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Wheelock College Class Notes for Winter 2015 | Classes of 1960-1979

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Deanne Williams Morse  

Reunion 2015

May 29-31  


Ginnie Colquitt Schroder  

How wonderful to receive news from so many of you for this edition of our Wheelock Magazine. Thank you for sending in even a sentence or two - it helps us to know that you are doing well and enjoying life. Joan Nolet Bennert writes that she spent two months in Vieques, Puerto Rico, this past winter, escaping the worst of Maine's winter weather while working on her painting. Joan hoped to see Mary Rees Nann when she made her annual "girls" trip north to Freeport in June.  

From Ellen Tague Dwinell comes news of wonderful recent visits with all of her Wheelock roommates in Florida. Judy O'Connell Perkins came from Naples to play golf with Ellen. Linda Gordon Kendall came to Palm Beach to enjoy a concert, and the next day Ellen joined her for lunch and a good time just "catching up." Judy lives in Naples, FL, during the winter months, and Dedham, MA, throughout the summer. In addition to getting together with her roommates almost every year, Judy frequently sees Ann Brown Omohundro '64 as their husbands were both at the Darden School of Business at UVA in Charlottesville ('69) and Ann lived across the hall from Judy in Kent House when she was a freshman and Judy was a senior.  They have kept in touch, and Florida has provided a common meeting place for them. Judy was also mentioned in the news that came from Betsy Horton Ingraham. Betsy and Judy had a "surprise coffee date" after not seeing each other for 40 or more years. "A real treat!" Betsy writes.  

Martha Walter LeRoy is still living in Center Harbor, NH, where she is as active as ever. Her daughter and granddaughter, 18, live just down the street, and Sue Schaefer Goodnough recently moved to the next town. In addition to enjoying her reading, knitting, daily yard chores, and a bit of therapy for former customers, Martha spent a good bit of time helping Sue learn more about the area before the tourists descended over the summer, and discovering, in the process, that they share a number of common interests that should keep them busy throughout the winter months.  

Gail Spivack Sandler says she is REALLY retired, now. She and Gene love to travel. The highlight of last year's adventures was a cruise through the Panama Canal. "Awesome," says Gail. Grandson John graduated from the University of Richmond last spring, and granddaughter Sarah graduated from high school in June. Gail and Gene also have two younger grandchildren - Barbara, who is 2, and Louisa, who arrived in 2014. Life is good, indeed!  

Just a bit of news from Jeannette Kwok, telling of her summer plans, which included a three-week visit from a friend from California and some short trips here and there. Jaye reports that she overdid a walking tour of Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and paid for her enthusiasm with a pinched calf nerve and a pain in the back, making it necessary to curtail some activities. (I think we all can relate to the complaints of aging ... Longwood Gardens or not!)  

From Texas comes word from Juliet Miller Moynihan. Julie and her husband have recently moved into a senior living facility - years before necessary, of course! But she writes that they continue to travel in their RV to Petoskey, MI, 30 miles south of Mackinac Island, for the summer. This was their eighth year of RVing! In September, the Moynihans were to head east to Julie's hometown in upstate New York and then drive down the East Coast to take the southern route home to Houston. Winters they are kept busy with involvement in their church, in the community, and with their family.  

Norma Brawley Dugger attended a wonderful luncheon where Barbara Grogins Sallick gave an illustrated lecture on how to design the perfect bath. You'll remember that Barbara and her husband founded Waterworks in 1978. That company is now open in over 20 locations! Barbara, senior vice president of design for Waterworks, is also the author of two books. As for Norma, she continues to work as a travel consultant for Frosch Travel and to sing with the Choral Arts Society of Washington, D.C., which has been invited to perform in China this May. Last June, the Society opened the Chorus America Conference in Washington. Norma adds that a granddaughter, born on her birthday two years ago, completes her very full life.  

As for me (Ginnie), I am living in St. Simons Island, GA, permanently. It has been like "coming home" as all my family is from the South and I am now surrounded by relatives, which l love! An added bonus is that my Colorado sons love our sunshine, our beach, and our local history, so visits are frequent and wonderful. I continue to play tennis but am also very involved in church activities, bridge groups, a book group, and my local P.E.O. chapter.   Don't wait until another column is due - write to me any time you wish! I'll be sure to include your news when the time comes, but I also just love to hear from you!  


Dorothy Loofbourrow Nichols

Sabra Brown Johnston  

Thank you to our classmates who sent in their news! We hope you enjoy reading them.  

