How Council Members Are Appointed

Positions on the Council are intended to ensure diverse and inclusive representation from across the institution. The Chief Diversity Officer, as Council Co-Chair, recruits members and reviews the full membership list with the President, Council Co-Chair. Council Co-Chairs review the final membership with the full Council at the first and last meeting of the academic year.

  • Members are chosen to represent a cross section of college inclusive of all constituencies.
  • There are specific leadership positions identified to ensure leadership members are active participants.
  • There are specific areas of the college identified for membership.
  • Faculty Senate elects two representatives to serve on the Council.
  • Student Life supports the recruitment of students to fill student representatives from the student population.
  • At large positions ensure further representation from across the institution.
  • At the end of each year, current members are asked to reconfirm if they would like to remain on the Council. If not, standing areas of representation are asked to select a new representative.
  • Council members are asked for suggestions on potential new representatives to the Council each year. The CDO works to reach out and recruit these new members with input from current Council and community members.

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