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Wheelock College Academic Resources FY17 Annual Report

A "year in the library" infographic with information about FY17's accomplishments.  Activity at the library includes 80869 library visitors, 8050 items checked out, 36 research workshops, and 789 questioned asked.  Collection includes 82637 book & equipment, 168253 ebooks, 95886 streaming videos, and 72749 full-text ejournals.  Outreach activities include pumpkin decorating contest, extended hours procrastination stations, poetry month blackout poet-tree and spine label poetry, read across america, and blind date wiht a book.  For interlibrary loan, there were 720 items borrowed and 878 items lent. The top 5 databases were ebrary, Academic Search Premier, Sage Journals, Science Direct, and Education Source.   The top 5 research guides were ENG 121 Critical Reading and Writing II, Wheelock College Singapore, Children's Literature, and AUT 320 Foundations of Development in Autism.

word cloud representation of full length annual report.  Most prominent are Services, Library, Resources, Academic, Wheelock, student, campus, college, center, collection, joined, and 2016.


The Library was able to fill the five vacancies we faced early in the academic year, with Rachel Gravel, Allison Smith, Tracy Joyce, Karen Storz, and Mehrdad Kermani joining the Library staff. This spirited team looks forward to turning its attention to our more strategically-oriented projects and ideas, including invigorating the Library's commitment to academic engagement and student research.

The Learning and Research Services Librarians played an integral role in the 3rd annual Student Research Conference. As in the previous two years, the Library awarded a prize for research that demonstrated substantial engagement with the scholarly literature, which was won this year by a group of students from the Singapore program.

To support the Wheelock community's learning and research needs, the Library implemented a discovery service this year - a centralized, Google-like, indexed searching of the Library's content resources (EBSCO Discovery Service, or EDS) - which makes navigating and using scholarly content easier than ever before.

We expanded access to our video content by adding a patron-driven acquisition (PDA) program to one of our streaming video subscriptions, Kanopy. This program makes a large number of high-quality academic videos available on demand - anytime, anywhere - without escalating costs, since the only videos requiring purchase are those that get use.

The Library's partner, the Earl Center of Learning and Innovation, continued to be a resonant voice on the topic of makerspaces in the New England area. It hosted the accessible makerspace portion of the Curiosity and Learning Conference, an event focused on hands-on exploration in science, math, movement, and art, attended by approximately 160 educators.

FY17 Full Annual Report [.PDF]

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