In June of 2013, Judy Parks Anderson and husband Bob celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with family at the Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain! (Congratulations!) Son Chris and family live in Colorado, and son Ben and family recently moved from Massachusetts to San Francisco (Laurel Village), where the kids are happy at the Presidio School. Judy plans to visit them in January and hopes to see Wheelock friends.  

Lee Bishop Howard and husband John are happily ensconced in Corte Madera, CA, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. They live five minutes from three grandkids and within a day's drive of two others. Lee is most happy that all her four daughters live on the West Coast. Their two sons and three more grandkids live in the East, which they visit as well. Meanwhile, Lee and John are fully committed to doing community volunteer jobs. (Way to go!)  

Judy Bohnen Levitt and husband Mayer focus mainly on their three adult children, their spouses, and their nine grandchildren. (Wow!) They like to travel and gather with family at their Cape Cod house, where they have lived for 28 years. Judy keeps in touch with her former roommates, Ellen Sandler '63 and Joanie Seidenfeld Adler, and friend Sara Shepard Leach '61. Judy says her husband doesn't want to retire from the management consulting work he does for dental offices. She volunteers at their local hospital on the oncology floor and serves on the ethics and hospice hospital committees.   

Mary Jo Ginty Neish lives in Brookdale, CA. Gardening is occupying her time at home and at her church. She writes that she is not as nimble as she was in her former dance club days. Jane Saltzman Rosenberg spent the winter of 2013-'14 at their home in Estero, FL, and was glad to miss the New England winter weather. Last May she and her family and friends celebrated the joyous occasion of granddaughter Emma's bat mitzvah at her temple in Melrose, MA. Last summer Jane enjoyed golf, "beaching," entertaining friends, and picking veggies from her garden.  

Brenda Richmond Verduin-Dean was sorry to miss our 50th Reunion. She hopes to attend our 55th! Brenda's husband continues to work part time, so they manage to get in some travel, especially cruises, their favorite way to travel. Georgia Bradley Zaborowski and husband Stan are happily loving retirement. They miss Boston now that they live in Groton, MA, but they venture back occasionally. Mary Jo Ginty Neish came from California and spent much of the Christmas 2013 season with them - "an enormous treat!" The next visit is being planned.  

Abigail Parsons Wilson lives in Mansfield, TX, and devotes most of her time to volunteer work. In addition to visiting nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and other places with her two registered Pet Partners therapy dogs, giving love and joy to others, she participates in the Reading Education Assistance Dogs program at schools and libraries and is active in her church and Daughters of the King, an order for prayer and service.   We were sorry to learn about the death of our classmate Priscilla Plant Wing.   This has been another active year for me (Sabra). I try to be involved with children even during my retirement years. I am a member of Assistance League of Diablo Valley, where I volunteer my time to read to children, help coordinate a puppet performance, and help clothe lower-income students. I teach Sunday School, and as a deacon I help put on monthly luncheons with a program for the senior citizens in my church. Last March I traveled to Thailand and Burma, where I saw a lot of poverty. My family joined me in the summer to travel around Ireland. When this article is being published I plan to be cruising Australia and New Zealand.


Jane Kuehn Kittredge  

Bette Mosher Geci writes: "After attending my 50th Reunion, where our Class of 1963 received large yellow flowers, I gave my flower to a deserving alum, Rosemary O'Reilly Hoben, Class of '38 [a member of Wheelock's 75th Reunion class that year]! For years, Rosemary ran the Little Brick Nursery School in Litchfield, CT. Rosemary had fond memories of Wheelock: She sang to my husband and me a little ditty the girls used to sing in the dorm, 'Will you have tea with me? Then I'll have tea with you. ... ' Lucy Wheelock was still director in '38. Rosemary remembered how petite Miss Wheelock was and said, 'She was so tiny that we were afraid to sneeze for fear she'd blow away!' According to Rosemary, Miss Wheelock's favorite color was blue. Incidentally, Rosemary had found many ways of using the yellow flower that she moved about her room at Noble Horizons in Salisbury, CT. On an early June [2014] visit, she had a golden bird nesting in it! So, the yellow flower of a Wheelock Reunion was still 'blooming' with Rosemary's creativity. I feel fortunate that on June 18 we fulfilled a wish Rosemary had for a public reading by my husband, Jerry, of Richard Wilbur's Loudmouse, one of Rosemary's favorite children's books. She died on June 30, 2014, at age 97."  


