Sherard Robbins '11

Major: American Studies
Minor: Juvenile Justice

A member of the inaugural men's basketball team, Sherard Robbins '11 transferred to Wheelock to pursue his interest in the College's Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy program and his goal of becoming a lawyer. "I come from a family full of arguers and debaters, so I gained a love for proving points and choosing words wisely at an early age."

As a transfer student, Sherard was a bit nervous about breaking into the social scene on campus. "Luckily for me, it was not an issue at all. I was blessed with a great roommate who knew almost everyone on campus, so that gave me a foot in the door. " Also, he quickly bonded with his teammates. "I haven't come across many guys who share the passion about the game like the guys on the Wildcat basketball team."

Sherard has found more than career direction at Wheelock; he has found a greater sense of self. "Since coming to Wheelock I have matured a lot. I handle things differently now. I find myself speaking up in class, and I feel strong in my field."

The most valuable part of Sherard's Wheelock experience has been his professors. "They are so accessible. They are very helpful, so there is really no reason to fail."

"The best reason to come to Wheelock is for the education. Also, the location is great-right in the heart of the city."

A piece of advice Sherard would give to incoming students is: "Just don't be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is so helpful here, from peers to staff. Someone will give you a hand, that's a definite."