Anne Hegarty '08, MS '09

After completing her undergraduate degree at Wheelock, Anne Hegarty '08, MS '09 didn't have to look to far to find a graduate program that fit her perfectly. "I chose Wheelock because I completed my undergraduate work here and had a wonderful experience," says Hegarty. "I found the College to be extremely supportive and academically sound. The experiences and course work at Wheelock were life-changing and truly prepared me."

Anne's goal is to become an elementary school teacher, and she especially likes working with English language learners. "With my math/science expertise from undergraduate studies and my language and literacy expertise from my graduate work, I will be a well-rounded teacher."

"Plus, in the Language and Literary Studies program, I can further my degree by taking a professional course cluster. As soon as I've been teaching for three years, my licensure status automatically changes from initial to professional."

"Many of my professors at Wheelock have been mentors to me. I have been able to turn to them when I need help in my course work, but they have also supported me professionally in finding jobs. Professors at Wheelock make it their business to truly know and understand their students.  They are my teachers and mentors, but also my colleagues who I know will always be there to support me.

"I am proud to be completing my graduate studies at an institution that looks at me as an individual and where teachers know and value my beliefs and opinions. At Wheelock, I have the opportunity to pursue a degree that considers my individual needs and interests, while helping me become an incredible teacher."