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Sharing Links

The Library subscribes to a variety of online resources - all of which can be easily shared with other members of the Wheelock community through email or Moodle.   If you have questions on linking, please contact the Library at

To ensure what you want to share is accessible for Wheelock users both on-campus and off-campus, there is a two-step process:

  1. find a permanent link
  2. make it ready to share by prefixing the permanent link with

1. Find a Permanent Link

If the online resource you are looking for is not listed, it is safe to just use the link that appears in the address bar of the article.

2. Make it Ready to Share

Paste your link here:

Some online resources already do this for you when they create their permanent links, but for those that don't, we've created a tool to help you get these links ready for sharing. 

All permanent links to these resources must be prefixed by another link,  This will make the online resource link accessible for the Wheelock community, both on-campus and off-campus.

Permanent Link
Ready to Share Link

Wheelock College Library
132 Riverway, Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Earl Center for Learning and Innovation
180 Riverway, Boston, Massachusetts 02215