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The (Fall 2013/Winter 2014) Wheelock Magazine includes Class Notes news that was received before Sept. 10, 2013.

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Lucy Parton Miller (Class Scribe)

"I often wonder how many of us are still around," Bobbie Munson Carpenter writes. She still goes to church regularly, attends two Bible studies, and plays Scrabble and Mexican Train. She also tries to walk a couple of miles a day and attends daily exercise class in the summertime. Bobbie's recently retired daughter comes to see her every week or so, and she welcomed her 12th great-grand last January! "My hearing and vision are very bad, but no aches or pains," she writes. "I enjoy reading about the good things Wheelock is continuing to contribute to the world."

Winifred Little Williams writes: "The Wheelock alumni luncheon at Naples, FL, is always very special, but this February we celebrated not only my 94th birthday (with a very elegant chocolate cake), but more important, Lucy [Parton] Miller and her husband's 70th wedding anniversary! Occasionally Bobbie (Finkel) Jacobs and I talk - discuss life as seniors and reminisce about the 'olden days' at Wheelock."


Eleanore Moginot Fisher, 92 in June, lives in Rockport, MA, near three of her five children, and also has four grandsons. She enjoys completing 1,000-piece puzzles and collecting antique dolls, and her enormous raspberry patch keeps her busy during the summer. Eleanore participates in the Pigeon Cove Circle women's group and the Sandy Bay Historical Society.

Helen "Stevie" Roberts Thomas wrote during the summer to let Wheelock know that she and daughter Katherine Granfield had finished writing In the Valley of the Yangtze: Stories from an American Childhood in China, and it was to be published (Commonwealth Books) in November. It may be available at Barnes & Noble, Stevie says, or you can email for information. Stevie wrote: "I wrote the stories, and then Katherine gave them life and meaning. The story is really of my parents, Dorothy and William Roberts, Episcopalian missionaries to China. I was born in Shanghai, and then the family moved to Nanjing (Nanking in those years), which became the capital city of China, so we were right in the middle of the turmoil and growing pains of that huge country. It was an eventful time." She added: "Funny thing about life - as I Iook back after 92 years! It seems to lead and we can choose to follow or not. I've had so many coincidences that seem more than that. Just when I need something badly, a way opens up to take or not. Usually I say, ‘Yes,' and my life has been full to overflowing."

Jean Sullivan Riley (Class Scribe)

Marjory Perry Johnson and husband Frank moved from their home in Wellesley, MA, to North Hill, a retirement community in Needham, in September 2011. Marjory fell and broke her hip in May 2012 and was still on a walker this past spring, but other than that, they both get along pretty well. "Frank takes walks around the property most days and stays limber," she writes. "I'm grateful to have him still with me."

Gertrude Van Iderstine Phillips writes: "I was fortunate to attend our 70th Reunion on June 1, thanks to my oldest daughter, Patty Fraser (a Wheelock grad in '66), and then to be privileged to walk in the Procession on the arm of our wonderful president, Jackie Jenkins-Scott. It was thrilling to see the changes at Wheelock, and I'm sorry that more of this '43-'44 class couldn't have joined me."

Jean Reilly Cushing (Class Scribe)

Julie Forsythe Bussiere wrote to Wheelock in early May, the day before she was going to return to the classroom for the first time in 25 years to present "Art Goes to School" to fourth-graders. "I became an artist 20 years ago, after I retired from being a reading specialist, and have never stopped painting," she wrote. In June, Julie was headed to China in search of, among other things, "some interesting things to paint."

"I can't believe I've lived this long!" writes Louise Martin DeWalt. In May she traveled from her home in Hilton Head, SC, to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia and celebrated her 90th birthday with her family. She continues: "My life has been very interesting through the years - having a rewarding family life with Earl and our three children, teaching at an underprivileged school, painting watercolors, living on a boat for 10 years, and now living at The Cypress, where I have good friends, play six-wicket croquet, and play duplicate and fun bridge. I am happy to report that both my daughter and granddaughter became teachers after graduating from Wheelock, and I am sad to report that I lost Earl in 2011." Nadene Nichols Lane has lived in a condo in Watertown, MA, for 14 years. She usually goes to Islamabad, Pakistan, every winter for four months to see her daughter, granddaughter, and three great-grandchildren; then stops in Dubai on the way home to visit another granddaughter and great-granddaughter; and then visits another daughter in London.

"Time has marched on so very rapidly, and yet I see you all as you were in 1945," writes
Helen Small Weishaar. Husband Jeff was 95 in May, and they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in August. "I do like to brag now and then," she adds. "We are living ‘happily ever after.' Our son, who lives with us, is our caretaker. Our daughters live in Brewster, MA, and Providence, RI, and visit as often as they can. One more brag and then I'll stop. Our great-granddaughter, Abby Wetzel, entered Boston College as a freshman this fall."

Carol Moore (Class Scribe)

This past summer Jane Russell Bolton moved from Kennebunk, ME, where she'd spent 22 wonderful years, to Brooksby Village retirement community in Peabody, MA. She says it's a great place and is happy to have her middle daughter, Sarah Bolton Hoel '78, only 10 minutes away. Jane reminisced about the years she taught nursery school, third grade, and remedial reading before marrying husband John, who died in 1989. Their three daughters gave them five "perfect" grandchildren.

"It is certainly nice to have a Wheelock graduate have a classroom named after her!" writes Edith Hall Huck, who was so honored this past summer. Square One, an early childhood and family services organization in Springfield, MA, that had had its preschool and administrative offices destroyed by a tornado in June 2011, opened a new center with expanded services in the city's south end - a building that includes the Edith Huck Children's Room! "They named a classroom after me since I have kept an interest in them since I taught at what was then The Springfield Day Nursery in the '50s," Edith writes. "When two buildings were destroyed by the tornado, I of course wanted to help out financially, as many donors, both private and business, did. As my children grew, I served on the board there and also volunteered where needed." Congratulations, Edith!

Anne Mulholland Heger (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1

Edith "Anne" Runk Wright (Class Scribe)

Marj Johnson Cilley and Charlie winter in Arizona, where they do a lot of volunteer work for the Lord. They spend time at the Phoenix Dream Center presenting the Alpha Course to men every Saturday at Lewis Prison and spend at least one night a week at a local homeless shelter. Since they have relatives in Arizona, they can also enjoy family activities while there. Summer finds the Cilleys around Chicago, where their Illinois children, grandchildren, and the great-grands live. "We are thankful to be well and busy most of the time," Marj writes. Carolyn "Mickey" Livingston Epes has moved to Blocher Homes, 135 Evans Street, Williamsville, NY 14221. Her new home is not far from son Charlie, and she loves it. I (Anne) plan to visit her in March 2014.

Thank you, Harriet Schnider Felper, for appreciating my poem and sending this happy message: "Life is wonderful! Focus on the positive." Harriet and Everett are still in New Jersey but winter in Florida at Delray Beach. They sold their home and have enjoyed the services of apartment living for several years. Harriet keeps busy playing golf and bridge and has taken up watercoloring. (Mr. Henderson would be so pleased.) She, modestly, says she's "not great" at everything but loves it! The greatest joy she and Everett have is seeing how their children and grandchildren become caring and creative people. Sounds like a splendid reward for good parenting. Harriet sends best wishes to all of her Wheelock classmates.

