Carrie LeGeyt '11

Majors: Child Life, Human Development
Minors: Education and Sociology

Carrie LeGeyt '11 believes that her life experiences have uniquely prepared her to help hospitalized children cope with their stress and anxiety. Carrie knows what its like to feel vulnerable. In high school, she lost her best friend to cystic fibrosis, and she recently lost her mom. These difficult experiences continue to motivate her and strengthen her desire to help others. "You know more of what to do because you've been through it. Once you know what to expect, you know how to interact better. I try to use the experiences I've had to my advantage-it allows me to make the most impact.

"As a child life specialist, I'll be able to be a positive role model and fill that gap between parents, nurses, and doctors. I want to work with a vulnerable population and help children when they need it the most."

At Wheelock Carrie has found a supportive community that shares her values. "Wheelock is a compassionate place; it's almost a requirement! It's unique and you can't find it anywhere else. We can all relate to each other because is everyone has common interests and experiences working with children and families."

"The best part of going to Wheelock is the family-like atmosphere. Even being away from home, the professors, faculty, and your peers become your home away from home."

"I never imagined I would get so close to my friends. I was an only child growing up, so they're like the sisters I never got to have."