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Code of Conduct


The Wheelock College Library is committed to maintaining an environment that encourages learning in its support of the College's educational mission.  Users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of other Library users, staff, materials, and facilities. These standards shall apply to all Library users, regardless of their affiliation with the College (student, faculty, staff, and consortial or other guest users or borrowers).

Users have the right to expect:

  • a safe, secure, and welcoming environment conducive to study and research
  • access to Library materials in their entirety and in unmarked condition
  • access to Library resources and personnel
  • appropriate behavior from other Library users

To ensure an appropriate learning environment, users shall refrain from behaviors that include but are not limited to the following:

  • excessive noise
  • discourteous or disruptive use of cell phones or other equipment
  • unsafe behavior of any kind, including rowdiness or other unrestrained physical activity
  • use of threatening, intimidating, or abusive language
  • smoking, drinking, or use of other controlled substances
  • defacing  or otherwise damaging the Library building, furnishings, furniture, or materials
  • failing to adequately contain or clean up food or drink
  • leaving children under the age of 15 unsupervised
  • bringing animals, with the exception of service animals, into the building
  • use of recreational wheeled equipment in the building
  • posting or distributing notices except in authorized locations and with permission from Library staff
  • concealing Library materials in the building for personal use
  • leaving personal materials and belongings in public work spaces unattended for any extended period
  • any form of sexual misconduct
  • misuse of restrooms
  • solicitation, sales, or other forms of personal commerce
  • use of emergency exits except in emergencies
  • being in unauthorized areas or remaining in the building after closing

Enforcement and Consequences

Library staff will interpret these guidelines and make every effort to apply them in an equitable and constructive manner.  They will take appropriate steps to end disruptions, including requesting assistance from campus security as necessary.  Disciplinary or legal action may be taken in accordance with applicable laws and policies.

Access to Library Resources

The Library may at its discretion limit access to certain resources to current students, faculty, and staff of Wheelock College.

Save personal files to a portable storage device or use an online service.

The Library is not responsible for damaged or lost files on public computers.  Files are removed from public computers regularly; the Library reserves the right to remove files at any time without notice.  

Remember to keep valuables and personal property with you at all times.

The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.  Inquire at the Service Desk for items that may have been lost or found.

Other relevant College codes of conduct and laws

This policy supplements and does not replace other College codes that may apply.  Students are referred to the "Student Code of Conduct" and "Institutional Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines" that appear in the Student Handbook. Employees of the College are referred to Section V of the Employee Handbook, "Conduct and Work Guidelines;" and reminded of the need to comply in particular with sections 5.8 and 5.9," Technology and Information Systems - Acceptable Use Policy" and "Social Media." The Employee Handbook is available at MyWheelock.    All users are reminded of the need to comply with copyright law.

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