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Winter 2014 Graduate Class Notes

David Siedlar '91MS still seems to be learning just as much as he is teaching as he works with students of all ages in China. "Don't be shy—just try" is his motto in his 90-minute English classes, which are heavy on conversation and textbook reading. "Teaching English as a foreign language is similar in a way to a football game," he writes. "I have to be prepared for the unexpected. New plays have to be created quickly." He encourages American teachers to try to figure out what Chinese educators are doing right about teaching math, which he says may well be the most liked class in school there. David is proud to be part of the pipeline that sends Chinese children to schools in the West, usually right after middle school. He says Concord-Carlisle Regional High School and Acton-Boxborough Regional High School, both in Massachusetts, are both highly desirable schools.

Sophia Boyer '01MS is a coach for the Word Generation curriculum that is part of the Catalyzing Comprehension through Discussion and Debate initiatives of the Strategic Education Research Partnership Institute. The institute is based in Washington, D.C., but Sophia works at its Boston field site at Harvard University. She was previously an educator in middle and high schools for 13 years.

Kimberly Ann Wright '05MSW tells us about her first book, published this past spring: "When Bubbe Was Here" chronicles the relationship between a boy named Ezra and his ‘Peace & Love Hippie' grandmother he calls Bubbe. Throughout his life she gives Ezra his name, blesses him, sings with him, dances with him, and teaches him lessons along the way. When Bubbe dies, a therapist helps Ezra and his family process their feelings of grief and bereavement, while celebrating the contributions Bubbe made to their lives. The book includes an analysis of the story, along with an art and curriculum guide as a tool for processing grief and loss with children.

Missy Sturtevant '10MSW wrote in August, "The youth group I run for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth has its one-year anniversary in November."

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