Anonymous (5)
Daniel Allenby
Jane Attanucci
Andrea Axelrod
Marjorie Bakken
Peter C. Battis
Christy Betit
Alan Bilanin
Michelle M. Bishop
George W. and Michelle Blaisdell
Daniel Bolton
Eric and Marna Borgstrom
Brendan Bucy
Peter Buhl
Lauren Capitani
David J. Chard
Daniel S. Cheever Jr.
Ann E. Christmann
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Christmann
Annamaria T. Church
John F. Coburn
Patricia Comeau
James P. Comer
Suzanne Costello
Cori Couture
Al and Hilary Creighton
Kathryn Curry
Inez Deering
Laura D. Degiacomo
Rachel Dines
Shana Dirik
Stephanie Dodson
Catherine Donaher and Robert M. Hollister
Joseph D. Downing
Jane Ducott
Adele Edwards
Kimberly Elliott
Vickie Engerer
Jeanne Esposito
Priscilla Fales
William C. Faradie
Carol Faulb
David Ferguson
Elizabeth Ferry
Jack Fraser
John J. Funkhouser
Bink and Weezie Garrison
Farzad and Julia Ghorbi
The Giatrelis Family
Joan and Larry Gracie
Carole Charnow Grainger
Eloise Greenfield
Jane Grimm
Alison Hall
Steven J. Harris
Sara Beth Haskell
Adrian and Angela Haugabrook
Bobbie Haugabrook
Lettie M. Haugabrook
Kenneth Heller
Janis Hersh
Jeffrey L. and Deborah Hirsch
Michelle Holmes
Geoffrey Howard
Doug and Leigh Hurd
Angelique Jackson '19
James Jennings
Therese R. Johnson
Ruth and Ray Kelley
Edgar Klugman
Wendell J. Knox
Barbara J. Kroncke
Ted and Beedee Ladd
Jack and Cynthia LaMothe
Benedict F. Lessing
Keith Lester
Ann Longfellow
Barbara Longfellow
William A. Lowell, Esq.
Dev Luthra
Herbert MacKinnon
Marian F. Mandell
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Marshall
Carmine Martignetti and Laurel Conrad
Sara Mattes
Ledyard H. and Mimi McFadden
Madalyn McGunagle
James Millinger
Ann Marie Miranda
Nora Moreno Cargie
Ann Moritz
Tracey Mullane
Delia O'Connor
Nancy Olins
John O'Neil
Charlotte and William E. Peed
Haven Pereira
Carolyn M. and Georges Peter
Kelly Plefka
Leigh B. Procter Smith
Lesley Prowda
Millie Pujals
Lily Ramras
Claire Ramsbottom
Edna Ranck
William Rawn
Lindsay Redman
Sharon Rich
Carol and Bob Richardson
Arlene and Wayne Richardson
Marita Rivero
Jamie Rogers
Pauline J. and Terry Ryan
Toby Schine
Elizabeth and Michael Scholl
Lori Shaer
Sau-Fong Siu and Yum-Tong Siu
Lisa A. Slavin
Charles W. Soucy
Jon E. Steffensen and Elizabeth K. Frantz
Daniel Stein
Claire and Jeffrey S. Stern
Walter Swap
Murray J. and Jean Swindell
Jeanne M. Talbot
Judith A. Thompson
Joan I. Thorndike
Veking B. Tollette
Magdalena Toro
Howard Trachtman
Barbee Tucker-Pigott
Kara and Bryan Tulley
United Way of Rhode Island
Roy Walker
Jeff Walsh
Dianne H. and Stephen R. Warner
Seth H. Washburn*
The Wheelock College Alumni Association
Jerry L. Wheelock
Daniel Whelton
J. Michael Williamson
Robert H. Willoughby
Elizabeth A. Wood
Heidi R. Wyle
Marjorie H. Wystrach
Rebecca Yeager
Azzie Young
Ronald and Kellie Young

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