Ann Fleming Fiske

Phyllis Forbes Kerr  

I (Phyllis) thought our Reunion was great and the College really did a wonderful job. We had a great turnout of 20 classmates from 1964 in attendance. What a treat it was! Below you will find the news of people who were unable to make the Reunion except for a few of us.   

Margot Rumsey Banta writes, "At 71, I have been a widow for three years and was content to concentrate on being a good mom and doting grandmother when I reconnected with a man I dated as a teenager 45 years ago. The magic was still there so we are a couple now and visit each other long distance. He lives in Woods Hole [Cape Cod], and I live in a beautiful farm outside Buffalo. Very sorry to have missed the Reunion." Kathleen O'Keeffe Capo retired seven years ago from her job as middle school principal. Now she is a volunteer at three organizations - board president of the Historical Museum in Osterville, MA; past board member of a local charter school; and patient volunteer for HopeHealth, a Hospice of Cape Cod, where she works with patients of all ages.  

Working part time as a chaplain at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Perry Colmore finds her work very rewarding. Having witnessed many deaths and studied about death, she now feels more comfortable with it and has decided to forgo any extraordinary measures. Perry takes yoga two or three times a week, walks her adorable Goldendoodle, gardens a bit, and enjoys reading herself or having husband Chuck read out loud to her most days. She has learned a lot and life is good.  

Marjorie Shaver Colton writes: "In a nutshell, I am grateful for excellent health, my devoted husband, our large family, and plenty of ways to invest myself. My world truly burst open in Boston. Memories of our days at Wheelock are abundant. I believe, as a teacher, I made a difference in the lives of many families due to my Wheelock foundation. I continue to cherish the deep friendship Leslie Bloom Pruett and I nurtured throughout the '90s. In spite of multiple sclerosis, Leslie never lost her courage or her sense of humor. The disease ravished her body but could not penetrate her robust spirit. I greet you with joy at this significant milestone of ours [50th Reunion]. I'm blooming and hope you are, too."  

"To say that life has been hectic would be a gross understatement," wrote Betsy McIntyre Doepken last summer, when she had just put their house on the market as they prepared to downsize and move to Georgia. The following weekend they were to leave for Europe with their three oldest grandkids. She hopes to make the 55th Reunion. Jeanne Madenford Elliott surfaced after many years of silence. So great to hear from her from Waccabuc, NY! She writes: "I would like you to know that I have had a wonderful life. I taught kindergarten in Milton, MA, after graduation. In 1967, I married David Elliott, who graduated from Yale in 1964. (I went with him to his 50th, which unfortunately was at the same time as our Wheelock 50th. Best wishes to all.) After my husband finished BU Law School, he went to Vietnam for three years. We have three grown children and six grandchildren all living close by, whom we see frequently. We spend summers at Twin Lakes in Salisbury, CT."  

Diane Abitbol Fogg was sorry to miss the Reunion. She is active with the Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Last year she developed a patrons' program for the Smithsonian Archives of American Art. She has visited the studios of many famous artists. Husband Fin is president of the Legal Aid Society of New York and one of the vice chairmen of the Mount Sinai network of hospitals. Son Will is the managing partner of the Corporate Department at Cravath, Swaine & Moore; Matthew is an allergist in Philadelphia; and Katie is working on her ceramics while she is a stay-at-home mother. Diane is thrilled with her five grandchildren and celebrated her 50th anniversary last year. She exclaims, "We're very lucky ... things are good in NYC!"  

Thank you to Jeanette Polhemus Glesmann, who has agreed to help Ann Fleming Fiske as a co-scribe going forward.  

Priscilla Nelson Linville was sorry to miss the Reunion, but I (Phyllis) did get to have a long chat with her. She is really into genealogy and has learned a lot of history about her ancestors, who were very early residents in the Boston area. The picture of one ancestor, Edward Rawson, is hanging in the New England Genealogical Society on Newbury Street, and another ancestor is buried at the Granary Burying Ground. Her ancestor who was hanged as a witch in Salem was Susannah North Martin. Priscilla's connections to the Mayflower are John and Priscilla Alden - also the Rogers family. She is amazed that all these finds keep her up until all hours of the night. "How can you go to sleep when something more always pops up on Google or Ancestry.com?" Priscilla asks. Judy O'Connell Perkins '61 wanted the Class of 1964 to see this photo of Ann Brown Omohundro having lunch with her in Punta Gorda, FL, last May. They live near each other on the state's west coast. Judy's and Ann's husbands were at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia together and graduated in 1969. Ann and Judy lived across the hall from one another at Kent House when Ann was a freshman and Judy a senior; met again in Charlottesville; saw each other in Massachusetts a bit after their husbands graduated; and then continued to stay in touch. "Now we find each other in Florida," Judy writes, "and it's been a good reunion for all."  

