sophomore year. During the sophomore year, students will be assigned to faculty members in their academic programs.

Graduate students are assigned faculty advisors in their department when they enter their graduate programs.

The Office of Academic Advising supports the advising process by providing students and advisors with information and resources so that they can make informed choices about developing a program of study that meets students' goals. However, it is the student's sole responsibility to insure that he or she satisfactorily completes the courses and requirements necessary for degree completion.

Student Advisors

Student Advisors are campus leaders with an interest in assisting other students as they explore curriculum options and degree requirements. Student Advisors receive curriculum training and on-going support throughout the academic year. Student Advisors provide assistance with academic scheduling, course selection, and other issues, and work closely with professional advisors to ensure that students are connected to the Wheelock community.

Academic Assistance

All students are encouraged to maximize their academic performance. There are a variety of services available through the Office of Academic Assistance to assist students including:

 Assistive Technology
 Study Lounge
 Writing Consultations for assistance with writing skills
 Referrals for Peer Tutors to assist with academic study
 Study groups for certain courses

Students experiencing academic difficulties should contact the Office of Academic Assistance and Disability Services for assistance.

Library, 2nd Floor

The goal of the Disability Services Program is to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations to qualified students with documented disabilities.

In order to receive disability accommodations and services, students must:
▪ Submit documentation from qualified evaluators verifying the disability
▪ Participate in an initial Disability Services intake meeting to discuss accommodation requests well in advance of enrollment at Wheelock
▪ Contact Disability Services staff at the beginning of each semester in which accommodations are requested.
Student with disabilities may be eligible to receive the following accommodations and services:
▪ letters to instructors verifying disabilities and notifying instructors of approved reasonable accommodations;
▪ priority registration for courses each semester;
▪ exam accommodations;
▪ reader or scribe for exams;
▪ note-takers;
▪ individual sessions with specialists to provide time management, academic and organizational skills development.

Office of Career Services
Activities West, First Floor

Career Services is an integral part of the Wheelock College community that responds to the career development needs of undergraduate and graduate students and alumni. Through the development of office programs and on- and off-campus partnerships, Career Services helps students make meaningful community connections that support: career exploration, goal setting and preparation; involvement in curricular and co-curricular opportunities that prepare students for the professional world or graduate school; identifying connections between their college experiences and skills sought by employers; development of strong networks; and a competitive edge in any job market.

Because of Wheelock's outstanding reputation, employers from around the country and the world seek to recruit Wheelock graduates for positions in education, social work, human development, juvenile justice and youth advocacy, the liberal arts and child life. Throughout the year, students and alumni network with employers by way of information sessions, on-campus interviews, resume review events and career fairs. The office sponsors two on- campus career fairs each year and through a consortium membership provides students free access to the Massachusetts Educational Recruiting Consortium Career Fair held in Boston.

In addition, the Career Services website ( provides access to career resources, guides and events as well as the job posting board Wheelock Works. Employers use Wheelock Works to recruit students and alumni for job and internship opportunities while students use the site to search for job and internship opportunities, register for career fairs and post resumes.

Peabody Hall, Lower Level

Wheelock College Athletics empowers students to excel athletically and academically. Wildcat athletes strive for athletic success, enhance their academic experience, and are active members of the College community, leaders in the classroom, and competitors on the field.

Wheelock College is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III. Wheelock's teams compete in the New England Collegiate Conference (NECC), which sponsors championships in field hockey, men's and women's soccer, men's and women's cross country, men's and women's basketball, men's tennis, softball, and men's and women's lacrosse. Undergraduate students who meet NCAA eligibility requirements and are in good academic standing, as defined in the Handbook, Section VI (Academic Policies), may compete in any of our eleven intercollegiate sports: field hockey, men's and women's soccer, men's and women's cross country, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's lacrosse, men's tennis, and softball.
Colleges of the Fenway Intramurals
Wheelock College students may participate in a wide variety of Colleges of the Fenway co-ed intramural and recreational activities including indoor and outdoor soccer, basketball, softball, water polo, racquetball and volleyball. Students interested in Colleges of the Fenway intramural events should contact the Director of COF Intramurals at (617) 989-4357 or at

Field Experience Office
Activities West, First Floor

The Field Experience Office (FEO) is responsible for working with all students, except social work and Child Life, to help them secure academically approved placements for pre-practicum, practicum and internships. The Social Work Field Education Office in the Social Work Department works with all social work students in the field placement process. Likewise, the Child Life department coordinates practicums for Child Life students. In keeping with the mission and vision of the College, the FEO seeks placements that provide students with opportunities to integrate theory and practice in a range of academically approved settings that are rich in diversity.