Thank you, too, Barbara "Buzz" Moog Finlay, for being a fan of my Ode. Glad to hear the Finlays are "hanging in there." Buzz and Jack had a great Grand Circle River Cruise down the Eastern Danube River from Budapest, Hungary, to Bucharest, Romania. Not only was it a beautiful trip, on a beautiful boat with perfect weather, but the Finlays gained much from their exposure to five undeveloped countries; several of them are barely recovering from recent wars with a history of dictators, revolutions, and ethnic wars. Buzz wonders how they managed to rise above the turmoil. (When I [Anne] visited Romania in 1995, shortly after the fall of Ceausescu, on a Peace Train trip sponsored by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, I looked up a Romanian translator, Petronela Negosanu. She told me of her life during World War II and that regime. When I asked her how she kept on going, she said, "I keep my sense of humor with care." I would guess a similar spirit helped many.) I agree with your closing message, Buzz - "We have so much to be grateful for here." She also sends her best to the nifty fifties. 

Mary Hathaway Hayter received an invitation from Poets House to a special celebration honoring James Wright, my (Anne's) late husband. At the event, held on May 7, the poet Stephen Dobyns spoke on the life and poetry of James, followed by a dinner that honored my long-standing 25-year relationship to Poets House. "It was a wonderful evening with a fascinating talk on James Wright as well as a well-earned tribute to his ‘Annie,'" Mary writes.

I was sad to hear that Dorothy Hutchens Seelow's golfing days are over, and I admire her spirited comment - "I sure enjoyed them!" Now she is playing a lot of duplicate bridge, reading, and "trying to take care of the pieces that are falling apart." Florence Milman Walker's youngest son and his wife and two daughters live with her now, which she finds very nice. She is still busy with pottery and quilting, finds she is doing all of her traveling in the USA now, and says, "All is well."

I (Anne) had a good winter with time for reading and going to plays, concerts, operas, many movies, and out to dinner. Much of this was with Mary Hayter. I visited Carolyn Epes in March at her then cozy quarters at son Charlie's house. Her husband, Morgan, who recently died, was a wonderful friend to me. He is sadly missed. Mickey and I spent an afternoon painting - Mr. Henderson would have been so pleased - and had some outings with her two lovely granddaughters. I also had a few jolly visits with Nancy Sayles-Evarts at her home in the woods, where we never stopped talking or laughing. I've known these three special friends for 63 years! They are one more reason for which I have to thank Wheelock.

My time in New York culminated in May at the beautiful tribute to my husband that was so well described in Mary Hayter's news. I was so glad she was there. During the summer I was back in Rhode Island still scrubbing away the damage to my little cottage from Hurricane Sandy. I could see a beach at the end of the tunnel, though.

Peace and good spirits to you all. I think we're still burning with enthusiasm although the flame may be a bit gentler than it was in 1950.

Louise Butts (Class Scribe)

Thanks to all who responded to the request for news. As of midsummer, here are the updates from classmates.

Beverly Boardman Brekke-Bailey continues to enjoy an independent, healthy lifestyle in Springfield, IL. Her creative talents and skills, silversmithing classes, and cast pewter and glass jewelry making keep her busy. Check out her personal website: Bev's three children, 11 grandchildren, and one great-grandson are nearby. As with so many of us, family is a priority.

Golfing keeps Georgianna Hale Dana busy. She and daughter Amy had fun at Hilton Head in April. She is still at the same address and was thinking of Wheelock seniors at Commencement time in the spring.

Retirement communities seem to be a growing location for many of us to call "home." Thirwood Place in South Yarmouth, MA (in the middle of Cape Cod) continues to be the best place for Sue Post Day. We are all trying to stay as independent as we once were but, like Sue, do enjoy the services of retirement communities, while we stay connected with church and/or community activities. Sue reports she recently joined Grandmothers Against Gun Violence, focusing on background checks and registering guns transported across state lines. She also keeps busy with her five adult grands and two great-granddaughters. And she regularly attends the Harwich Junior Theatre (Betty Bobp's successful dream). Sue writes: "I'm so sorry to hear my good friend from our college years, Liz Brayton Dawson, died in September [2012]. She was one of those special people - always ready with a poem or a silly story to brighten the day. I have very happy memories of her." Judy Handley Garvey not only keeps busy volunteering for a variety of causes but has done several Elderhostel programs this year. Taking notes took her back to college days! Keeping up with the electronic age takes some doing for the 80+-year-olds! Judy's oldest granddaughter is now a freshman at Boston College.

A once-a-month lunch group - Betty Cahill Haskell, Gloria Aisenberg Sonnabend, Joanne Eastwood Tainsh, and Janet Gall Leonard '48 - meets in Chestnut Hill, MA, and sometimes they "do" lunch at places like the Gardner Museum. Betty, Joanne, and Janet all lived in Kent House. What a fun and tasty way to stay in touch. Harriet Howenstein Hull reports that she is feeling good after two years of a bad back. She says she is a lucky lady - five married children, 14 grands; summer in Harbor Springs, MI; winter in Vero Beach, FL. She sends "[m]uch love to all [her] old pals."

We were sorry to hear that Laura Richardson Payson's husband, Sam, passed away in October 2012 at 97 years of age. She said they were lucky to have been living at North Hill in Needham, MA, where they had wonderful care. A few other Wheelock graduates live there also, but no one else from the Class of '51. Joan Wiggin shares the same thoughts we all are feeling: "As I get older, I seem to be slowing down!" Her church bell choir is falling apart, so they may not be able to continue it. Joan loves her home in the great community of Concord, NH.

And finally, yours truly. I (Louise) made the final decision to move to a retirement community nearby - Covenant Village in Cromwell (CT). My move-in date, June 18, went well, with boxes all around holding essentials and treasures to be dealt with. I am sure many of you know the feeling! But 10 days later, I somehow popped the ball out of the socket in my artificial hip joint and fell. After nearly three weeks of rehab right here in my new retirement facility, I was back in my new apartment getting used to a walker, etc., again. By the time you all read this, I should be back to independent status!

Take care, each and every one. And congratulations to all in our Wheelock College of today for all they are doing and will continue to do for the betterment of children and families.

Martha Brown McGandy (Class Scribe)

The Wheelock Alumni Association's Endowment Fund Committee, which dear '52 member Edith Winter Sperber actively served for years, donated more than a dozen children's books to the Wheelock Library in her memory early this year. The College also learned that Edith's husband, Robert, donated a bench to the Brookline (MA) Public Library, where Edith was a longtime trustee, back in September. The bronze bench, which the two bought in New York in 2006 and which has an inscription about Edith's love for reading and children, was placed outside the library's children's reading room.

Louise Wiley Bell is still enjoying life at the Manor in Claremont, CA, after three years there. She sings in the chorus and performs in two concerts a year. Son Steve and daughter Kathy are also in California, and in the spring, Louise and Kathy visited daughter Carolee in Lake Oswego, OR, for four wonderful days - she says the blossoming trees and bushes there were a sight to see. Louise enjoys seeing her busy grandchildren whenever she can and tries to keep up with their college careers and travels. She attended the college graduation of one in the spring.

"With air conditioning, one doesn't notice [90-degree days]," writes Ann Sibley Conway of Tucson, AZ, where she still enjoys living. A nephew of husband Carle's has bought a house nearby, and Ann is thinking "it may be nice to have him around as [they] age." The Conways are still involved in cars. The new "game," since Carle acquired another new Porsche, is to "stuff a fourth car in a three-car garage."

