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Off-Campus Database Access

All of the Library's online databases can be accessed from off campus by current Wheelock students, faculty, and staff using Wheelock email credentials.  Jump down to the following sections:


The Library uses a proxy system that allows off-campus connections to our databases appear to be from on-campus.  You should be routed to the log in page once you begin accessing Library resources.   You can also log in before attempting to access any online Library resources from off-campus.  

You will know if you're connected to the proxy system when you see ezproxywhe in the link.  If you're not seeing it, trying adding your link so you can be routed through the proxy system.  


Most issues have been traced back to an incorrect or expired Wheelock password preventing a successful login.  Try logging into your Wheelock email or the Wheelock portal.   If you're unable to log in, reset your password  or contact IT if you need help doing so. 

If you can access some databases and not others, try a different browser or clearing your browser's history, including the cache and cookies.  A Google search of your browser's name and "how to delete browser history" will bring up directions on how to do this.  Then attempt to log in again.  

If you're encountering further issues, contact the Library Service Desk  at 617-879-2222 or for assistance. 

Sharing Links

If you find that you would like to share links to the Library's online resources with other members of the Wheelock community through email or Moodle, you will need to make sure that the links are permanent and prefixed by a special link.  Otherwise, they may not be accessible.  Visit the Sharing Links page to find out more on how to do this. 

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