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Archives Collection Policy


To appraise, collect, organize, describe, make available, and preserve records of historical, legal, fiscal and/or administrative value to the Wheelock College community.

  • To provide adequate facilities for the retention and preservation of such records.
  • To provide information services that will assist the operation of Wheelock College.
  • To serve as a resource to support and stimulate creative teaching and learning.
  • To serve research and scholarship by making available and encouraging legitimate use of collections by members of the institution and the community at large.
  • To promote knowledge and understanding of the origins, aims, programs, and goals of the institution, and of the development of these aims, programs and goals.


The Wheelock College Library Archives collects materials that document the history, development, and administration of Wheelock College. The Archives also supports the College's curriculum by collecting materials pertaining to the history of early childhood education.   

Material in the archives dates from the early eighteenth century to the present. All formats are collected.    

Archival collecting activities focus on official records generated by the College - its departments, faculty, and employees - in the conduct of their administrative duties.   In general, the personal papers of faculty and students have not been collected.    

The Archives may also collect materials that document College community life, including student activities, College traditions and events, alumni organizations, biographies, samples of student work, and historical materials relating to important one-time events. These materials are retained in accordance with the Archivist's professional judgment regarding the enduring historical value of the materials for future research. 

Oral histories are considered to be a valuable supplement to the Archival collections and are retained when made available. Due to cost, there is no active oral history project in progress at present. 

Limits of Collecting Responsibility

The Archives will assume responsibility for collecting and preserving historical records on a select basis. Full responsibility is accepted for collecting major serial publications, as well as course syllabi.  All materials received from internal sources are the property of the College. Other items may be accepted as donations. Donations to the Archives are accepted with the understanding that the Library and Archives have complete say in the disposition of all materials. Materials with restrictions, including those under seal or which are otherwise closed to public viewing, are not acquired, accepted, or housed.   

Due to limited space, only one copy is retained of most documents. Duplicate copies of the following are collected: Commencement programs, inauguration and anniversary materials, legal documents, and all serials.   

The Archives may reformat materials to assist with preservation activities.  Holdings that do not reflect the Archives' collecting policy may be deaccessioned. 

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