Parents and Families of Current Students and Alumni

Karen and James Ansara
Marjorie Bakken
Idie L. Benjamin '83MS
Doris L. Caplan
Judith Ceven
Denyce M. Chiesa
John and Lee Comita
Margaret Leitch Copeland '67
Karen Cox
Al and Hilary Creighton
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Decker
Elizabeth Dyer
Lisa Milanese Evans '76
Patricia Phillips Fraser '66
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Greeley
Andrea and Raymond Guelli
Mary Bloomer Gulick '57
Erin Heffernan
Anne Mulholland Heger '49
Maria and Christopher Hubbard
Lauren Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. John Kilcoyne
Reta Schoonmaker King '60
Susan Kosoff '65/'75MS
Susan Cahn Levine '67
Patricia Markle Levy '56
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Mackey
Mary Baker McConnell '74MS and Mike McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. McGunagle
Shaunda and Luke McKinnon
Bridget McShane and Roger Brooks
Lisa Brookover Moore '77
Faith Schultz Perkins '68
Gertrude Van Iderstine Phillips '43-'44* and Thomas L. Phillips
Jane Bowler Pickering '58
Patricia Read
Jane Wolcott Ready '66
Lyn and Tod Rodger
Judith Haskell Rosenberg '55
Suzanne Reid Schenck '66
Suzanne Small Shanahan '49
Julie Sierputoski
Peter Siver and Regina Jones
Eleanor Starkweather Snelgrove '63
Mary Jane McAuliffe Songer '55
Family of Jennifer Stowers '02 & JSQ Foundation
Hope Haslam Straughan
Karen S. Sturges '87MS
Dorothy Donahue Sullivan '57
Wyvette Tabb
Deborah Brown Tifft '70MS
Mary Beth Claus Tobin '78MS
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Waldron
Janet Welz-Kavanagh '78
Edith Nowers White '50
Elizabeth Heger Wright '80
Marjorie H. Wystrach

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