Anne Grenham '11

Major: Human Development
Minors: Children Family and Culture, Early Childhood Education

Growing up in a Connecticut suburb, Anne Grenham '11 was eager to experience city life. But she didn't want to be overwhelmed by large lecture classes and thousands of other students.

"Wheelock is a small school in a big city-so you get the best of both. It's comforting to have a campus where you know everyone around you, but at the same time, you can go out in the city and have the chance to constantly meet new people.

"With a small class size, you have a better connection to your teachers; they know your name and who you are. The classes are discussion-based, and professors will give you their phone numbers in case you have any questions. Sometimes they'll send an e-mail to find out if the homework is going okay."

With Fenway Park and the Museum of Fine Arts within walking distance, Anne has world-class destinations right in her backyard. One of her favorite places to visit is Faneuil Hall. With its many shops, restaurants, and landmarks, Anne can always find something new. And with two subway stops right next to campus, she can quickly and safely explore Boston and the nearby cities of  Cambridge and Brookline.Anne's goal is to become an elementary school teacher, and Wheelock's location allows her to choose from many different field experience opportunities.

"What I love about first- and second-graders is that they're still learning basic skills, and they're excited about being in class. They get this look of amazement on their faces when they learn something new.

"I want to live and teach in the city. There's so much you can do with kids here, for example, field trips to the Museum of Science or the Franklin Park Zoo. And there are so many different kinds of schools you can teach at."

Aside from the many traditional public schools and private schools, Boston's innovative pilot school programs, such as the Boston Arts Academy or the TechBoston Academy, are centers of educational innovation and research.

"It was great to jump right in and be able to work with children starting my very first year. Since I've been at Wheelock, I have become more independent and more confident. I'm looking forward to what I can do in the future."