Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Council Members


  • Joyce Hope Scott, Faculty
  • Stephanie Smryl, Associate Director, Athletics


  1. Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, Danielle Lantos
  2. Director of Human Resources, Michele Crews
  3. Director of Multicultural Affairs, Denise Philips
  4. Director of Academic Assistance and Disability Services, Jennifer Pike
  5. President/VP of Academic Affairs, Dr. David Chard
  6. Faculty Senate, Terry Meir
  7. Faculty Senate, Joyce Hope Scott
  8. Faculty At-Large Representation: William Rodriguez
  9. Faculty At-Large Representation, Grace Kim
  10. Faculty At-Large Representation, Kathy McDonough
  11. SGA Rep.
  12. WheeSpeak Rep.
  13. At Large Students Rep.
  14. Graduate Student Rep.
  15. Public Safety, Jimmy Kambutu
  16. Facilities Rep., Cloyd Osborne
  17. Athletics, Stephanie Smyrl
  18. Athletics, Dwight Datcher
  19. CIPP, Kayla Desnoyers
  20. Executive Assistant for Student Success and Engagement, Yvonne Montilla
  21. Student Services Representative
  22. At-Large, ONCAMPUS Boston, Kimberly Sizelove
  23.  At Large, Student Services & GSA Advisor, Katherine Hala
  24. Residence Life, Scott Kohen
  25. Wheelock Family Theatre, Linda Chin
  26. Development and Alumni Relations, Jennifer Car Rice
  27. Title IX, Erin Sullivan
  28. Counseling Center, Phyllis Fonesca

Staff to Council: Julie Bolduc DeFilippo

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