Printing and Scanning

To help reduce our environmental impact and encourage responsible use of resources, Wheelock has copy and print management systems in the Library, the Earl Center, and on the Brookline campus.

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Wheelock students, faculty, and staff have a print allowance each semester to support academic printing needs. Unused allowances do not carry forward to the next semester.  Once the allowance is exceeded, Fenway Cash may be used to pay for printing.   

All Colleges of the Fenway students, faculty, and staff use Fenway Cash to pay for printing.

  • You can add value to your Fenway Card by visiting the Fenway Card website.
  • Visitors who do not have a Fenway Card may add value to a guest printing card available at the Library Service Desk.
User CategoryAllowancePayment Method
Wheelock Students $35.00 / semester Login
Wheelock Faculty and Staff $5.00 / semester Login
Alumni None Add value to guest card available at desk
Fenway Card Users None Fenway Cash
Guests without a Fenway Card None Add value to guest card available at desk


Type of PrintingPrice per PagePrice per Second Side

Black & white

10 ¢

7 ¢


50 ¢

40 ¢


If a document is illegible or otherwise unacceptable due to machine error, a credit to your account is possible.  If you were using your print allowance, you can submit a Print Refund Request Form within 24 hours of the printing.  If you were using Fenway Cash for printing or copying, contact Fenway Card directly.


You may scan materials and send them to your Wheelock email address free of charge.  Users seeking copying can scan and then print the scan from their email.  To help us continue to provide access to academic materials, including reserves, we ask that you make scans in alignment with United States copyright law.

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