Wheelock students have the opportunity to complete course related field placements, pre-practica, practica, and internships at over 250 field sites throughout the metropolitan Boston area with a focus on neighboring communities. The Field Experience staff works in close partnership with faculty, supervisors and supervising practitioners to ensure that students have varied and high quality field experiences. Students are responsible for contacting the Field Experience Office by October 15 for placements in the spring semester and February 15 for the following fall. At that time, students set up an appointment with FEO staff to discuss specific placements for the next academic semester, and individual field related issues. The FEO welcomes students to informally share their placement experiences with them as well.

Financial Aid
Activities West, First Floor

The Office of Financial Aid assists students in obtaining grants, scholarships, student employment and education loans. Wheelock is committed to providing financial assistance to those students who, without such aid, would be unable to attend Wheelock. An effort is made to meet the continuing needs of upper-class students who received financial aid as first-year students. Financial aid is contingent upon available funds and demonstrated need.

Students can apply for financial aid online by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at beginning in January. Graduate students are also required to fill out the Wheelock College Application for Graduate Financial Aid form. For further information, please refer to the Financial Aid website or contact the Financial Aid Office. All students must reapply annually for financial aid. Additional information and forms may be obtained by contacting the Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid Application Priority Deadlines:
▪ Incoming First Year Students - February 15th
▪ Transfer Students - April 15th
▪ Returning Students - April 15th
▪ Graduate Students - April 15th
The Office of Financial Aid also provides financial planning counseling for students and parents regardless of financial need.

On Campus Employment for Undergraduates

The Federal Work-Study Program is the source of most student employment on campus. This employment is part- time, generally eight to ten hours per week. On campus employers include administrative and faculty offices, the Library and the Earl Center for Learning and Innovation. Off campus Work-Study is available at JumpStart and at the Wheelock Family Theater. Federal Work-Study eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office and may be offered to qualifying students as part of the student financial aid package.

Other student employment opportunities do exist for those students not receiving Federal Work Study as part of their financial aid award. These positions are often referred to as "term-time" or "student employment" positions and will be posted throughout the year when available. Students receive information before the start of the fall semester telling them how, what forms they need to submit and when they can start looking for on campus jobs. Students can search for jobs on the Wheelock Works website. You can get to the site by going to and click on the link for Wheelock Works.

All student employees must complete a Form I-9 and a Form W-4 prior to beginning employment. All forms are available online and in the Financial Aid Office.
Financial Aid for Summer Term

The Summer term starts in May and includes all sessions through August. Summer term can be made up of courses that run the entire span of the term (May through August), or courses made up of 2 mini sessions, Summer A are courses starting in May and ending in June and Summer B are courses starting in July through August. Financial aid in the summer term is very limited. The amount of financial aid available depend on what financial aid a student may have already received during the previous fall and spring semesters, as well as what their enrollment plans are for the summer and upcoming fall and spring terms. (Note: students taking courses only in Summer A, May-June, will only be eligible for aid if they have remaining eligibility from the prior academic year). To be eligible for loans students must be enrolled half-time (graduate students 5 credits and undergraduate students 6 credits), students enrolled less than half-time are not eligible for financial aid. If you were eligible for a Federal Stafford loan and you were not enrolled full-time during the previous fall and/or spring semesters, and did not use the maximum Stafford loan (or Pell Grants for undergraduate) during the prior fall and spring terms, you may be eligible for those remaining funds for summer. Some students may be eligible for Stafford loans from the upcoming academic year if they will be enrolled in summer courses that span the entire summer term, or are enrolled in at least 1 credit during the Summer B term, are graduating in either August or Fall, or will be part time during fall and spring semesters.

Students may contact the Financial aid office if plan to attend summer courses and need information about financial aid.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Campus Center


The Office of Undergraduate Admissions coordinates the recruitment, evaluation, acceptance, and entrance of all undergraduate students to Wheelock.


The Undergraduate Admissions staff selects students that demonstrate a high level of leadership, drive, engagement, enthusiasm, and professionalism. While interning, students have the opportunity assisting in the planning and implementation of events, contribute to the recruitment efforts of the Admissions Office, gain a deeper understanding of the admission process as well as acquire invaluable professional skills. Admission Interns also serve as mentors and role models to the Admissions Ambassador group. Interns are considered junior professional staff members in the office who are expected to work on both large and small scale projects independently and in teams. It is a great opportunity for students to gain professional administrative experience and skills that are marketable post-graduation. This is a highly selective position that is posted in the spring. Juniors and seniors are welcome to apply.

Admissions Ambassadors

The Admissions Ambassador program allows students to represent Wheelock by communicating and promoting the benefits of the college by sharing personal Wheelock experiences with prospective students and parents.

Ambassadors help develop and foster relationships with prospective Wheelock students, which is a crucial piece in the admissions process and campus engagement. Ambassadors participate in many exciting events which include all large admissions events, give tours throughout the week, and host prospective students for both day visits and overnights throughout the year. Students who are outgoing, enthusiastic about Wheelock, enjoy speaking in front of groups, and meeting new people are encouraged to apply. Applications are accepted in the spring from all students.

