Cornerstone Society

The Cornerstone Society recognizes our most generous donors who make an annual gift of $1,500† or more to Wheelock College. These individuals, along with the students they support, are the cornerstones of Wheelock's future. The College would like to thank the following individuals for their support:

Lucy Wheelock Benefactors ($50,000 or more)

Keena Dunn Clifford '68 and Chris Clifford
Al and Hilary Creighton
Sylvia Tailby Earl '54 and James Earl
Christine Jones '71*
Robert and Carol Lincoln
Thekla Reese Shackelford '56
Ellen Haebler Skove '49
Inez Gianfranchi Snowdon '40*
The Wheelock College Alumni Association

President's Council ($25,000 to $49,999)

Barbara Tutschek Ells '60 and Robert H. Ells
Ted and Beedee Ladd
Toby Congleton Milner '70 and Charles Milner
Martha-Reed Ennis Murphy '69 and John L. Murphy
Joan Wiggin '51*

Wheelock Fellows ($10,000 to $24,999)

Anonymous (1)
Judith Parks Anderson '62 and Robert Anderson
Karen and James Ansara
Barbara Mead Anthony '60MS
Alan Bilanin
Elizabeth Townsend Dearstyne '62 and William Dearstyne
Carol Armstrong Dillon '67
Susan Sharp Dorrance '67
Sally Reeves Edmonds '55
Elizabeth Grimm Hoskins '56
Anne Wingle Howard '57
Louise Martin Klemmer '40*
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Marshall
Frances Nichols '63
Gertrude Van Iderstine Phillips '43-'44 and Thomas L. Phillips
Lyn and Tod Rodger
Kate and Ben Taylor
Carole Hayes Williams '66
Elizabeth Bassett Wolf '54

Froebel Associates ($5,000 to $9,999)

Anonymous (2)
Margaret Graham Caswell '69
Patricia S. Cook, Ph.D. '69
Barbara Elliott Fargo '52
Harriet Schnider Felper '50
Fred and Graceann Foulkes
Thordis Burdett Gulden '66
Linda Jeter Harris '72
Nancy Kelly Hershey '69
Edith Hall Huck '48
John and Judy Knutson
Gloria Williams Ladd '65
Elizabeth Wheeler L'Hommedieu '54 and Paige L'Hommedieu
Joanna Sharkey Oshman '98
Linda Bullock Owens '69
Ruth Bailey Papazian '56
Marcia Carlson Rintoul '66
Barbara Grogins Sallick '61
Page Poinier Sanders '65
Nancy Clay Webster '66
Helen Small Weishaar '45
J. Michael Williamson

White and Gold Circle ($2,500 to $4,999)

Betsy Hunter Ambach '54
Joan Wolfers Belkin '70MS
Idie L. Benjamin '83MS
Stephanie Bennett-Smith and Orin R. Smith*
Henriette Pennypacker Binswanger '56
Barbara Broomhead Bromley '60
Joyce Pettoruto Butler '73
Jean Heard Carmichael '62
Sarah Carter ‘66
Lorna Waterhouse Chafe '63
Sandra Hopkins Clausen '60/'85MS
John F. Coburn
Sharon Jenks Collinson '66
Tina Feldman Crosby '67 and Harvey Crosby
Barbara Pratt Dancy '62
Stephanie Dodson
Shirley Stevens French '51
Priscilla Chase Heindel '47
Tina Morris Helm '64/'98MS and Bill Helm
Elizabeth Berry Horner '47
Sally Schwabacher Hottle '59
Kathy '64 and Bob Jaunich
Jackie Jenkins-Scott and Jim Scott
Patricia Lewars Lucy ‘66
Anne Sullivan Lyons '62
Eliane Markoff
Anne Marie and Allan Martorana
Constance Bell Moser '76
Robin Mount and Mark Szpak
Karen Mutch-Jones '82 and Daniel Jones
Shirley Hotra Neff '58
Susan Lodge Peck '66
Adelaide Duffy Queeney '88MS
Jennifer Carr Rice and George L. Rice Jr.
Susan Bruml Simon '73 and Peter Simon
Karen S. Sturges '87MS
Maggie Stern Terris and Daniel S. Terris
Lisa and Rex Thors
Mary Beth Claus Tobin '78MS
Sylvia Buffinton Tompkins '55

1888 Circle ($1,500 to $2,499)

Judy McMurray Achre '58
Marjorie Bakken
Lisa McCabe Biagetti '80 and Peter Biagetti
Phoebe Walther Biggs '62
Grace Macomber Bird and Jerry Bird
Ann Melrose Blauvelt '56
Susan Moyer Breed '52/'79MS
Melanie Waszkiewicz Chadwick '68
Madeleine Gatchell Corson '59
Paula Davison '74
Suzanne Post Day '51
Zelinda Makepeace Douhan '63/'75MS
Hope Binner Esparolini '66
Susan Grearson Fillmore '56
Elizabeth Lawson Forrester '51
Deirdre Conrad Frank '65
Maria Furman
Kristine Sheathelm Gerson '79 and William Gerson
Patricia Conzelman Greeley ‘52/'90MS and Sidney F. Greeley*
Mary Bloomer Gulick '57
Patricia Haas '59
Irene Frail Hamm '60 and Charles Hamm
Janet Marshall Haring '64
Joelle Balosky Henriksson '77
Eric Hermanson
Betsy Forssell Hestnes '59
Jeffrey L. and Deborah Hirsch
Mary C. Kloppenberg '83MS
Catherine Ley Lawler '82
Barbara Longfellow
Margaret DeLuca Loughead '54
Kathleen Wilson Mallet '65
Carolyn Bail Miller '71
Catherine Wells Milton '69 and Christopher Milton
Carol Reed Newsome '60
Anne Hallowell Newton '66
Phoebe O'Mara '66
Diantha Sheldon Patterson '59
Matthew Pearson
Michelle Porter '85
Priscilla Harper Porter ‘64
Nancy Fowle Purinton '64
Sharon Rich
Patricia Andrews Richmond '54
Marta T. Rosa
Katharine duPont Sanger '66
Betty Appel Schaffer '60
Roy and Lisa Schifilliti
Barbara Silverstein '56
Sally Clark Sloop '68
Patricia Cotter Smart '56
Elizabeth Robinson Smith '63 and Channing Smith
Ann Meigher Smith '64
Gloria Aisenberg Sonnabend '51
Ann Emerson Spaulding '53
Eleanor Labosky Stanwood '67
Daniel Stein
Nancy Clarke Steinberger '65 and Robert Steinberger
Charlotte Lowell Stynes '69/'91MS
Elizabeth Thomas '85
Joan I. Thorndike
Ann Fisher Tuteur '67
Mary Ann Baker Wagner '62
Florence Milman Walker '50
Grace Viard Ward '51
Alice Parke Watson '63
Joan Anderson Watts '65/'83MS
Scott Wennerholm
Daniel Whelton

†The Cornerstone Society level increased from $1,250 to $1,500 at the start of the 2016 Fiscal Year in July of 2015.


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