Rachel Hess MS '09

After graduating from Oberlin College in 2004, Rachel Hess MS '09 became an AmeriCorps volunteer with ReadBoston-an organization that promotes early literacy in the city. Rachel majored in African-American Studies as an undergrad, so when she continued at ReadBoston as an employee, she decided she wanted to learn more about literacy education

Rachel enrolled in Wheelock's Language and Literacy Studies program because "Wheelock has a great reputation in the education field. Plus, I wanted a program that incorporated hands-on experience within the curriculum.

"I didn't have a background in education, so I came to Wheelock to broaden my knowledge. Now, I'm a resource for the people I work with because of what I've learned at Wheelock. Associate Professor of Language & Literacy Terry Meier helped me make the connection between what classes I take and how that content can be applicable to my work.

"What I think makes Wheelock unique is that all of the professors are really committed to social justice. They challenge us to think about how that applies to an urban environment like Boston-that's not true about every education school.

"Since coming to Wheelock, I feel like I have much more in-depth understanding of what multicultural education really looks like. The concept was abstract to me before, but I've learned concrete ways to make it happen."