To receive more information about the Intern or Ambassador programs please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at extension 2206 or

Office of Graduate Admissions
Hawes Building, Brookline Campus

The Office of Graduate Admissions coordinates the recruitment, evaluation, acceptance, and entrance of all graduate students to Wheelock. For more information, you may contact 617-879-1114 or

Alumni Relations Office
Hawes Building, Brookline Campus

The Alumni Relations Office is the home of the Wheelock College Alumni Association and the Alumni Association Board. Programs and events for alumni, students and friends of the College are planned through the Alumni Relations Office in conjunction with the Alumni Association Board and other departments on campus. The Alumni Relations Office also maintains a database of more than 16,000 living alumni.

There are one or two student representatives on the Alumni Association Board, which meets a minimum of four times a year. The Alumni Relations staff and the Board's Student and Recent Graduates Coordinator work with students to offer social and professional programs that will develop relationships between students and alumni. Some programs include the Annual Plant Give-Away on move-in day, Wheelock World Service Weekend, Senior Class Gift, Alumni Symposium, Young Alumni Reception during Reunion Weekend, career panels, professional development workshops, and networking opportunities.

Students and alumni are invited to stay connected to the College through the Alumni Relations Office's our social networking pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The Office also invites students to interact with alumni through the annual Phone-a-thon, which raises money for financial aid. Students are also invited to work at Reunion Weekend, where the Alumni Office welcomes more than 250 alumni and friends back to campus.

Technology Department and Services
Campus Center, Lower Level

Campus Computing Policy
• Wheelock College maintains a variety of computers, printers, networking infrastructure, and technology services for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. By using technology resources provided by the college or by connecting devices to the college network, students implicitly agree to be bound by the Campus Computing Policy. Please familiarize yourself with this policy, listed under Section IV of this Handbook.

Resources Available
• There are over 80 computers (PC & Macintosh) available for student use throughout campus. Many are in public areas and available for use at all hours. Some are specific to classroom and lab use during scheduled hours, and may be reserved on an as-needed basis.
• Most of the publicly-available computers have Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) installed, although a few have been designated for internet access only. Everyone should be mindful of others' needs when using public computers for an extended period of time.
• All public computers will delete saved files and restore default settings after logging off. At this point, files will not be recoverable. Students are advised to save work to their Office365 OneDrive or a USB drive.
• Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own computers to campus, which can be connected to the campus WiFi network. By connecting to the eduroam network, students will experience increased speed and access to resources by comparison to Wheelock-Guest.
• Papercut printing stations are located on campus. Each student's Fenway Card account is preloaded with a starting credit for printing via the Papercut system. Once the credit amount reaches zero, Fenway Cash can be used for printing.
• A digital cable TV connection is provided in each room.

For More Information
• Students can find technology-related and other resources on the MyWheelock student portal:
• If you need assistance with email, the MyWheelock portal, computers, printers, network, campus phones, cable TV, or any other technology, please submit a support request at or call 617-879-2309.

Dining Services

The College's dining facilities are located in the Campus Center. For undergraduate and graduate students who do not live on campus and who wish to eat in the dining facilities during the week, money can be placed on students' Fenway Card. Commuter meal plans are available; please inquire in the Kelly Campus Store located on the main floor of the Campus Center. Wheelock College Student IDs are required for admittance into the Dining Room. For more information, including hours of operations, please visit:

*Hours are subject to change.

Facilities Management
Activities Building, Lower Level

Staff members are most often found working on campus on the upkeep and operation of the campus physical plant.

The Facilities Management Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. After these hours, Public Safety may be contacted at extension 2151.

Office of Financial Services
Activities West, First Floor

All student bills and financial accounts are settled in the Office of Financial Services. This is also the place to go for information about student health insurance.
College Expenses and Fees
For specific information concerning expenses and fees see the Appendix, subsection - Tuition and Fees - to the Handbook and the Tuition and Fees brochure.


The Library staff, services, collections, and website are here to support you.

Service Highlights:
• Reference and research assistance, in person and by phone and email. One-on-one research help drop-in hours are Sunday - Thursday, 12 p.m. - 11 p.m. and Friday - Saturday, 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.
• Course reserves
• Interlibrary Loan services
• Quiet and collaborative spaces for studying
• Quiet study on upper floors
• Collaborative study on lower floors
• Group study rooms are available
• Computers (mostly Windows, a few Mac) with software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and SPSS
Collection Highlights:
• Ebooks and online journals
• Print books (including children's books) and journals
• Video cameras, digital still cameras, voice recorders, cables and chargers, headphones, tripods, and other technology accessories
• Tests and assessments
• DVDs and streaming videos
• Discount passes to area museums

The Library's website ( is much more than a guide to the Library and its collections and policies; it is a place full of resources, tools, and assistance for your academic success and professional growth. It provides access to the online catalog, where you can search for items in the Library's collections. It is your anytime anyplace access to research databases, online journal articles, digital books and reference sources, as well as to research guides by subject, class guides, selected Internet resources, research tips, and help with citations and bibliographies. All have been chosen and gathered by Library staff specifically for you and your needs; let them know what else you need and how else they can help! Your Wheelock email login will be needed to access some of these resources from outside the Library.

