Named Funds

Wheelock donors have the opportunity to establish a fund in honor or in memory of individuals or organizations. These named funds support a number of College efforts, including scholarships, campus improvement, and faculty support. Wheelock is grateful for these substantial gifts that will serve the College in perpetuity.

Scholarship and Loan Funds

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Donald Bergen Abbott Memorial Scholarship Fund
George I. Alden Scholarship Fund
Judy Parks Anderson '62 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Anthony Family Scholarship Fund for Graduate Students
The Karen and Steve Aveson Scholarship for Early Childhood Education
Bronwyn Baird Endowed Scholarship Fund
Marjorie Bakken Endowed Scholarship Fund
Bank of Boston Endowed Student Loan Fund
Ruth Kelliher Bartlett '24 Memorial Fund
John L. Bates Scholarship Fund
Bernard W. and Helen Sagoff Berkowitch '28 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sharon Bilanin '69MS Endowed Scholarship Fund
Black Mountain Foundation Scholarship Fund
The Catherine E. Bose '75 Scholarship in Mathematics and Science
The Barbara Brahms '36 Scholarship Fund
Gladys Brooks Endowed Scholarship Fund
Gertrude Flanders Bullen '52 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Cape Cod Club Scholarship Fund**
Centennial Scholarship Fund
Daniel S. Cheever, Jr. Scholarship Fund
The James Christmann Writing Award Scholarship
Ruth Clapp '34 Loan Fund
Clover Converse Clark '20 Memorial Trust
Class of 1954 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Keena Dunn Clifford '68 Student Scholar Award
Carolyn Burrell Cochran 1919 Scholarship Fund
Katherine Wendell Creighton '92 Scholarship Fund
Tina Feldman Crosby '67 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Nancy LeCount Currier '50 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eagle Academy Scholarship Fund
Ennis-Murphy Scholarship Fund
Elinor Frumkin Feldman '52 Revolving Student Loan Fund
Marguerite Franklin 1917 Revolving Loan Fund
The Frances Graves 1909 Charitable Fund
Cynthia M. Gregory '26 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Christine Gurske '95/'98MS Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ellen Gertrude Loomis Hall Endowed Scholarship Fund
Margaret Hamilton '23 Arts Scholarship Fund
Irene Frail Hamm '60 Endowed Urban Scholarship Fund
Evelyn Hausslein Child Life Scholarship Fund
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Fund
Molly Cooper Hershey '23 Fund for Student Aid
Aldus C. Higgins Foundation Endowed Loan Fund
Myrl Rose Crocker Howe '34 Scholarship Fund
Marian Clifton Hurlin '22 Scholarship Fund
Barbara Jack '30 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Kathleen Magee Jaunich '64 Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Jackie Jenkins-Scott Endowed Fund for Service and Learning Journeys
Margery Hall Johnson Endowed Scholarship
Ruth Appleton Burge Johnson 1910 Scholarship Fund
Marcia Rudd Keil '34 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Linda Gordon Kendall '61 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Lyn Peck Kenyon and Walter Kenyon Scholarship
Carol Liu King '66MS Endowed Scholarship Fund
Susan Kosoff '65/'75MS Legacy Fund
Katherine Ehrler Kurth Scholarship Fund
Gloria Williams Ladd Endowed Scholarship Fund
Lauren Lerner '70 Language & Literacy Fund**
Frances B. and Paige D. L'Hommedieu Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth Ann Liddle '47 Fund for International Students
Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Scholarship
Lowell Scholarship
Susan M. Mackey '94 Scholarship Fund
Kathryn Severance Makosky '30 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Margaret H. and Robert W. Merry Scholarship Fund
Gwen Morgan '76MS Scholarship Fund
Hollis P. Nichols Scholarship Fund
Janice Porosky Olins '33 Scholarship Fund
Phoebe O'Mara Endowed Fund
Patricia Knowlton Paine-Dougherty '50 Scholarship Fund
Henry H. and Edith Nicholson Perry 1919 Scholarship Fund
Theresa Perry Scholarship Fund
Mildred Engler Peterson '24 Scholarship Fund
The Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust Scholarship
The Catherine Pursel Emergency Student Loan Fund
Jennifer Stowers Quintal '02 Teacher Development Scholarship Fund
The Roberts Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
William E. and Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust Endowed Fund
Saul M. Silverstein Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Ellen Haebler Skove '49 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ching Yee Soong '65 Scholarship Fund
Edith Winter Sperber '52 Scholarship Fund
The Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Fund
The Ellen G. Sullivan Endowed Scholarship
Susan Swap Community Service Scholarship Fund
Mary A. Sweeney '56 Scholarship Fund
Catherine Hargrave Sykes '50 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Suzanne L. Thurston '54 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Marion H. Towne Scholarship Fund
Frances M. Tredick Endowed Scholarship Fund
Frances M. Tredick 1902 Scholarship Fund
Wheelock Club of Portland Scholarship
Wheelock College Alumni Association Scholarship
Wheelock College Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund
Wheelock College Urban Teachers Scholarship Fund
Lucy Wheelock Endowed Scholarship Fund
Lucy Wheelock Student Loan Fund
Betsy Reed Wilson '55/Let's Face It Visiting Health Scholar
Marjorie Cohn Wolf '51 and William H. Wolf Perpetuating Loan Fund

Library Funds

Alma Bent '42/'43 and Janet Higginbotham Washburn '42/'43 Library Fund
Linda Munroe Brady '67 Memorial Book Fund
Beatrice Garnaus Library Fund
Nancy Corwin Gordon '67 Memorial Book Fund
Altina Mead Memorial Fund
Jone Sloman Library Fund

Other Funds

CAR Endowed Faculty Fund
Sylvia Earl '54 Technology Fund
Graduate School Special Programs Fund
Hawes Renovation Fund
Hillel Fund
Holistic Health and Wellness Club
International Service Learning Fund
Sandra Nesson Kivowitz '56 Memorial Fund
Edward H. Ladd Award for Academic Excellence and Service
Cynthia Longfellow Teaching Recognition Award
Master of Social Work Restricted Scholarship
Math and Science Endowed Prize Fund
Mattahunt Copier Fund
Political Science Department Chair
The Dr. Sau-Fong Siu B.S.W. Student Assistance Fund
South Africa Service Learning Annual Fund
South Africa Service Learning Endowment Fund
STEM in the City Fund**
Dr. Jeri Faith Traub Children's Courtyard Fund
Dr. Jeri Faith Traub Student Prize for Special Education
Wheelock Faculty Fund
Wheelock Family Theatre Endowed Fund
Wheelock Family Theatre Seat Fund
Write Now Summer Creative Writing Program Fund**

** New fund in Fiscal Year 2017

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