Joan Fortescue Covici writes: "I'm still in Dallas, living in the same house, and doing the same work since 1957. After learning how to raise kids at Wheelock, I did so for five years, and then got back to learning more about kindergarten, elementary, and high school kids - and finally, those kids who go wrong and end up in prison because they ‘did not learn all they needed to know in kindergarten.' They didn't have Wheelock-trained teachers. Now, at 82, I'm on my second husband. Pascal C. died in 1997, and I married an ex-con in 2005. Michael Jewell was finally released in 2010 after being ‘state raised' from the age of 12. We now run TX-CURE, the Dallas chapter of a national/international organization that monitors state prisons and works for prison reform. I'm grateful for my Wheelock background. I learned a lot about society, the nature of man, and especially myself. And, as Dr. Larch instructed Homer Wells, now I'm ‘being of use.'"

Pat Conzelman Greeley '52/'90MS writes: "Spring of 2012 was unusually busy and memorable. Our granddaughter Hannah's graduation from Baylor University in Waco, TX, started it off. Then my Tony's 65th Harvard Reunion was followed by our terrific Wheelock Class of 1952 60th Reunion. In August we attended our oldest grandson's wedding in Albuquerque, NM. It was a glorious five days in every respect except for the tick that bit me the morning of the wedding. Weeks followed before I was diagnosed with Lyme disease exposure. Despite the complications it caused, even with antibiotics, I wouldn't have missed that wedding for anything!"

"One doctor said I was a ‘tough old bird,'" writes Anne DeLamater Hansen of her recent long and difficult recovery from some surgery, which involved spending four months in the hospital. She is now using a walker and may have to continue to do so. Son John and his wife thought it would be best if Anne and husband John lived near them, so they sold their Greensboro, NC, home - quickly, thankfully - and moved into a very nice retirement home in Brevard, NC, called College Walk. Congratulations to Anne and John, who celebrated their 60th anniversary in June.

Virginia Bell Libhart recently had a trip to England, Holland, and Belgium. In Brussels she attended a family reunion from July 4 to 7. Congratulations on the birth of your first great-grandchild in August, Ginny! Elaine Barnes Downing's main activities at the Rosewood Health Center in Bakersfield, CA, are reading Smithsonian, National Geographic, and health reports and participating in daily physical therapy. As resident supervisor of the "large landscape" there, she recently drew plans for a new patio and garden that will go near the health center's entrance.

Elizabeth Bassett Wolf (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1

I (Chippy) am so sorry to have to let you know of the passing in early September of Persis Luke Loveys. If I may reminisce a bit ... Persis was our Queen on May Day our senior year. She was not only Gorgeous (with a capital G) but also one of our sweetest and most lovely classmates. Her eyes had a special twinkle when she smiled. Everyone adored her. She was reserved and bright and knew how to dress simply and elegantly. She was someone I always admired. We all will miss her.

Penny Kickham Reilly
Nancy Cerruti Humphreys (Class Scribes)

Greetings from the Class of '55. Thank you to Lori Ann Saslav of the Alumni Office for keeping in touch and prodding me (Penny) a little. Here is news from some of you!

Our dear Betsy Reed Wilson '55/'82MS at 80 is still as active as ever with same sex-marriage issues, prison problems, and the local Academy for Lifelong Learning. She took a course on Turkey this year and then was in a short story fiction writing class. Could she do any more? She sends her love to all. Joan Walthers Parks and Gib spent last winter in Florida and talked with but didn't end up getting to see Kathy Law Walker and Barry Barrett Theroux. Family weddings and 10 grandchildren have kept them busy. She also told us of the death of Nancy Hedstrom Griffiths, who was her roommate and introduced her to Gib.

Kathy Rooney and Doug are still in New Hampshire and involved in volunteer work. They celebrated their 80th birthdays and 13 years of marriage. They sound great. Jayne Haynes Tillotson celebrated 60 years of marriage with Bob. They are still living on the Maine coast and do not miss their annual trip to Florida.

"As I read the news from Wheelock, my pride meter goes over the top," writes Anne Vermillion Gleason. She is still passionate about early childhood education, but her focus has been her daughter after a year with radiation and chemotherapy for a brain tumor. She has been an inspiration to Anne. She and Ted are enjoying their 10 grandchildren. Judith Treat Jacobson is still in good health and spends her summers in Boothbay, ME. Her children and grandchildren are constant visitors and a joy. They also love Maine. Olive Kenney Harris sounds well but has had several seizures and is no longer driving. She lives in a very caring neighborhood. She hears from Martha Clancy Sheehan.

Lesley Fleming Meinel has a new neighbor at their retirement community in Blue Bell, PA - Charlotte "Chickie" Cooper Lopoten. They have had a great time recalling their days at Wheelock. Lesley has introduced her to new friends and family. She and George are blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren. Shirley Thurmond Stanley is well. I have not seen her but talk to her often. She has moved from her large home in Green Bay, WI, to a condo. She spends a great deal of time with her children, grandchildren, and a new great-grandchild born this past summer.

It was so nice to hear from Carol Aisenberg Schneider. She is well and would love emails, etc., from classmates traveling through Memphis: Bonnie Simon Grossman sounds great! She continues operating the Ames Gallery in Berkeley, CA, setting up exhibits all over the country. Husband Sy, a retired physician, is now a jazz musician with a bachelor's degree in music. Her gallery's most prominent artist is A.G. Rizzoli, whose works were recently in London and then Paris. She does suggest visiting her website, Her family is well and she sends her best.

Louise Baldridge Lytle, a very loyal and devoted member of our class and Wheelock, did turn over the notes she kept as scribe to our class archives. She still visits her daughter in North Carolina. She continues to edit "The Long View," the quarterly paper of her retirement community, and works with Jean Ingalls Perkins '52 on it. You are the best, Louise. Martha Clancy Sheehan reports being "hale and hearty again" after a serious bout with multiple myeloma last year: "I celebrated by taking my entire family (14 of us) on a weeklong cruise to Bermuda. The day after we returned, my children hosted a combination party for me to thank all my friends for their help when I was sick and to celebrate my 80th birthday! Can't believe we are that old!" Over the years, Martha has enjoyed many cruises ("the best way to travel!") and other travels, as well as winters on the beach in Hilton Head. For the past 10 years, she has enjoyed life in The Pinehills in Plymouth, MA, which she says is "a large, diverse, wonderful place to live." She feels blessed.

I (Penny) am well. Still living in my home (52 years) and working at St. Sebastian's School part time, I also play bridge and golf (nine holes). I have lost some dear friends and family this year and find it very difficult. My children and grandchildren are my best friends. I hear about Judy Haskell Rosenberg from friends who either live or play bridge with her. Thank you to all who answered the call. Have a happy and healthy 80th year.

Persis Goodnow Hamilton (Class Scribe)

Barbara Ice Lake keeps busy with church and volunteer activities. Earlier this year, she finished a term on her Home Owners Association Board, and she volunteers at the birthing center at her local hospital. "It is really fun to see the new parents and babies and share parent education and child development materials with them," she writes. "I am still using my Wheelock education." Barbara Silverstein is "always happy to read [classmates'] names and remember." She is still working, she says, but business is "hardly anything the way it was." She still does trunk shows at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires once a month and is still in the MFA. She welcomes anyone in her neighborhood to call, email, or drop in.

Barbara Stagis Kelliher (Class Scribe)

Harriet Weil Hodgson's new guide, Walking Woman: Step-by-Step to a Healthier Heart, got some attention on earlier this year. The American Heart Association reports that heart attack is the number one killer of women in the U.S., but Harriet says women don't have to become statistics and is asking women to walk daily to help to reduce their risk. She wrote the book for women of all ages and herself (she has a heart murmur and high blood pressure): "My story could almost be every woman's story."

