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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible for services?
A. All currently registered undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to receive services.

Q. What are the fees at the Counseling Center?
A. Counseling is free of charge to all registered  Wheelock College students.

Q. How do I get in touch with a counselor?
A. Counseling sessions are by appointment only. Call 617-879-2410 to make an appointment to meet with a counselor.

Q. Is it confidential?
A. Professional ethics and legal standards require that the Counseling Center staff maintain a policy of strict confidentiality. Counseling sessions are considered private and confidential in nature. Information can be released ONLY (a) upon a student's written request, or (b) in circumstances which would result in a clear danger to self and/or others, or as may be required by law.

We recognize that if as a parent, staff, faculty, or friend of a student, you have made a referral to us that you may have an understandable desire to know if the referred student has made an appointment or attended a session. The student's right to confidentiality prohibits us from sharing information without the student's permission, so we encourage you to follow up directly with the student. We do encourage students to let the referring individual know that s/he kept an appointment.

Q. Can I change counselors?
A. Counseling consists of a good and open working relationship between the student and the counselor. If a student feels that the counselor is not a good match, s/he is able to either tell the counselor that s/she would like to work with someone else or call the appointment line (617-879-2413) and request a change.

Q. Do you prescribe medication?
A. Some students in counseling do benefit from medication as part of their treatment. We have a consulting psychiatrist who is available to see students who wish to have a medication consultation. However, only students who are currently in counseling at the Counseling Center can be accommodated. Students who wish to have psychiatric medications prescribed, but are not interested in concurrent counseling, should consult with their primary care physicians for referrals.

Q. Where is the Counseling Center?
A. The Counseling center is located in the garden level of the Classroom Building, Room 003.

Q. Are Consultation Services and Crisis intervention available?
A. Counseling Center staff often provides consultation services to faculty, staff, and student groups. Counseling Center staff provides 24 hour emergency cell phone coverage for residential students when college is in session.

Q. Can I just stop by anytime?
A. You can stop by anytime in the day between 9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Mondays, anytime between 9:00am to 12:30pm on Wednesdays, and anytime between 9am to 1pm on Fridays to speak to the Center's administrative assistant to make an appointment. The Counseling center also holds one or two hours each day, M-F, for WALK-IN availability. WALK-IN meetings range anywhere from 5 minutes (scheduling purposes) to a full 45 minute appointment, depending on the nature and urgency of the request. Most walk in meetings last 15 - 20 minutes long.

Q: When are Walk-In hours?
A: Mondays - Thursdays from 11am- 12pm and 2pm- 3pm, and on Fridays from 9am- 10am.

Q. How long is a typical meeting?
A. First meetings are typically one hour in duration. Subsequent meetings last 45 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to first meeting.

Q. What if I prefer to see someone off campus and need help finding providers?
A. Counseling staff are also available to help with referrals. We maintain a list of local mental health practitioners in clinics and in private practice that is compiled and maintained in collaboration with all the COF Counseling Centers.

Q. When is the Counseling Center open?
A. The Counseling center is open for appointments Monday through Friday and offers flexible appointment times throughout the day and some early evenings.

Q. How does counseling work?
A. Counseling typically works best if there is an overall purpose; if you can be honest with yourself and the counselor and if you remain open self-examination

Q. What do I do for a mental health emergency?
A. There is a counselor on-call at all times for life-threatening emergencies. To contact the on-call counselor, call Wheelock College Security at (617)879-2151 and ask them to page the counselor on-call.

If you have other questions, or for additional information, please call Eileen Thompson, LICSW at 617-879-2413 or email at Ethompson@wheelock.edu

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