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image of the earl center's open space with students sitting in various seating arrangements


The Earl Center layout is a single, large, open environment, with options for creating separate classroom or meeting spaces. In addition, the lightweight, configurable furniture (see our list of furniture and their manufacturers [.PDF]) and the technology available make the Earl Center the most tech-enabled and versatile space on campus. 

Visit the Technology page for more information about our technology offerings. 

Space Reservations

You can make reservations of specific sections of the Earl Center. Fill out the Campus Services Room Reservation Form.  If you have any questions about the reservation process, contact Campus Services at 617-879-2002 or email 

Glass Rooms

various meetings in the two glass rooms

Sliding glass panels can create separate meeting spaces. The glass panels allow for five different configurations:

  • A completely open space (no glass panels at all)
  • One smaller glass room and a large open space
  • One larger glass room and a smaller open space
  • Two glass rooms side-by-side
  • One glass room (removing the wall between the two glass room)

Technology in the space: The large glass room is equipped with a presentation station, configurable, powered-equipped tables, a whiteboard wall, and a projection screen.

Open Area

Open area of the Earl Center with a variety of soft seating faculty presenting at the Earl Center

Colorful area rugs and soft furniture make this space a very informal and relaxed area to meet, study, and do small group work. There are outlets scattered around the floor of the space so that your devices can stay powered wherever you'd like to sit. We encourage you to move the furniture to whatever configuration you find most comfortable.

Technology in the space: A video wall that can be used for events, presentations, movie nights, workshops, and gaming.  

Art Area

art area in the art area, students using paint and glitter to decorate hats

Art making, science exploration, or any kind of activity that may get a little messy can take place here. Art supplies are available in the cabinets, which can be opened by Earl Center staff.

Technology in the space: A large screen, Mac-mini computer, and a blu-ray player, which can be used for small presentations, meetings, and groupwork. 

Collaborative Workstations

collaboration workstation Assistant Director and student looking at the screens at one of the collaboration stations

There are two collaborative workstations designed for group work with various forms of technology.

Technology in the space: A Mac-mini (which can boot into either the Mac or PC operating system) and two monitors that allow for multiple display modes. Ports below each station allow for connection to laptops, iPads, and even iPhones so that you can work from your own or borrowed machines.

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