Costa Rica prepares 10,000 teachers annually but ignores the quality of their training

September 29, 2013

La NaciĆ³n

Seven of each ten graduated students left a private university

Minister Garnier assures that educational quality is `greater reto' and most difficult

Every year, Costa Rica graduates to more than 10,000 people in races of Education. In them, the MEP will deposit the responsibility to form to the hundreds of thousands of students.

In spite of this, the country does not know practically anything on the quality of these withdrawn. This warning throws IV the Report Been of the Education, initiative of the National Council of Directors (Conare), supported by the Program Been of the Nation.

The investigation revealed that there are 259 races of Education, but 15 (6%) only have the endorsement (quality seal) of the National System of Accreditation of the Education Superior (Sinaes).

Isabel Roman, coordinator of the State of the Education, burdens determine the proportions it of the problem.

"Good and bad educational they leave these programs and they enter to the system without greater quality control. We are before a neuralgic problem", said.
"There are differences in terms of quality, but part of the difficulty is that we do not have information.

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