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Borrowing Policies for Faculty and Staff

What can I take out of the Library, and for how long?

Present your Wheelock ID card at the Service Desk to check out the following items. Click on the different item types to learn more about them.

Item TypeLoan PeriodCan I renew it?
Books (Main Collection) 90 days Yes, once
Books (Popular Reading Collection) 14 days Yes, once
Children's Books 90 days Yes, once
Children's Periodicals 90 days Yes, once
Curriculum Materials (toys, games, manipulatives) 90 days Yes, once
DVDs (Floor 1M) 7 days Yes, once
Children's DVDs (Floor 3) 7 days Yes, once
Technology to Borrow 7 days for items not designed for "In Library Use Only". Some laptops and projectors designated for 2-day loans No
Tests and Assessments 7 days Yes, once
Museum Passes 24 hours No

Please note that users assume full responsibility for all borrowed items. Lost, stolen, or damaged items must be paid for or replaced.

What can’t I take out of the Library?

Wheelock faculty and staff may use the following items only while inside the Library building:

  • Print periodicals (located on Floor 3)
  • Reference books (located on Floor 1)
  • Archives 
  • Library In-Library Use Laptops: available at the Service Desk, you may use the laptops for two hours inside the Library while we hold your ID card. These in-library laptops are typically reserved for students; if you would like to take a laptop out of the building, request one of our 48-hour or 7-day laptops.

How do I renew items?

  • Online
    Go to My Account in the Library catalog.
  • By phone
    Call the Service Desk at 617-879-2222.
  • In person
    Stop by the Service Desk.

Overdue Items

If you keep an item for longer than its stated loan period, you will receive overdue notices via email until the item is returned.

We do not charge overdue fees, with the exception of overdue Tests and Assessments which are subject to fines at the rate of $5.00 per test per day.  However, once an item has been overdue for one month it is automatically considered lost and replacement and processing fees are applied. All fees are waived once the item is returned.

If you lose or damage an item, you will be billed for the full replacement cost. Please contact, if you have any questions.

Can I put items on hold?

If it’s currently checked out:

  • Log in to the My Account feature of the Library catalog, or
  • Contact the Service Desk at 617-879-2222.
  • Once the item is returned, we will notify you and hold it at the Service Desk for seven days.

If it's in the Library:

  • Contact the Service Desk at 617-879-2222.
  • The item will be held at the Service Desk for seven days.

 Note: Holds may not be placed on any items that circulate for less than 21 days.

I can’t find what I need…

If an item is listed as available in our catalog but you cannot find it on the shelves, please let a Service Desk employee know right away. We will conduct a search for the item and let you know when it is located.

If you need an item that is not owned by the Wheelock Library, please see Interlibrary Loan or contact the Service Desk at 617-879-2222.

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