A full description of Library polices is on the website, but here are a few you should be aware of:
• You must present your Wheelock ID in order to borrow from the Library
• Overdue fines may be applied at Wheelock and at other area libraries and ILL lenders.
• You are responsible for any lost or damaged items you check out. Replacement costs will be charged. Unpaid charges may result in withheld transcripts and diplomas.
• Please act in accordance with all College conduct policies when in the Library

Office of the President
Administration Building, Third Floor

The President of the College is responsible for the overall administration of Wheelock College and helps the Board of Trustees establish policy for the College.

Office of Academic Records and Registration
Activities West, First Floor

The Office of Academic Records and Registration maintains permanent student academic records, coordinates registration processes for graduate and undergraduate students, manages all students course enrollment including all course changes (drops/adds/withdrawals), monitors the degree status of students, processes leaves of absence and withdrawals for all students and implements academic policy. The office issues official transcripts and evaluates requests to transfer credits from other accredited institutions of higher education. The office also verifies student enrollment including confirmation of withdrawal from the College. In addition, the Office of Academic Records and Registration publishes the academic calendar and acts as the liaison for the Colleges of the Fenway Consortium Cross-Registration Program.

Service Center (Mail Room)
Campus Center, Lower Level

The Service Center is committed to providing comprehensive copy and mail services on campus to all students, faculty, and staff. In the fall, students who live on-campus will receive a mailbox number via email to their Wheelock account. Commuter students may request a mailbox number. Please note that physical mailboxes will no longer be in use, therefore students will not receive a mailbox key. This number will be used for internal use and sorting purposes only. This box number will remain assigned to you until you graduate or leave the College. Students are responsible for all correspondence delivered to them via campus mail and are therefore required to check for their mail at the Service Center window.

The address to be used for all student correspondence is:
Wheelock College
150 Riverway
Boston, MA 02215
Mailbox #

*Please note that your campus address must include your "Box" number and should NOT be addressed to a "PO Box" number. Mail addressed incorrectly or without your box number requires further sorting and may be delayed.

USPS mail and packages are sorted into student mailboxes by 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. If you receive a package, an email notification will be sent to you and you may pick up your package at the Service Center window during regular business hours. The Service Center also provides retail copy services to students, faculty and staff. The Service Center offers color or black and white copies for term papers, reports, presentations, brochures, and large format printing. The Center can also fold, hole-punch, staple, or bind your copy jobs. Copies and postage can only be purchased with Fenway Cash, and a list of services and pricing can be found at the Service Center. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday**.

**Subject to change.

Summer, Local and Home Address
Each student attending Wheelock is responsible for notifying the Office of Academic Records and Registration and the Service Center of their local address while classes are in session as well as their summer and/or home address. Mail delivered during vacations is held on campus until students return from vacation. If a student leaves a forwarding address at the Service Center, mail received during the summer will be forwarded to that address. Each student is also responsible for immediately updating address information whenever changes occur.


The majority of calls coming into the College are routed through the switchboard. The switchboard opens weekdays at 8:00 a.m. and closes weeknights at 5:00 p.m. when the College is in session.

The switchboard is prohibited from disclosing student telephone numbers for privacy and safety reasons.

During inclement weather, students may contact the switchboard for information concerning delayed openings or College closings. A recorded message with updated information is placed on the voicemail system during these times.

Wheelock Family Theatre (WFT)

The Wheelock Family Theatre is an award winning, professional AEA (Actors' Equity Association) Company at Wheelock College. WFT produces family-oriented shows, adult dramas, family musicals, children's classics, and original works. WFT also provides year-round educational programs; classes in creative dramatics, improvisation, play production, and musical theatre for children; and classical acting, character development, scene study, and technical internships for teens.

WFT manages a growing program of collaborative partnerships with local schools and community organizations. Partnerships include classroom visits by WFT teachers, discounted ticket prices at WFT productions, opportunities for dialogue with WFT actors and artists, and on-site workshops designed to enhance attendance. WFT's mission of inclusion and access is reflected in its affordable ticket prices, colorful casting policies, and its audience services including productions interpreted in American Sign Language, audio-described performances, programs in Braille, assistive listening devices, and an Open Captioning system.

WFT welcomes student participation in all aspects of its production, administration and operations. All performances are free to Wheelock students; student participation in WFT is welcome.

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