Wheelock College Commencement 2018!

Commencement was Friday, May 18! See taped versions of the full Undergraduate and Graduate ceremonies and more at wheelock.edu/commencement.

Reunion 2011 Coordinators

Class of 1951

Class of 1956
Geraldine Walsh Clauss

Mary Lou Center

Suzanne Post Day

Persis Goodnow Hamilton

Priscilla Janeway Sherwood

Elizabeth Grimm Hoskins

Beverly Haley Richter

Class of 1961

Patricia Cotter Smart

Joan Nolet Bennert

Ellen Tague Dwinell

Class of 1966

Avery Thompson Funkhouser

Margery Conley Mars

Norma Brawley Dugger

Heather Robinson Reimann

Ginnie Colquitt Schroder

Madeleine Tufts Cormier

Jeannette Kwok

Phoebe O'Mara

Helen Clark

Marcia Carlson Rintoul

Mary Jo Severson Fenyn

Elizabeth Han Fung

Class of 1976

Judy Johnston Laurens

Gayle Griswold Goldberg

Sara Jane Goldstein Drescher

Marianne Daly Chellgren

Linda Shemwick Lindquist

Helen Parker Tucker

Class of 1986

Elizabeth O'Toole Doyle

Class of 1971

Deborah Kenniston Gravallese

Ann Bachini Aghababian

Julie Simon

Ellen Isaacman Albertson

Sharon Lyon Emmanuel

Class of 1996

Judith Millstein Langer

Donna Van Stone Schmidt

M. Jane Macdonald Stewart

Class of 2006

Ruth Steinhausen Wachterman

Caitlyn Anamateros

Class of 1981

Cynthia Oliver Aubin

Cynthia Brookings Bachman

Virginia Connor

Rosemary James Wolpe

Colleen Miller Rumsey

Class of 1991

Sherri Bresette Ahlers

Alyssa Greeley

Holly Hoak

Lisamarie Horne-Titus

Kristen L. Munger

Class of 2001

Corey Lubin

Gaitre Lakhan

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