We are sorry to have to report the passing of Ann Hewes Foden. Over many years, Ann devoted a lot of her time and talents to helping alumni in the Portland, ME, area stay connected to Wheelock and to each other, and the College was always grateful for her commitment and her service. She and husband Bob had recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary.

Margaret "Maggie" Weinheimer Sherwin (Class Scribe)

Judy McMurray Achre and husband Paul sold their Pennsylvania house and moved to Florida full time in August. She writes: "Paul and I have become active in the Sarasota community and are looking forward to spending 12 months a year in a place we enjoy so much. We always look forward to visits from our Wheelock friends and enjoy the Wheelock gathering in Sarasota each March."

"This move has really about undone me!" writes Laura Lehrman. "I'm in a strange state of total exhaustion, elation, and confusion, and feeling a bit bereft as it required a massive down-sizing." She is now in a senior living building not too far from where she lived for almost 30 years. It's a much smaller building and her apartment is small, but the amenities include a garden, library, and art room, and there are scheduled activities. She welcomes classmates to visit!

Sally Schwabacher Hottle (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2014
May 30 June 1

Deanne Williams Morse (Class Scribe)

Delma Romano Comellas writes: "I'm still working in a binational center called AMICANA, American Argentine Cultural Center. My daughter Silvia is the president. We are closely connected with the Embassy in order to exchange both cultures. I have been working there since I returned from Wheelock in 1960. I began teaching English and then was member of the board of directors. We have 3,000 students from different levels. We are also responsible for international tests and education in the USA. We have a department of visas, supervised by the American Consulate, plus we are the official contact between American citizens living in Mendoza, Argentina, and the Embassy. As you can see, I'm always very close to my American fellows. For me, that is the way to be grateful for all you gave to me during those unforgettable two years at Wheelock."

Susan Robbins Berger writes: "The Boston Marathon bombing took its toll on many. I was able to provide services as an American Red Cross disaster mental health volunteer. There are many stories to tell, but resilience was clearly paramount." Susan continues to see clients in private practice but has a balanced life of weekends in Charlestown, RI, and scattered trips. This year she went to Morocco and the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC, and had plans to go to Santa Fe for several weeks during the summer and to Phoenix and Tucson for a week in December. She feels fortunate to have strength and health. She writes, "I'm hoping to read what y'all (just returned from South Carolina and Georgia) are doing."

Our thoughts go out to Carol Riotte Hyler, whose husband died after Thanksgiving 2012. Carol writes: "It is a sadness and a strange sensation as I am learning to rebuild my life. Thank goodness for my time at Wheelock. One of the things I think I will do is volunteer in the schools to help children read." Carol has two sons and one granddaughter, 7, who is a delight and also lives in Colorado. One son is a cameraman on the PGA tour, and she gets a kick out of seeing him behind a golfer once in a while!

Janet Burt Slaton still lives on a pond in Ellijay, GA, which brings back nice memories of growing up near the ocean in Rhode Island. She and Paul celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their whole family - 18 in all - in August 2012. Their grandchildren live very close to them, so they see them often and attend their activities. They take an annual Fripp Island trip every summer and go to Rhode Island for "the cousins reunion," which Janet started organizing in 2005. Janet says Paul is very content to stay at home since he was on the road for 30 years ... and she is the "go-er"! She tries to stay in touch with friends from Wheelock and sees them on occasion. Sometimes she stays with Mugs Washburne Miller in Maine, and she has seen Connie Wirth Cross, Betty Bannard Stookey, Muff Mylott O'Rourke '60/'98MS, Dee Williams Morse, and Merry Moody.

Betty Bannard Stookey and husband Noel spend most of their time, when not traveling, in Blue Hill, ME, where they have lived for 40 years. Lately, they've spent winters in Key West and Ojai, CA. They have continued to present their multifaith program, One Light, Many Candles (, across the United States for the last four or five years; the responses continue to be very positive, and requests keep coming. They are celebrating 75 years of age and 50 years of marriage this year, and to celebrate these 200 years, they took a trip to Paris, Provence, and Barcelona in the fall. Grandchildren now number four - a baby girl (the first girl!) was born in September. Although the children live on the East and West Coasts, visits with them are always a delight and a joy. Life is full and very busy, and they are grateful for it all!

I (Dee) have retired (again) and am enjoying more time to spend with my children, grandchildren, and friends.

Ginnie Colquitt Schroder (Class Scribe)

Susan Woodbury Baker-Schloth has immigrated to Ecuador from Oregon! She is now living in Quito and loving this Andean city of 3 million people. Hiking the volcanoes keeps her in fine shape, she says - in spite of the excellent Ecuadorean cuisine. Susan says the people of Ecuador are very friendly and that the Galapagos Islands are an added attraction.

Ellen Tague Dwinell writes of two wonderful days she spent playing in a golf tournament in Naples, FL, with Judy O'Connell Perkins last winter. She says that Linda Gordon Kendall, who also lives in Florida during the winter, has made a remarkable recovery since the stroke she had more than a year ago. Ellen has "graduated from the Wheelock Board to the Corporation" and stays keenly interested in the College. She and Jim celebrated their 50th anniversary last August at a ranch in Wyoming with their whole family. They were planning to spend the summer in New Hampshire and go on an African safari in September.

News from classmates around the world seems to focus on travel, children, and grandchildren. Linda Shemwick Lindquist reports that she is still happily reminiscing with classmates about our 50th Reunion! She and Peter visited Ginny Roswell Riegel and Fred at their lake cottage in New York in the summer of 2012, and a great deal of their time was spent sharing stories about Wheelock years. Linda has also stayed in touch with Martha Young Hansen. In fact, the two attended Wheelock's International Conference in June, and Martha and her husband stayed at Linda's B&B in Cambridge while they were in the area. "I thought the conference was outstanding," Martha wrote. "We were both impressed by how Wheelock has changed but is the same when it comes to the good basic philosophy of early childhood education." Martha Walter LeRoy and Susan Schaefer Goodnough have also spent some time together, touring the lake region of New Hampshire. Martha keeps busy with her sewing and knitting business - a real change from her career as a counselor! She is fortunate to have her daughter and granddaughter living right down the street from her so that they see each other frequently.

Gail Spivack Sandler and Deborah Adams Brescia both sent word of flourishing grandchildren. Gail and her husband visited Italy in the summer of 2012, touring many of the smaller villages in the northern part of the country. One highlight was a truffle hunt! Judy O'Connell Perkins writes that she and Jim still divide their time between Massachusetts and Florida, where she plays golf and tennis and does a lot with the Naples Garden Club and its fundraisers for the community. Their kids are in California, New York, and Colorado. They go to California for a visit each summer, and while there, Judy has been able to visit with Linda Gordon Kendall, one of her college roommates. Judy also wrote of Ellen Tague Dwinell and her husband's visit last winter.

Sara Jane Goldstein Drescher and Ira visited New York and surrounding areas this past summer in order to see a number of children, grandchildren, and old friends. Jaye Kwok was also in New York with her sister-in-law as part of a trip that included touring museums and seeing shows and all the sights they could manage in Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; and New York. Judy Johnston Laurens has moved to Santa Fe, NM, for good, having split her time between Cincinnati and Santa Fe for a number of years. She is involved in a number of activities and recently worked at a fundraiser at the Folk Art Museum. If you've never been to Santa Fe or visited the Folk Art Museum, I (Ginnie) would highly recommend it!

