Nobel Peace Prize Winner Archbishop Tutu to Speak at Youth Symposium

October 29, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu will be in Boston on October 29 as the keynote speaker for a youth symposium hosted and organized by Wheelock College. Three hundred and fifty students from Boston middle and high schools are expected to attend “Bridges to Hope and Understanding: Exploring Truth and Reconciliation: A Conversation with Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and The Youth of Boston.”

With the recent surge in teen violence in Boston and across the country, finding ways to reduce and prevent the rise in teen violence is at the fore.

Archbishop Tutu will talk at the symposium about the “Truth and Reconciliation” platform he created, in which retribution is not an option. Archbishop Tutu seeks to inspire youth to eradicate violence and injustice throughout the world by working together in peaceful ways. In 2003, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner established the Desmond Tutu Emerging Leadership Program, which works to promote leadership skills and reward the achievements of young people who are committed to peace building and fostering change in their communities.

Following his talk, a panel of five students – four from the Boston schools and one Wheelock College – will respond to questions about their thoughts on Truth and Reconciliation and what is it we need to be doing in our communities to address youth violence.

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