Alyson Kantor '11

Major: Visual Arts
Minor: Psychology
Certification: Art Therapy

When she began her first semester, Alyson Kantor '11 didn't have a clear-cut career path in mind, but she was determined to go into a field that would allow her to focus on improving the lives of others. "I wasn't sure what I wanted to do or be when I first decided to come to Wheelock, but I knew that the very environment at Wheelock would help me decide."

Alyson values creative expression, and at Wheelock she found a way to combine her passions into a course of study that is exactly right for her. "I was able to meet with faculty to work out a plan that was ideal for my situation. Now I'm able to pursue art, psychology, working with children, and my passion for serving others."

Human Growth and Development Professor Janine Bempechat helped Alyson transform her interests into a plan for her education. "She was there to sit down and talk to me about my future, my interests, and my stress!" Alyson said. "Not only did I learn from her course, but she also helped me learn about myself."

In her studio art courses, Alyson has found a supportive community in her classmates and professors. "The classes are small, so I've never left class without making some improvement. I love being able to collaborate with other artistic-minded individuals who also share my other passions. The studio environment at Wheelock is very relaxed and accepting, just like the rest of the College."

Alyson interns at the Museum of Fine Arts in their Artful Adventures program. The program, coordinated by arts alumna Caitlin Gavin '05, '06 MS, combines gallery exploration with art-making activities for children. "I use the background I obtained from Wheelock classes to help stimulate curiosity and interest in the museum's collection."

Graduate school may be on the horizon for Alyson, who plans to study an art-related field such as museum education, art education, or art therapy. "I'm interested in so many things-I'm not sure exactly what just yet, but I'm really excited about continuing my education."

Regardless of which direction Alyson chooses, she feels confident that Wheelock has given her a sturdy foundation. "I love the small class sizes, the opportunity to really get to know faculty, the shared mission, the clubs and campus activities, and being able to live in a place surrounded by people who share my goals and who I know are genuinely good. You don't feel that way just anywhere. Wheelock has helped me to help others, and I feel valuable here."