I (Ginnie) spent some time in New York in June. My youngest son, Rob, brought his wife and daughter from Colorado to experience the Big Apple. Having lived in nearby Port Washington for so many years, Rob and I found it a new experience to enjoy the city through the eyes of a 10-year-old. The weather did not smile on us, but that didn't stop Zoe from skipping down the sidewalk, singing a song she'd made up about the Museum of Natural History! She loved every minute of this adventure.

Not long ago, I received sad news of the death of Avery Thompson Funkhouser, one of our dear classmates. Avery died on June 9, following a yearlong struggle with metastatic lung cancer. Our sympathies and prayers go out to Avery's husband, John, and their three children - Christopher, Stewart, and Margaret - as well as to their grandchildren. As most of you know, Avery was devoted to Wheelock, attending every Reunion Weekend possible, usually with John! (John wrote, "Avery was very proud of her Wheelock education," and added that he wants to stay in touch with the College.) Following her years of teaching elementary school, she was an avid fundraiser for a number of nonprofit organizations on Cape Cod, including the Highfield Theater and the Cape Cod Symphony. She was always a diligent worker at any task she was given. I will especially miss Avery's way of immediately catching me up on everything of any importance at Wheelock whenever we met, and her many ideas and efforts on behalf of our Reunions.

Dorothy Loofbourow Nichols
Sabra Brown Johnston (Class Scribes)

Hello, dear classmates. Thank you so much for your excellent response to my (Dottie's) request for news. Here it is for us to enjoy.

Marty Holder Straton writes that she works for the English-Speaking Union in Palm Beach, FL. Among other things, they give scholarships to teachers to study abroad and enrich their classrooms. Marty continues to work with the homeless, serves on the board of a preschool for the poor, and is very active with the Colonial Dames of America in New York. She was recently awarded the Nettie Finkle Award from United Way for her volunteerism. The Palm Beach Daily News says this award "recognizes a volunteer in our community who has brought hope, promise, and opportunity into the lives of others, and who has left a positive impact on a group or the community at large." Congratulations, Marty!

Gerald Martin is sad to report that Janet Easton Martin has fought Alzheimer's for the past eight years and was sorry that it wasn't possible for her to have joined in our Reunion last year. She would want you to know how much she appreciated our times together at Wheelock. He ends by saying, "Celebrate life!"

Mary Jo Ginty Neish writes about life at her Walden-like home in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which is adorned with redwoods and is on a bus line. One of her sons has moved there to continue his writing, and Mary Jo works on her two great character flaws-procrastination and stubbornness. She often writes to Gaby in Groton, MA. Georgia "Gaby" Bradley Zaborowski has been busy repairing and staining her house. She says, "Each day brings new challenges and great fun." She was the surprise guest at a college dinner honoring her teaching colleagues and looks forward to attending her 55th Milton Academy reunion.

Emily VanderStucken Spencer couldn't make it to our 50th Reunion because she was recovering from rotator cuff surgery. She has traveled four times to Tucson or San Antonio, and she recently took the Amtrak California Zephyr to San Francisco and back for her first West Coast visit. "Every minute was spectacular," she writes, and she says we should all put that on our bucket lists. Brenda Richmond Verduin Dean was very sorry to miss our 50th Reunion and sends greetings to all classmates. They sold their Cape Cod property in the fall of 2012 but maintain their New York apartment. Her husband works part time there, so Brenda sometimes travels to New York to meet up with old friends. Jean Barclay Rook writes, "While we can, we travel on - pyramids on the route of the Maya, ‘bike and barge' down the Po River, opera in Verona, and London theater tour." She has been enjoying teaching her grandchildren to kayak.

"No surprise I'm still trying to see the world!" writes Roberta Weiss Goorno. "A friend and I are ‘doing' B cities: Barcelona, the Byzantine Empire (Istanbul!), and this year Berlin! Of course we have add-ons: a cruise from Barcelona, Jerusalem, and Eilat before Istanbul; and Paris with Berlin. Always I end in Tel Aviv, where my eldest granddaughter is in the Israeli Army. This year her brother and a cousin will be studying near Tel Aviv also. When my grandchildren become teens, I take each on a trip. My ‘soldier' and I went to London, the next went with me to South Dakota, and this summer the third and I went to an intergenerational program to Yosemite National Park! Three down and three more to go." Roberta was disappointed that there was no news in the spring/summer magazine and encourages all to try harder to stay in touch.

And lastly, from Bellingham, WA: Though Dave and I (Dottie) are feeling the years, we remain active with water and snow sports, walking, and occasionally caring for grandchildren. Last winter, on our annual ski trip to Colorado, we caught up with Sandy Thompson Ketchum and husband Bob, who live in Glenwood Springs, CO, near Aspen. Sandy and Bob retired there and built a lovely home overlooking Mount Sopris. They are fit and active and enjoy spending time with their daughter and grandchildren, who live in Denver. I was delighted to see Sandy again and look forward to repeat visits in the years to come.

Again, dear friends, many thanks for sending your news. It's a treasure for our memory banks, so please keep it coming our way.


Jane Kuehn Kittredge (Class Scribe)

To the entire class, Zelinda Makepeace Douhan '63/'75MS writes: "Thank you! Thank you, dear classmates, for your generosity during the past three years as we collected funds for our 50th Reunion Class Gift to Wheelock. We raised more than $100,000 in gifts and pledges. At the Alumni Association Annual Meeting we were given the award for the class that raised the most funds since our last Reunion. It was a proud moment for our class. Thank you for all of your support of this college that has meant so much to so many of us."

I (Jane) have to tell you what a wonderful Reunion we had. It was just a perfect event, and the whole class seemed more than pleased. Our class was recognized for the largest amount raised for the Annual Fund and also the greatest percentage of classmates attending. Ellen Sandler won the prize for traveling from the greatest distance (California). Lynn Paquin closed out the treasury. We bought a tree for the school, which has already been planted, and any money left over was turned over to the Annual Fund.

Ann Fleming Fiske
Phyllis Forbes Kerr

Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1

Daphne "Taffy" Hastings Wilcox (Class Scribe)

Peabody wins the award for the most responses!

Trisha Henderson Margeson attended her husband's 50th from Harvard and reflected on the fact that we have only two more years until ours. At Harvard, they had "show and tell," where classmates shared their passions - work, volunteer activities, poetry, and music performances. Trisha thinks it would be interesting to hear what others have done in the past 50 years. Any takers? You have two years to prepare! Page Poinier Sanders sings the praises of titanium because her knee replacement has brought her new life. Unfortunately, they were unable to replace her Parkinson's disease. Most of her recent travel has been to the physical therapist, but she had a special trip to visit grandchildren and attend grandparents day at their school. She sends wishes for good health to all.

Dana Seeley Hirth and her husband have moved from Vermont to Brunswick, ME. They also moved her 93-year-old mother to an assisted-living facility in Brunswick. They love their very cute condo and living in Maine. They are only a half hour from Portland, where they can get the ferry to their summer cottage on Cliff Island in the Casco Bay. Life is good! Trina Wilson Mallet continues to travel around the world. The highlights of her latest trip to the Caribbean were swimming with stingrays and zip lining! Trina sees Joan Anderson Watts '65/'83MS and Sue Bright Belanger at the Wheelock alumni book group and visited Ann Tribou Kuhns at her summer camp in Weld, ME.

