Prof. Diane Levin Interviewed

August 22, 2011

Wheelock Professor Diane Levin was interviewed by the Best of You Today (BOYT) website on the topic of how children are influenced by the media and popular culture.

The article stated: "Many BOYT members are concerned about how their children are influenced by the media and popular culture. We see our kids getting more and more conditioned to be what they see on TV and movies; even worse, they feel bad about themselves when they don't live up to those standards.

"We discovered a book that is ideal for parents raising children: So Sexy So Soon. Here, the author Diane Levin, Ph.D., answers some of our questions about these issues. Levin has trained early childhood professionals at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts for over 25 years. She's written or co-written several books about culture influences on children.

"BOYT: What was your inspiration to write So Sexy So Soon?

"Diane Levin: For decades, I've been exploring the impact of forces in society on children. In the 70s, the first article I ever wrote was on sexism and education during the women's movement. I taught a graduate course time on sexism and education, why it was a problem and what we can do about it at Leslie University at the time."

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