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Stephen Muzrall
Assistant Vice President for Development

A pooled income fund is similar to a mutual fund. Your contribution is commingled with the gifts of other donors for investment purposes; you or your named beneficiary receive annual interest and dividend income based on your pro rata share of the fund's units. At the end of the lifetime of the income beneficiaries, the value of your units in the fund at that time becomes available for the College's use.

Capital gains taxes are completely avoided when long-term appreciated assets are transferred to the fund, and an immediate charitable income tax deduction is available.

What is a pooled income fund?

Gift agreement with Wheelock that pays you variable income for life.

Why should I contribute to a pooled income fund?

Secure an income stream for life.

When should I contribute to a pooled income fund?

Best for those in retirement years.

What are the benefits?

  • A gift to Wheelock,
  • Variable income for life based on the market value of the fund,
  • Income tax charitable deduction, and
  • Reduced capital gains taxes on appreciated assets.

How is this gift funded?

Typically funded with cash, appreciated securities, or credit card, there is a 10,000 minimum gift to create a pooled income fund. Subsequent additions to an established pooled income fund may be smaller.

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