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Dorm life at WheelockThe Office of Residence Life is committed to creating an engaging, safe, and fun on-campus housing experience for our residents. There are many resources available to help you be a successful resident student. On this page, you can learn about living with a roommate, packing tips, the Wheelock College Student Handbook, and more!

Specific Floors/Residence Halls

While most of our Residence Halls provide housing for all residents, Wheelock College does offer a few specific types of floors/residence halls.

  • Campus Center and Student Residence - Upperclassmen Only
  • Campus Center and Student Residence - Floor 3, Quiet Floor
  • Pilgrim House - Female Only
  • Riverway House - Garden Level, Quiet Floor

Helpful Links for Residents

Student Handbook (All the rules and regs of student life at Wheelock)
Frequently Asked Questions (When can I move in? How often is my room cleaned? And much more)
Packing Tips (What's allowed and not allowed in the residence halls)
Roommate Bill of Rights (pdf) (A reminder of your responsibilities to your roommate) (A website that shows you available washers/dryers and helps you monitor your laundry)
Housing Application and Contract
Housing and Roommate Questionnaire
Room Selection Proxy Form

Housing Accommodation Requests

The College recognizes that some students may have special housing needs because of specific medical/health conditions. If a student has such a need, he or she must comply with the procedure for requesting Housing Accommodations Due to Medical Reasons. Links to the various forms you must submit are below.

Here is some key information about Housing Accommodations and Deadlines:

  • A completed application will be reviewed by the Housing Accommodations Committee. Interested students should contact the Director of Access and Disability Resources before beginning their application.
  • In most cases, housing accommodations are granted for one academic year.
  • New students should submit documentation six weeks prior to their arrival on campus.
  • Accommodation requests for the fall semester are due by March 31 for returning students and by June 15 for new students.
  • Accommodation requests for the spring semester are due by November 15.
  • Since the application requires supporting documentation, special housing accommodations should be requested well in advance of the due date.

Access and Disability Resources Intake form (pdf)
Housing Accommodation Student Request Form (pdf)
Housing Accommodation Health Care Provider Form (pdf)

Living with a Roommate

Longwood roommatesGuidelines for Effective Feedback

  1. Focus on the behavior rather than the person.
  2. Describe, don't evaluate.
  3. Be specific rather than general.
  4. Consider timeliness.
  5. Direct comments toward behavior that the roommate can do something about.
  6. Allow some freedom of choice to change.
  7. Be direct rather than indirect in expressing feelings.
  8. Avoid the use of absolutes, such as "always" or "never".
  9. Focus on sharing information rather than giving advice or evaluating the person.
  10. Ensure clear communication.
  11. Account for the needs of all roommates.

Basic Strategies to Conflict Management

  1. Talk - Most problems between roommates involve a lack of communication. Talking can help prevent differences from being blown out of proportion.
  2. Listen - Learn to listen carefully. Strive for understanding by listening without evaluating or reacting immediately.
  3. Be Flexible - The way you feel about a given situation today may differ a great deal from the way you will feel tomorrow.
  4. Be Understanding - Do not expect your roommate to view things exactly as you do.
  5. Cooperate - Make an honest attempt to allow the relationship to work. When you collaborate, the chances of mutual satisfaction are greatly increased.

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