After 20 years of marriage to Stu Levy, Linda Resnick reports that they have three grown children from previous marriages and each one is married with one child under 5 years of age. "It is a delight," writes Linda. For 10 years she and Stu have lived in Philadelphia, and they love urban living and all its conveniences. Working part time as an executive search consultant and career coach and volunteering with two women's groups still leave time for Linda to play tennis, take photos, and enjoy friends and grandchildren who live in Santa Monica, CA, and Orlando, FL.  

It was great to see Janet Larsen Weyenberg, who attended our Reunion after traveling the greatest distance - all the way from Hawaii. She writes that she and Eric, after over a year of renovating, are finally settled in their new house. "We should be scaling down, but we are way too foolish for that!" she writes. Barb Russell Williams is thrilled to be retired after working as education coordinator for the Eastside Heritage Center developing education programs and materials for the historical organization, as well as doing the same for the Bellevue Botanical Garden in Washington state. Now she loves being a grandma and connecting with family and friends. She enjoys hiking, gardening, and visiting her daughter and her family in Arizona. Barb and her husband, a retired county parks ranger, are living in their remodeled house. She sends her best to all her classmates.  

My (Phyllis') book Cabin Boy (for anyone from 8 to 88 who wants to learn about life at sea and the China Trade) has just had a second printing. I am now working on a book about the Irish Famine of 1847. My great-great-grandfather sailed over with a clipper ship full of foodstuff from Boston. I have yet to find my voice. Should it be from the captain's view, a starving child in Ireland's view, or seen through the eyes of a rotten potato?   Many thanks to all who wrote. It means a lot to have your news.  


Daphne "Taffy" Hastings Wilcox  

Reunion 2015 May 29-31  

May Koh Lam has moved from San Antonio, TX, to Walnut Creek, CA. Trina Wilson Mallet has reached her goal of visiting 100 countries. She is enjoying her first grandchild, Maeve Anne, born on Dec. 31, 2013, with whom she spends Mondays. She also enjoys the Alumni Book Group along with Sue Bright Belanger and Joan Anderson Watts '65/'83MS.  


Cynthia Carpenter Sheehan  

Candy Erickson Weiler '68/'89MS wrote in September about a summer visit she'd had with Ellen Hilcoff Kerstein '68/'95MS, Jean Grafe Blake, and Carol Munstedt Zurflueh at Carol's home in Dartmouth, MA: "We and our significant others enjoyed lunch and many laughs. The last time we were together was 16 years ago at our 30th Reunion at Wheelock." Candy also was able to connect with Lee Gazlay Boughton via phone the following day.  


Tasha Lowell Stynes  

Julie Silverman Besser shared that our class had the best attendance at Reunion when 26 members gathered to celebrate our 45th! She had a great time catching up with those who were able to attend.   "Not much changes, although I do like to play," writes Cheri Breeman. After spending 15 fantastic days rafting the Grand Canyon in an oar boat, on a paddle boat, and in an inflatable kayak - which, unfortunately, conflicted with our Reunion - she returned home and bought an inflatable kayak to take out on local rivers. She has also been to Alaska twice recently, once on an Inside Passage cruise into Glacier Bay. She says she skied only 52 days last year because she traveled a lot for her job as a reviewer for Head Start in the spring. Cheri also works at her local farmers' market, selling her jewelry and pottery. She recently visited with her cousin Richard Lang '76.  

