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What to expect from group counseling

Group counseling is designed to assist you in dealing with your concerns in an interpersonal context. It can facilitate greater understanding of yourself through group interactions. In addition, group counseling provides an opportunity for individuals to receive and offer feedback in a safe atmosphere, improve interpersonal relationships and communication, enhance interpersonal skills, and dialogue with others who are experiencing similar issues. The counseling experience often involves sharing personal information in the group which may at times be sensitive, private, or even distressing. Therefore, it is possible during the course of group to feel somewhat more anxious or upset for a time. If you should feel this way, it is important to share this information with the group.

While the outcome of counseling is most often positive, the degree to which any particular individual will reach their goals or achieve their desired level of satisfaction is not predictable.

Please feel welcome to give us feedback on your experience here. We want it to be as helpful and positive as possible.

For more information about any group, please contact our administrative assistant, India Dilworth, at 617-879-2410 or email

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