Award for Prof. Gallos Article

February 22, 2017

Prof. Joan GallosAn article by Professor of Leadership Joan Gallos titled "Women's Experiences and Ways of Knowing: Implications for Teaching and Learning in the Organizational Behavior Classroom" was selected to receive the 2017 Lasting Impact Award from OBTS and Sage Publications. The article was published in Journal of Management Education, Volume 17, Issue 1 (1993).

The Lasting Impact Award recognizes an article published in JME at least 10 years prior that continues to have a significant impact on management education or educators, either conceptually or practically, since its publication. The award will be presented during the annual OBTC Teaching Conference for Management Educators, June 14-17, at Providence College, Providence, Rhode Island.

The nominators noted in their supporting documents, "'Women's Experiences and Ways of Knowing,' has changed thinking and practice for educators, professionals, men and women, critical thinkers, college administrators, program developers, and scholars.' During consideration of nominated articles, JME Associate Editors commented that, "Gallos's work has been instrumental in challenging our ontological ways of seeing and knowing in the world. It is a brilliant piece of scholarship; challenges boundaries, and thumbs up to JME for publishing it back then." "[The article] resonates with my focus on feminist philosophy and SOTL." and "This work impacts, and is still relevant to, many of today's initiatives to help women advance in higher education and in the workplace."

A search of Google Scholar found 42 significant citations of the article, nine of which are from 2013 to the present, representing a broad range of outlets. In concert with your other work on similar themes, this contribution to JME continues to influence teaching and learning scholarship and practice.

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