Pat Coughlin Adams shared that she recently retired from her job as head of Trinity Episcopal School in Austin, TX. She will split her time between Kennebunk, ME, and Galveston, where she will spend time consulting for the Episcopal School Association and enjoying her first grandchild, Molly. While in Maine she has kept up with Merrill Witty, Hester Schnipper, and Janet Warren. Anne Harrison Howell also is enjoying Maine in retirement, although much of her time is spent traveling the eastern seacoast with her husband in their Grand Banks trawler. Susie Hadden Lawrence also has a Maine connection as she has done volunteer work related to land conservation on the Island of Vinalhaven over the past few years. After years in D.C., Houston, New York, and Beijing, she is enjoying life once again in the Boston area - Chestnut Hill, where she so graciously hosted our 35th Reunion. Life is happily spent with her family and playing the baroque recorder weekly. She did, however, also have to share the sad news of the recent death of her Wheelock roommate, Susie Dunn Taylor-Conner, who had been a longtime therapist; co-founder of a counseling center in Glenside, PA; and mother of three children. Nance Kulin Liebgott recently vacationed in Lovell and Bar Harbor, ME. Other times she can be in either Florida, NYC, or Connecticut. She was looking forward to daughter Blythe and her 3-year-old granddaughter's visit last August from Prague. It is apparent that we have numerous Maine enthusiasts, so perhaps we should have an "off year" class reunion there!  

Although retired, Jane McDonough just "can't stop," so she works as an adjunct at Sonoma State University teaching literacy to secondary teaching candidates and supervising student teachers. Jane Luke Hill served three years on an advisory board for the Young Women's Leadership Academy in San Antonio following her retirement from USAA in 2006. Last year she saw their first class of inner-city girls graduate from the middle/high school which has the goal of 100 percent going on to college. Jane continues to divide the year between Blowing Rock, NC, and Sun City, TX, while finding time for trips to spots such as Costa Rica, Egypt, Sweden, and Australia. Elizabeth Henderson Lufkin spends winters in Bonita Springs, FL, where she volunteers for the Liberty Youth Ranch and K9's for Wounded Warriors. Summers bring her back to Marion, MA, to enjoy family gatherings on the beach.  

You may remember Andi Snoke Paine, who was a member of our class freshman year before marrying Rob Paine, classmate Betsy's brother. Andi wrote that she and Rob recently celebrated 48 years of marriage! Andi was a special needs teaching assistant in Wayland for 18 years. Now she enjoys time at their summer cottage with her family, including Betsy! Marge Miner is maintaining her busy blend of professional and home life. She writes of her involvement with the Lesley-Brookline Collaborative, where she is "working and supervising exclusively in Brookline [MA] schools and meeting weekly for a seminar." Her older daughter is a junior at Westfield State, while her younger daughter is a sophomore at the nearby technical high school, whose teachers earn Marge's enthusiastic support.  

Having retired from teaching at Aspen Country Day School in 2010, Sally Holgate DeWolfe traveled to England and France and currently enjoys hiking, skiing, knitting, and spending time with her two grandchildren in Steamboat Springs, CO. Candis Putterman Stout enjoys her time as Yia Yia caring for her grandchildren, ages 10 and 7, several days a week. She comments, "The teacher in me is constantly inspired by their keen insights and beautiful growth." Candis is still in contact with Wheelock roommate Sheryl Rubin Lerner, with whom she will soon celebrate "50 years of lasting friendship."  

Pat Cook started her executive search firm 14 years ago and weathered the two recessions without incident. She enjoys being a Wheelock trustee and chairs the Development Committee and the Sylvia Earl Innovation Committee. Pat is an avid walker and recently completed her 10th walking tour to Myanmar. With all her energy, it isn't surprising that, unlike many of us, she doesn't intend to retire until she is 85 or 90! C.E. Smith Tomlinson was sorry to miss Reunion; however, she is extremely busy with her In A World voice coaching and demo building business in Atlanta. She gets a lot of voice-over auditions and recently finished a commercial film. Listen up - you might hear a voice from the past! Son "Dr. Jack" and grandson Louis Arthur, who live in Berlin, spent two weeks with C.E. last spring.  

As her 45th Reunion approached last spring, Daphne Hunsaker Hall spent time thinking about how, over those 45 years, she became the person she is. "The answer is," she writes, "I am a product of the fusion of the philosophies of my parents, Milton Academy, Wheelock College, and my husband of 45 years. As a youth, I was separate bits and pieces. Now I feel more composed; elements have fused into one person. At my core I bring with me to all enterprises a joie de vivre, a curiosity, a love for the arts and sciences and the outdoors, a willingness to discover, and a pleasure and excitement to share. Central to my being is a need to live with Beauty. I was reared within a large extended family, and staying connected to family remains important to me." Daphne and husband Steve live in a home in South Hadley, MA, that they designed themselves but are starting to think about moving to a retirement complex. Daphne finds her work as a docent at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum - working with fine art, learning about individual pieces, and trying to excite visitors and students about them - exhilarating. She also enjoys gardening, cooking, walking, reading, foreign films, and time with their grandchildren. They both continue to be active with the World Affairs Council.  