I (Taffy) decided to celebrate my 70th birthday by taking my entire family - five adults and 11 grandchildren - to Disney World. The red T-shirts I designed helped us to keep track of everyone. I also attended Barbara Curtis Baker's 70th birthday celebration on Cape Cod.


Linda Bullock Owens
Tasha Lowell Allan (Class Scribes)

Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1


Mary Ann Allen Cowherd writes: "On March 20, the four Colchester junior transfers met in Keene, NH, at the home of Suzy Salter Krautmann. My husband and I flew in from Virginia, and Denise Desrosiers Trinceri and her husband came from Massachusetts and Paula Tiberi Anthony and her husband from Connecticut. All attended a showing of Last Letters at Keene State College. My son Leonard's personal letters from Iraq are highlighted in a moving drama ( This was planned in August 2012 and was a great success! We are hoping for another get-together in Delaware and maybe even a warmer trip sometime! Thanks to Suzy and Paul for entertaining us!"

Toby Congleton Milner emailed Wheelock in May from their home in Hazyview, South Africa, where they were spending the month working on their Lillydale Literacy Project ( She loved being "back home" and was excited to be transitioning from primary schools to training high school principals and their language teachers. She also wrote about some special work that went on there last winter: "Last January, nine Wheelock students came to Lillydale for four days to renovate our Lillydale Library. They worked flawlessly with 13 young people in their 20s from the village. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed each other's company: cleaning, sorting, dusting, shelving, talking, laughing, singing, dancing, sharing meals, praying together. By the end of the four days, they were all exchanging T-shirts, flip-flops, email addresses, and CDs. It was exhilarating to be a part of it all! I have it on good authority that Wheelock will return next January with more lucky students."

"After watching the weather patterns for the country [last winter]," Jan Frost Russell writes, "I can say it was nice to be living in Naples, FL. My husband refers to it as ‘Paradise.'" She always has fun sharing the winter season with Mary Barber Stone, who lives down the street from her, and Marjie Taft '72 was there for a quick visit this year, too. A special highlight for Jan was playing in a member/guest golf tournament with Sandy Houghton Schreiber. "What laughs we had reminiscing, as well as trying to keep our golf game in control!" she writes. When Jan was up in Exeter, NH, last December to run a charity event, Marjie and Karen Kennedy Wilson '72 joined her for lunch. Jan attended the Wheelock luncheon at the Port Royal Club in Naples, FL, and was very excited to hear about all of the happenings on Wheelock's campus. She and Mark went to Paris in July and visited with family and friends in Connecticut and New Hampshire in August.

Mary Curtis Skelton sent a "long story short" in May: "In July [2012], I remarried my former husband, Will, who has ALS. He moved into the home I shared with my parents, then 99 and 102. I was their major caregiver until their deaths in September. We are still in the house, which is where I grew up, and have enjoyed(!) a major kitchen and bath remodel to make them more accessible. I retired in January to be home with him."

Marge Weiner enjoyed connecting with colleagues and establishing new collaborations while participating in Wheelock's International Conference in June. She excitedly reports that some Wheelock ECE faculty members are interested in visiting her Gateway Community College (GCC) preschool lab school/ECE faculty in downtown New Haven, CT. She adds the news that two former preschool students of GCC's Early Learning Center (ELC) were back in touch with the center to share the news of their graduations from college this past spring - one with a B.S. from Yale and one with an M.D. from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. The young women are sisters, and their father credits the ELC and its rich and stimulating environment with helping them to develop their passions for learning. Marge says, "We frequently receive this wonderful news from returning families, alums, and friends in the community." Congratulations, Marge!

Gwynne DeLong (Class Scribe)

Ann Bachini Aghababian emailed Wheelock during the summer about the passing of Christine Jones on June 28. "Chris was a very vibrant and involved member of our class," Ann wrote.

"It is addictive, this being on vacation all the time," Nancy Millican Rogers writes. She is "officially retired" from kindergarten teaching in Bath, ME, but goes back weekly to read with first- and second-graders and loves being able to volunteer but not having "the responsibilities and craziness." She also gives time to a local library bookstore, reads a lot, gardens when she feels like it, and spends time with grandchildren. She adds, "I am free to do my watercolors (with which I make a calendar each year to raise funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in memory of our daughter)." Travel opportunities have taken her and her husband to New York, Pennsylvania (to see Margie Feinburg Cooper), West Virginia, Virginia, California, Normandy, Provence, and Tuscany.

Wally and Gayle Herbert Davis have retired and built a new home on Florida's Gulf Coast in Venice. They are enjoying warm weather, sunshine, the beach, and all the activities that are available! They continue to volunteer, especially around issues related to children and poverty, and spent time in Maine on a work project during the summer. Gayle met Edie Nowers White '50, who promises to take her to the Sarasota alumni luncheon! Leslie Archibald Owen is having a blast being a grandmother to 1-year-old Blair.

I (Gwynne) am still busy with the Schenectady County Working Group on Girls. This past year we served a little over 200 girls in middle and high school, offering a conference day, twice monthly support groups, field trips to plays and museums, and a celebration dinner for the girls and a supportive woman in their lives. Dave and I are enjoying our grandchildren and continue to travel - this year to Hawaii; the Caribbean; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Sea Ranch in northern California. 

Bonnie Paulsen Michael (Class Scribe)

Cat Austin Franks writes: "After spending a year away from teaching, I was invited by a friend to start a kindergarten program in her Waldorf-inspired preschool, which is what I did this past winter. Sweet mysteries of life! Being able to work in an environment I totally support, in a way that I feel best suits the development of young children, is a dream come true. Added to that, it was a half-day program for me, so I was home for a leisurely lunch and an afternoon to myself, leaving me time to pursue my own interests. Alas, Sarah Otis was in Kigali, Rwanda, for the year, so Friday beach time was snorkeling solo and watching the sunset from my house on the hill. Last year's 40th Reunion was great - catching up with people I did and didn't remember. Our doors are always open to anyone looking for a warm place to retreat in the winter."

Jo Glickman Lewis fills us in on her life since Wheelock: "Not long after graduation, I got married and moved to Washington, D.C., for five years with a young husband working toward a doctorate in clinical psych. I didn't grab a teaching job but instead found myself at the American Petroleum Institute (oil lobby) learning all about controversial issues and business administration. Ten years later - after staying home for a while with two little boys - I returned to education and became a middle school vice principal. It was a perfect fit! I loved the work and the environment, and the kids kept me laughing. Now, very happily married to husband #2, retired from public education, and hands-on with six grandkids, I adore my ‘next chapter' work: raising and obtaining certification with a ‘therapy dog' and visiting both classrooms with autistic children and eldercare facilities. Sooooooo happy - wishing the same to Wheelock classmates from those crazy days more than 40 years ago."

"I have had an amazing year!" Sarah McGann Peters wrote in May. "Last May [2012] I remarried, sold my house in Hilton [NY] quickly, and moved to Rochester; my twin grandchildren, Addison and Zachary, were born in August; Peter and I put a large addition on our house, including a first-floor laundry room; and now we are looking forward to visiting Australia and New Zealand for the month of November so I can meet Peter's brothers and the rest of the family. Life couldn't be much better for me at this moment!"

