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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Giving Day Ambassador. Below we have many tools for you to use. If you have any questions, feel free to email Emilia Salazar in the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

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In Your Words: Why Do YOU Support Wheelock?

Giving day is as much about making a gift to Wheelock as it is about sharing your support of Wheelock. We want you to share why you loved Wheelock as a student, why you love Wheelock as an alumna/us and we want you to share why you support Wheelock. Below are ways you can help spread the word about Wheelock Giving Day. We have a lot of Social Media information, but we also have talking points and a sample email if you prefer to network that way.


If you make your gift on March 30 online, you will have the option to create a special link to share on social media and/or send to your friends. By sharing this link you will then be able to see how your gift turns into a "givalanche" of gifts. For any or all of the below sharing opportunities, we recommend that you use your own personal link so that you are able to receive updates letting you know how much your gift grows after others have given!

Social Media

  1. Share, Share, Share! From now until March 30 we will be sharing blog posts, community member quotes, small videos/clips and emails about Wheelock Giving Day. All posts will be tagged with the #wheelockgivingday hashtag.
    • We ask that you share as many of these as you feel comfortable sharing with your personal networks that overlap with your fellow Wheelock alumni.
    • We will be sharing things via the Wheelock College account and those accounts are linked to here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
    • We are also sharing these from the Wheelock College Alumni accounts which are available here: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
  2. Change Your Profile and Cover Photos on March 30! Please change your profile photo on social media to support #wheelockgivingday!
    • At the very end of this page are downloadable photos for your Facebook and Twitter profiles! Click here to jump to those photos. Feel free to make your own! This is about sharing your story!
    • If you have issues or would prefer the photos emailed to you, contact Emilia in the Development and Alumni Relations Office.
  3. Tell Your Story! We will be asking community members to share why they are giving on Wheelock Giving Day during the last few weeks before 3/30. Below are a few examples of Social Media messages you can share. (We encourage you to make your own!)
    • I'm giving on #wheelockgivingday because I received scholarships @wheelockcollege as a student.
    • I'm giving on #wheelockgivingday to improve the lives of children and families globally. #mission @wheelockcollege
    • I'm giving on #wheelockgivingday b/c I'm a proud @wheelockalumni and want to support future @wheelockcollege grads
    • Or feel free to share any of the stories tagged with #wheelockgivingday in our Zoomph link, above right, or here.

Phone Talking Points

If you're not a social media user or prefer the more personal contact of speaking to your former classmates by phone we encourage you to do so! If you would like a list of phone numbers or emails please contact Stephen Muzrall in the Development and Alumni Relations Office at 617-879-2266 or at

Below are a few of the talking points that we've created for you, but remember, You know your fellow Wheelock classmates and alumni better than we ever could, so just share your story and ask them to support Wheelock on this special day.

  • Gifts made on March 30 count for more than on any other day in 2017, because 
  • When we receive gifts from 500 individuals, the College will receive an additional $50,000 from two generous donors ($25,000 each).
  • Gifts can be made online at or by calling 617-879- 2499. 
  • Encourage them to give at the same level they gave last year.
  • If they've never given before, encourage them to give at their "class level." For example a graduate of 2008 would give $20.08 or a graduate of 1975 might give $19.75 or $75."
  • Thank them for their continued support whether they give or not.
  • If you believe your classmates would rather send a check than make a gift online or over the phone, please let the Development Office know so we can send out specific Giving Day envelopes so that they will arrive on time.

Email Sample

Again, you know your classmates and fellow graduates better than we do, so edit the email as necessary. We recommend forwarding one of the previous giving day emails (let us know if you need one resent) and adding your own message at the top.

Dear ____________,
I hope by now you've heard about Wheelock Giving Day! It's an exciting time for the entire Wheelock Community to come together to show our support of the College. I've made my gift as part of Giving Day and I hope you will join me in making one too.

I made mine because of the wonderful experience Wheelock was at a pivotal time in my life. Without Wheelock I wouldn't be where I am today. To make your gift you can visit [OR you can insert your Givalanche link] or by calling 617-879-2499.

Thank you in advance for supporting our alma mater and providing much needed financial support for graduates to improve the lives of children and families.


Twitter Profile and Header Photos

To save, right-click the image and select "Save image as...," then select where you want to save it and then upload it to Twitter following these instructions. If you would prefer to have the images emailed to you please email Emilia in the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

Wheelock Giving Day logo Wheelock Giving Day Logo with Tagline

Facebook Profile and Cover Photos

To save right click the image and select "Save image as...," then select where you want to save it and then upload it to Facebook following these instructions. If you would prefer to have them emailed to you please  contact Emilia in the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

Wheelock Giving Day logo Wheelock Giving Day Logo with Tagline

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