In the past five or six years, Dell Redington has twice visited Rita Sladen Sosa in Panama. Dell continues to work as a library assistant at the Morse Institute Library in Natick, MA, while "still in the house full of Legos and other valuable toys" that her 29- and 32-year-old children say she cannot get rid of yet. Gay White Hitchcock  retired last summer and then planned to relocate from northern Virginia to the Dallas area, where her son and his family reside.   Linda Bullock Owens writes: "Keep your eyes peeled when waiting in line at the supermarket deli, where Jane Riley Taylor '69/'91MS caught up with me in August 2013 as we learned that we have summer homes not far from one another in southeastern Massachusetts.  

I (Tasha) was sorry to have missed Reunion as well due to breaking my ankle. Jim and I rescheduled our Swiss honeymoon for September 2014, which was a good recovery goal. I am currently president of a social service organization, Wellspring, located in Hull, which services individuals and families in need across the South Shore of Boston. We are in the middle of a capital campaign, which keeps me busy and out of trouble. I have also been named to Wheelock's Corporation and look forward to devoting some retirement time to the future development of Wheelock. We are rehabbing a bathroom and the exterior of our seaside home, so I am being kept busy with the planning. Like many of you, I am thrilled at not having the alarm clock go off early in the a.m. and thoroughly enjoy spending time with friends and family, especially our grandkids, of which we have seven. Life is good! Great to hear from all of you.  


Reunion 2015

May 29-31  


Gwynne DeLong

Jeri Robinson '71/'78MS is still working at the Boston Children's Museum after 42 years! In her current role as vice president for early childhood initiatives, she oversees their Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant, which works with over 50 museums and libraries across the commonwealth. In addition, in the fall of 2013, Jeri served as co-chair of Boston's new Mayor Marty Walsh's Education Transition team; she has been serving on the search team for the new school superintendent for Boston and as co-chair of the Boston UPK (Universal Pre-Kindergarten) Advisory Committee; and in November she was appointed to the Boston School Committee. When not in meetings, she remains involved with a number of nonprofits in Roxbury and Dorchester. Jeri says: "The work and lessons learned in our work in the Therapeutic Tutoring Program, which I participated in many years ago, have been the center of my work these many years. I am still in touch with several Wheelock classmates - Beth Sands, Judy Johnson Richards '71/'06MS, Lenore Rubin, and Pam Graves '70 - and in the fall of 2013, I traveled to Reggio Emilia with Liz Hirsch. Not sure when I will fully retire, but I am planning to transition from the museum at the end of 2015 at the end of our Race to the Top grant."

Ginger Neaher Pape's Repotting work has expanded and includes teaching Bible study and mentoring  young, single professional gals in Washington, D.C. Son Sam, a graduate of Northwestern University, works at The Wall Street Journal; daughter Sarah attends boarding school, where she is a junior. Husband Stuart continues law practice at the newly formed Squire Patton Boggs. Ginger shared that Gretchen Wagner Feero is now a grandmother. Karen Srulowitz Berman continues to travel and last year had two trips planned, one to Croatia and one to India. She is still running marathons and is quilting and scrapbooking. Karen has recently adopted a new dog, a wire-haired Doxie that is a retired show dog. Karen traveled all the way from Alaska to Florida for her retirement home.

Christine Chase writes that, after spending 36 years in public education, the last 20 as a Reading Recovery teacher leader for the state of New Hampshire, she has semiretired and moved to Vermont to be near her two young grandsons. She continues to be involved in early literacy teaching as an independent contractor for Heinemann Publishing Co. She says: "My college roommates - Pat O'Shea Vonnegut, Sally DeWalt, and Laura Bewick Brines - and I still get together for a 'mini chill' weekend every year. Friendships forged at Wheelock are made to last a lifetime."

I (Gwynne) am still active with the Schenectady Working Group on Girls, which has grown so much that we will soon be a not-for-profit organization. Dave and I still travel and recently enjoyed a Mediterranean cruise. Our grandchildren (Samantha, 6, and Matt, 5) are a great source of joy.


