Jenne Powers Receives Cynthia Longfellow Award

May 23, 2013

Dr. Jenne PowersWheelock College named Dr. Jenne Powers, Assistant Professor of Humanities and Director of the Writing Center, as winner of the 2013 Cynthia Longfellow Award. The prestigious award is given annually at Commencement to a non-tenured faculty member to acknowledge and honor distinguished teaching and the promise of continued excellence in teaching at Wheelock College.

Recipients are faculty members who inspire academic excellence in students and who create the strong connections to students through teaching, mentoring, and advising. The award honors the memory of the late Cynthia Longfellow, a Wheelock faculty member in Human Development who was known as a superb teacher and a great supporter, friend, and advisor to our students.

Dr. Powers was recognized for this award by a senior faculty member who told the Selection Committee that she "stands out for her creativity, generosity, scholarly achievement, and deep connection to students. Her contributions range far beyond her excellent work in her position."

One student said of Dr. Powers: "She has helped me learn how I learn best and has helped me understand literature on a deeper level. She is an inspiration, and I will always look to her as a role model. I want to go into teaching, and she has shown me exactly what a perfect teacher looks like. "

Another student wrote: "I believe the heart of her teaching lies in this: She understands learning as a process rather than an outcome, one that can take wildly different forms for every student in her classroom. In what seems like magic, she teaches me while standing in front of a classroom of 25."

Yet another student spoke about a teacher who brings heart and soul to her work: "What makes her a wonderful teacher and person is how much she truly cares about her students and other people. She is genuine and goes above and beyond to help anyone in need. She is modest, and never expects anything in return. If more people could be like her and give from the bottom of their hearts, the world would be a better place."

Dr. Powers shared her thoughts on teaching: "I believe in motivating students by praising their accomplishments to help them build a mental portfolio of academic competencies that will support their pursuit of personal passions."

She added: "Teaching at Wheelock offers me so many opportunities to grow as a teacher and a professional because I am able to make sincere connections with passionate students and inspiring colleagues. Such a learning environment enables me to support student strengths and interests."

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