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August 10, 2016

Wheelock College Bids Farewell to Dean of International Programs & Partnerships, Underscores Commitment to Internationalization

Wheelock College President Dr. David J. Chard announced the departure of Dean of International Programs & Partnerships Dr. Linda A. Davis, effective September 30, 2016. Dr. Davis has accepted an appointment as the first provost of The College of The Bahamas, poised to transition to the University of The Bahamas. Dr. Davis will assume this new post on October 1, 2016.

Dr. Davis has been serving as Dean of International Programs and Partnerships at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts for the past six years. As chief international officer, she has had the opportunity to oversee Wheelock College's internationalization efforts. These have included all international collaborations, both full academic degree programmatic initiatives, in Singapore and Barbados, as well as faculty-led and travel-learn student experiences, study abroad/away, and international visiting scholars. The travel programs have grown from one in Guatemala in 2005, to an average of eight options annually, in addition to study abroad possibilities. Locations have included Northern Ireland, Barbados, Haiti, West Africa, South Africa, Belize, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Cuba. It is a professional achievement of which Dr. Davis states that she is especially proud, indicating that she is privileged to have worked with colleagues in the Center for International Programs and Partnerships and a core of dedicated faculty to achieve these milestones.

According to Dr. Davis, "the success realized through increased faculty engagement in these global experiences as well greater numbers of students taking advantage of international opportunities has been particularly rewarding. Despite this success, however, the commitment to social justice at the core of these engagements is what has been particularly motivational, and it is this core passion from which I have learned and am especially grateful."

Strong International Tradition Continues

A transition is underway to facilitate support and continuity of leadership across all international initiatives in Singapore, Barbados, and South Africa, as well as further afield, as new international partnerships are nurtured. President Chard, who has served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Lesotho in southern Africa, has indicated his commitment to the very strong tradition of internationalization established by Wheelock College.

President Chard acknowledged the advancement of Dr. Davis' work and added, "Wheelock College has had a strong emphasis on internationalization, building partnerships across continents to ensure students and faculty and the communities with whom the college works across the globe are mutually enriched. I am honored to have joined the Wheelock community this year and look forward to advancing the college's international engagement aligned with our institutional mission, to improve the lives of children and families."

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