Kim Cross Reichert has been a member of the Kew-Forest School community in Forest Hills, NY, for 47 years, ever since she was a student at that same school for grades 6 through 12! "I am now the second most senior faculty member there, right up front on the Commencement line every year," she writes. She and husband Lee are looking forward to retirement in the next few years and think there are many activities and groups in their town of Westport, CT, that will keep them busy. Kim and Nancy McClement Waage "do lunch" every summer and Christmas vacation, so they manage to keep in touch. According to Kim, "Special bonds formed at Wheelock last a lifetime!"

This year, Wendy Petker Sprattler, formerly of Wilmington, NC, for three years, had a cross-country adventure to Las Vegas, where she now lives. She's closer to son Ben (near San Francisco) but farther from daughter Rebecca (in Massachusetts). "I've taught in Jewish supplementary schools for many years, but I just might try retirement now," she writes. Wendy would love to hear from anyone living in Las Vegas.

"I thoroughly enjoy being retired," Nancy McClement Waage writes. "After teaching kindergarten, grade 1, reading, and reading recovery for 29 years, I do not like what is happening to our education system. The people at the top need more Wheelock graduates directing them! I continue to see my Wheelock roommates - Kim Cross Reichert, Carol Carriuolo, and Crigen McFadden Richards - each year. Every January I rent a house in Punta Gorda, FL, and enjoy the warm weather and being surrounded by wonderful friends from all ‘layers' of my life. This was particularly soothing following our son's death almost three years ago." Nancy and her husband sailed to Cape Cod in the summer of 2012 with their wheaten terrier, Barnacle, and spent five days with Carol Carriuolo. She also recently attended and had a great time at her 45th reunion at her prep school in Virginia. Nancy's daughter, Kirsten, is a personal trainer and soccer coach.

Jaci Fowle Holmes
Regina Frisch Lobree (Class Scribes)

"Our 40th reunion was a blast, and we missed so many of you!" writes Abby Squires Perelman, who sent the following summary and some news about the classmates with whom she spent the most time.

"Miffy Shanahan Corso, Alison Yard Purvis, Kathy Anthony Sheikh, Lynn Emerson Brownell, and I rendezvoused in Boston for a wonderful weekend of Reunion festivities at Wheelock. It was so nice to reconnect with Sally Bechert Robinson, Jaci Fowle Holmes '73/'76MS, Regina Frisch Lobree, Leezie Clarke Magruder, Jane Hertig Roberts, and Susan Bruml Simon. And on Sunday, we continued our reunion celebration for four days at Alison's fabulous house in Truro on the Cape.

"Here is a little update as to what the five of us are doing. It's hard to believe that we are all retired.
"Miffy retired from teaching second grade in Bristol, CT, in 2010 but continues to be a substitute teacher. Husband John continues to work. Miffy was busy this summer planning the wedding of daughter Ali, who is a school counselor in Charlotte, NC. Son Chris lives in Farmington, CT, and works in technology.

"In 2007, Kathy retired as a preschool special education teacher in New Fairfield, CT. Husband Amjid had retired from teaching earlier. Jared, her oldest, was married last year, while her second son, Nick, was married this summer. Tyler, her youngest, coaches college soccer in Pennsylvania. Both Jared and Nick teach in Connecticut.

"Recently, Alison and husband Scott moved to Hanover, NH, from New Jersey. Scott continues to work, while Alison retired in 2009 from the local YMCA as director/teacher of their child care program. They enjoy living close to two of their children, Molly and Luke, as well as their granddaughter, Morgan. Their other children, Todd and Wes, live and work in New Orleans and Akron, OH, respectively.

"Lynn retired in 2012 from teaching pre-K in D.C. This past year she was a classroom volunteer and substitute teacher. Husband Bill continues to practice law in D.C. Son Sam is back in D.C. doing economic research. Daughter Katie is a certified organic farm manager in Philadelphia.

"Steve and I (Abby) retired in 2008 and split our time between West Palm Beach and Nantucket. I am busy with my volunteer work as co-chair of the Walks for Autism Speaks in both Palm Beach and Nantucket. And, in Florida, I am also a guardian ad litem. My son, Jeremy, is a portfolio manager at a hedge fund in NYC. He lives with wife Leslie and their three sons in Scarsdale, NY. My younger son, Jonathan, lives in Tribeca, NYC, with wife Alex and their two sons. He works for BuzzFeed.

"Miffy, Kathy, Alison, Lynn, and I hope Dede Yeterian Moore, Michele Miller Wilson, Toni Albert, Isabel Frankel Rachlin, and the rest of our classmates join us for the 45th!"

"Being a grandmother is wonderful!" writes Anne Earthrowl. "I am constantly using the skills that I learned at Wheelock with the kids." Daughter Meaghan has graduated from the University of South Carolina and is enjoying a great job in human resources in Charleston. Son Jon, a sound engineer, is busy with his company in Boston. And her oldest, Francesca, who attended Wheelock, is busy with her two kids in Natick, MA.

Laura Keyes Jaynes (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1

Leslie Hayter Maxfield (Class Scribe)

Kathy Witt Sturges writes about her job as a school improvement change agent at an education service center in Ohio: "Most of my time is spent helping school districts develop themselves as formative learning systems that result in improved learning outcomes for all students. It's a challenging role in that change is hard. However, teachers report that being intentional about their instruction and understanding how to infuse powerful instructional strategies is exciting work - especially when the results show a closing of achievement gaps among student subgroups." During the summer, Kathy and her Wheelock roommates, Carol Bryce Bibeau and Kathy McCooey Hering, gathered on Hilton Head in South Carolina to celebrate their 60th birthdays! "We spent five glorious days together touring plantations, relaxing at the beach, shopping, sailing on the Pau Hana, and chillaxing at my house. We get together every year and decided to make our 60th an extra-special event!"

Angela Barresi Yakovleff (Class Scribe)

Ellen Fuger Langler has lived in Wisconsin for 39 years and writes that she taught preschool at Teaching Centers Inc. for five years.


Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1

Joanne Parise teaches third grade in Wolfeboro, NH. Her son, Sam Fagan, 21, is an aviation student.

Kathy Formica Harris
Lorraine Humphrey (Class Scribes)

Many of our 1980 classmates continue to have busy lives as parents, educators, and caregivers, and play a variety of roles in a wide range of professions.

Julia Ragonese-Barwell writes that her career has spanned teaching elementary music and general elementary education, working in staff development, and being an elementary principal, and the past eight years she has been working in teacher preparation as a clinical assistant professor at Northern Arizona University's Extended Campus in Tucson. She also is volunteering with children in Mexico and facilitating arts integration workshops for teachers. She attended the conference on global children's issues at Wheelock. Like most of our classmates, Julia expresses how she draws upon her experience at Wheelock regularly and is grateful for her education there.

From Southern California, Cindy Richardson Wallace shares that she continues to be a site manager at High Tech Middle North County with a focus on project-based learning. Bobbie Van Suetendael Helbig was thrilled recently to take her eighth-graders (from the Sturbridge, MA, area) to see The Miracle Worker at Wheelock. She is a grandma. Susan Woolverton Rozelle became a grandma this year and was with her daughter, Annah, when she gave birth, which was an amazing experience.

Please join the Wheelock College Class of 1980 Facebook page to keep in touch!

