BAEYC Action Agenda

January 26, 2007

Jackie Jenkins-Scott, president of Wheelock College, was the keynote speaker for the BAEYC Conference for Directors and Administrators on January 26, 2007. Jenkins-Scott encouraged attendees to declare that they are leaders in keeping with the event’s theme, “Community Building in Early Childhood.” She acknowledged the progress made in Massachusetts and the fact that there is much more to do.

Jenkins-Scott respectfully offered an action agenda for consideration:

1. Press our legislators to pass again and Governor Patrick to sign the Early education act formally establishing the Massachusetts Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program;

2. Petition the Commonwealth must continue to provide additional funding so that all children can have access to quality early childhood services;

3. Increase funding for salary parity with other educational services;

4. Expand innovative professional development programs - such as the field scholars program;

5. Strengthen support systems for linguistically diverse families and children; and,

6. Find ways to make greater connections between early childhood care and education, what is happening to children in school, and best practice to work toward eliminating the achievement gap and providing focused services for boys.

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