Bonnie Paulsen Michael  

"I am just loving this stage of life," writes Lynn Geronemus Bigelman. She finds herself "on planes quite often" these days, with daughters and grandchildren in California and Florida, but her sons live near her; she has seven beautiful grandkids altogether. Very busy, she continues to love being an elementary principal and has an amazing staff. Last year a chapter she'd written was published in Dick Allington's book Summer Reading: Closing the Rich/Poor Reading Achievement Gap, and she has more recently been working on a book in the series "Not This But That" titled No More Teaching to the Middle. Lynn misses her Wheelock friends and welcomes visitors to Detroit.  

Sue Whiting Finan and husband Jerry are both retired and busy in Maryland. Jerry is a bike rider and photographer, and Sue enjoys the garden club, pottery, and yoga and is the legislative chair for her county's teachers' retirement association. Best of all, she says, they make frequent trips to New Jersey to visit Laura, husband Nick, and their grandchildren, Lillian, 3, and Roger, 1. Sue is already looking forward to the 45th. Diane Tomaino Fisher continues to work as an assistant superintendent in the San Antonio area while teaching as an adjunct in educational leadership at Texas State University and in early childhood education at the University of the Incarnate Word. She was planning to implement an innovative dual-language (two-way Spanish/English immersion) pre-K program in her district last fall. She visited former "roomie" Ronnie Zuckerman Kirsch in Memphis last June. With "no plans to slow down yet," Diane says she is still using and building upon her Wheelock education every day!  

Anne Bagley Nielsen writes: "After 36 years of working in the trademark area of law (my last job was as head of the Trademark Department for NBCUniversal), I retired last year. I am now living a happy and stress-free life playing golf and traveling, some of which requires me to drink copious amounts of wine!" Mary Dickerson Pierson and husband Peter continue to enjoy living in Grafton, NY, and are "slowing down the pace." They thoroughly enjoy family gatherings and their three grandchildren who live a few hours away. Mary teaches early childhood music at Pine Cobble School in Williamstown, MA, and is the director of the school's Character Education Program. Wendy Petker Sprattler writes only that she is "living in Vegas and concentrating on quilting."  


Laura Keyes Jaynes   

Congratulations to Janet Leonard O'Loughlin, who retired in June from the Katonah Lewisboro School District in Westchester County, NY, where she taught second grade for 18 years. She is now looking forward to spending time with her grandchildren and traveling with husband John. "I will continue to hope that there will be a Colchester/Kent reunion someday where we can actually stay in the houses!" Janet writes. "If the event spanned four years, I know there would be a lot of interest! What a fundraiser for Wheelock it would be!"  

Diane Rothauser '74/'81MS loves teaching after-school kindergartners in Needham, MA. Very active in the Wellesley Players, a local community theater group, she has produced, acted in, and designed the stage makeup for the group for many years and serves on its board of directors as the program event planner. She has fun doing theater with her husband, Steven Casolaro, who is involved in behind-the-scenes work and also produces shows. They live in Westwood and miss their daughters - Kate, who lives in Atlanta, and Sarah, who lives in Los Angeles. They have wonderful family vacations together, most recently in Alaska and in Wellfleet, Cape Cod.  

Many blessings in my (Laura's) life last year! Reunion (so wonderful to see so many friends!), retirement, my son's wedding, my 41st anniversary - the celebrations go on and on. My forever husband, Steve, and I continue to enjoy our lake house in Merrimack, NH, for over 35 years. Upon retirement this past June, I have much to do without full-time teaching. I serve on the Merrimack Parks & Recreation Committee and the Lake Naticook Conservation Association. I am looking forward to traveling. My daughter, Julie, 24, resides in Albuquerque. She works for New Life Homes, a nonprofit group for placing homeless, and is working on her master's degree in English. My son, Steven, 31, and wife, Yuri, moved home permanently before their October wedding after living in Honolulu for six years. Let the Good Times Roll!  


Leslie Hayter Maxfield  

Reunion 2015 May 29-31  


2013 was an outstanding year for Donna LaRoche, senior class president! Donna purchased her first home in May (Falmouth, Cape Cod) and retired in June after 35 "amazing and wonderful" years teaching kindergarten, first grade, and graduate students! "Daily, in my teaching and in my life, Lucy Wheelock's mission to improve the lives of children and families and to inspire a world of good has been and continues to be my guiding light," she writes. "I thank Wheelock most sincerely for the excellent education I received and had a terrific time celebrating my 35th college reunion with cherished classmates and friends last May/June!"  

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