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Special Book Collections

The Wheelock College Library has three special collections: The E. A. Liddle Collection, the Martha W. Ingraham Collection, and the Stack Collection. The Ingraham and Stack Collections are housed in the Archives Room on the Lower Level of the Library; the E.A. Liddle Collection is currently in storage.

The E.A. Liddle Collection

Elizabeth Ann Liddle, 1947
Elizabeth Ann Liddle, 1947

The E. A. Liddle Collection [.XLS] is named for Elizabeth Ann Liddle, a former vice president and alumna of Wheelock who taught children's literature at the College. Its 700 items include books written for children published from the late 18th to the mid 20th century, including literary and popular titles; school books such as early primers and geographies as well as more recent elementary school textbooks; Braille books; and pop-up and toy books. In addition to books the collection contains the first 15 volumes of St. Nicholas Magazine, and such teaching materials as kits and supplemental materials for reading instruction. Some titles were originally in the Library's circulating juvenile or curriculum collections. As part of the E.A. Liddle collection these titles now provide a selective sampling of the history of Wheelock's juvenile collection, particularly in the area of multiculturalism. Similarly, the teaching materials provide examples of historical approaches to pedagogy. The collection is fully cataloged in the Library's online catalog.

The Martha W. Ingraham Collection

Martha W. Ingraham, 1929
Martha W. Ingraham, 1929

The Martha W. Ingraham Collection [.XLS] was donated to the Library by Wheelock alumna Martha Wheatland Ingraham, class of 1929. The collection of 700 British and American volumes dates primarily from the 19th century, but spans the mid- 18th through the 20th centuries. Included are a battledor, chapbooks, miniatures, primers, and other early textbooks, as well as works by such well-known authors and illustrators as Randolph Caldecott, George Cruikshank, Walter Crane, Lewis Carroll, Beatrix Potter, Arthur Rackham, Kate Greenaway, Maxfield Parrish, Jessie Wilcox Smith, A. A. Milne, and Ernest Shepard. The collection is fully cataloged in the Library's online catalog.

The Stack Collection

The Stack Collection [.XLS] consists of books formerly part of the regular circulating collection that now serve to document the history of early childhood education and the study of child development. Its 1000 volumes date from 1790 to the 1960s, most of which were published between 1880 and 1929. The collection is fully cataloged in the Library's online catalog.

Digitized Texts

View a small sample of digitized materials from our special books collection.

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