Mathematics and Art Exhibit

January 18, 2017

Prof. Gregory GomezArt Work by Wheelock Associate Professor of Arts Gregory Gomez is featured in "Mathematics and Art: Searching for Pattern," an exhibit at Suffolk University Gallery through Jan. 22. A Boston Globe review of the show singled out Gomez's work for praise, saying, "Gomez's work usually starts with a field of points. Here he paints circuits of dots joined by lines - an image of consistency - then disrupts the circuits with an industrial sandblaster. For Gomez, it's all about that disruption. Flaws make perfection approachable."

"Mathematics and Art: Searching for Pattern" is the second exhibit in the Suffolk University Gallery fall Art + Science + Design series. Co-curators George Fifield and Deborah Davidson have brought together a range of responses to the idea of searching for pattern by artists, mathematicians and scientists. The works in the exhibit range from those that are computer generated, to 3-D sculpture, painting, drawing, and animation. The exhibit is itself an expression of the many ways artists and scientists respond visually and otherwise to the influence of the principles of mathematics.

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