Sarah Bowman Merry

It was great to hear from everyone. Nora Lerdau Howley writes that she is still in the D.C. area and working at the NEA Health Information Network ( She encourages everyone to check out what they are doing to create healthy and safe schools around the country. Her kids are grown up. The older is a faculty member at Columbia in NYC, and the younger is a college senior. Jeanne Colling is living in Norton, MA. Her daughter and son are 28 and 24. She is the proud nana of a 5-year-old granddaughter named Lillianna and a 1-year-old grandson named Aaron. Jeanne is a full-time program manager for a special needs residence in Walpole, MA, for Lifeworks Inc. She also works for the Arc of South Norfolk part time as a teacher of cooking and arts and crafts, as well as a respite care worker. Her third job, for the Arc of Bristol County, is as a relief person and assisting adults with independent living.

Marian McAfee Facciani continues to work as a child life specialist at Children's Hospital Central California, where she has been since graduating from Wheelock. She works part time in the ICU and loves it. Daughter Rebecca graduated from college and got married five years ago. A special education preschool teacher, she has a class of autistic children ages 3 to 5. She and her husband have a sweet little 3-year-old boy, Carter. "Yes, being a grandmother is wonderful," Marian writes. Daughter Laura graduated in May from Fresno State with a major in art and a focus in entrepreneurship. She owns her own photography business, specializing in children and family portraits. Marian says both of her girls love children and have a special gift working with them. She and her husband are thrilled to no longer have to pay college tuition so they can relax and enjoy grandparenting, gardening, and travel. Marian would love to hear from anyone else still in child life from the Class of 1981.

"Each spring it feels like we just graduated!" writes Colleen Miller Rumsey, who wonders where the time is going. "Instead, it's our children who are launching into the world." Daughter Erin is in graduate school at Tulane, double majoring in law and social work and planning to make a career in social justice. Colleen is very proud of her. Sean attends Johnson & Wales, and Colleen tries to convince him to "cook up a culinary masterpiece" for her every so often. Husband Stuart is exploring new career options, and Colleen is "still in first grade, wondering what the common core will be bringing to America's education system." They will soon celebrate their 30th anniversary. "He still makes me laugh and keeps our life exciting," she writes.

As for me (Sarah), I continue to work in St. Mary's County, MD. I have a class of severe profound multihandicapped children ages 6 to 9. Both boys are in high school this year - hard to believe. Mike has been volunteering the past two summers at a local day camp for autistic children and loves it. Chris relaxed this past summer after a hectic freshman year in high school and helped me get ready for the school year.


In 2012-2013, Barbara Madison Ripps was switched to third grade after 28 years teaching first and absolutely loved it! She also reports that her Arbonne business is exploding and has branched out overseas. Barbara and Rick have enjoyed great vacations to Vegas, Florida, and Aruba and plan to branch out to Europe in the next year. Zach (25) continues to work in the financial district in Boston, and Karina (21) is in her senior year at Bentley University and has been working for Liberty Mutual in Boston. Barbara says keeping in touch with Wheelock friends Cindy Dill Rosenthal '81, Sara Grande Gavens '83, Laurel Massey Leibowitz '83, and Allison Young Lipset has been great.

Kathy Welsh Wilcox (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1

Linda Edwards Beal (Class Scribe)

Michele Yefsky Charm, JoAnn Chambers Meehan, and Stephanie Poly Zapatka got together this summer to talk about family, the end of a school year, and JoAnn's and Stephanie's boys' going off to college in the fall. "A great time was had by all!" Michele writes. "It was great to see each other after a stressful year of teaching. We relaxed with a great lunch and great conversation."

Aaron Flanders is about to release his latest album of original music called Aaron Flanders - The Third Floor. He writes, "Hey, Class of '84/'85, let me know what you think!" His music can be found at Check it out! Earlier this year he filmed three scenes in David O. Russell's film American Hustle. His character is "Arthur," and he shares screen time with Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Bradley Cooper. The movie is due out in December. When not working, Aaron keeps tabs on son Adriel (23), who works as the coalition and community outreach manager for Economic Fairness in Portland, OR, and daughter Raphaela (19), who is spending her junior year in Bolivia. Aaron sends hellos to Anne Gluck Orvis and Anne Harrison Dunk. He has great memories of his time at Wheelock and, in particular, has fond memories of being one of only three male students in the class. He writes: "I say hi to everyone from way back then. Hope life has been good to all of you!"

Catherine Dinan Jackson has been teaching every year since graduation and still loves her job! She is currently at Amesbury (MA) Middle School. She writes: "My job is to stimulate the minds of children and help them learn. I embrace this challenge." Cathy has recently taken up distance running and ran her first half marathon last year. Last May she ran her first full marathon, dedicating her race to Boston Strong. Yay, Cathy!

"After years of writing grants to foundations, and having a lot of opinions of what I would do if I worked at one, this has been an eye-opening past six months," Judy Reidt-Parker '85/'97MS wrote in the spring, after joining the John T. Gorman Foundation in Portland, ME, as program associate, children and youth. "While it feels really good to support the work we know makes a difference in the lives of young children, it is also a great responsibility. Making sure that what the foundation invests in is strategic and thoughtful and can really make systemic change is actually hard work. There is an element of intentionality that I had not considered as deeply when on the other side of the funding relationship."

As for me (Linda), things are going very well. In 2001, I wrote about our then 3-year-old son, Nick, who was diagnosed with autism. Ten years and many interventions later, he was selected to participate in a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health. His cohort was studied in order to better understand how to help those affected by ASD. Nick started his freshman year in high school this fall and his third year without any IEP supports. We all worked hard to help him along, but no one worked harder than he did!

In other news, I marked my 50th birthday by starting a nonprofit. Check it out sometime - - and send a message via the website if you know a child who might benefit from sponsorship.

Hello and hugs to all '85ers! I hope to cross paths with you sometime soon!

Susan Kelly Myers (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1


"I am very excited to leave a piece of me to my children and to all children," Michelle O'Hearn Chalmers writes. "I self-published a children's book, The Skin on My Chin, to provide an opportunity to engage in a conversation with children about skin. Children notice differences in skin color, at a very young age, and sometimes they have questions. The Skin on My Chin is a fun rhyming picture book that may help you to answer some of those questions." See Jeanette Henshaw and 8-year-old Gabriella moved across the country to Taos, NM. Jeanette is teaching fifth and sixth grades at TISA - Taos Integrated School of the Arts. She says it's been a great move for her: She loves the school and atmosphere and being close to her brother and his family.

Alyson Shifres Miller, husband Scott, and their 8-year-old triplets still live in Westwood, MA. When Alyson isn't busy with the kids' "varied needs and after-school activities," she greatly enjoys working part time at an elementary school in town as a literacy specialist and curriculum coach. She says she and roommate Melissa Croteau Fitzgerald still get to see each other twice a year: Alyson makes a trip down to Virginia with one of her children every winter to see Melissa and her family, and Melissa's family spends two weeks with the Millers every summer on Martha's Vineyard. "I still treasure so many Wheelock memories and still feel so proud so say this is where I went to college," Alyson writes.

"I'm so glad I attended my 20th Wheelock Reunion in 2010," writes Hope Mills Keleher. "What a wonderful time we all had reminiscing and sharing life adventures!" This past summer she visited former roommates Kathy Brooks Hannon '89 and Lori Pino Botolino '90/'97MS during a family trip to Cape Cod. She still gets together a few times a year with Steva Feir-Scarpelli, who also lives in southern Maine. Hope is teaching first grade for Portland Public Schools and shuttling her children, Ben (9) and Grace (6), to and from their activities. 


Out of the early childhood education field for seven years to have a family, Elisa Wilkie Barney '91/'00MS now has three children and lives on the seacoast of New Hampshire. "It's amazing to experience the ‘other side' of early childhood education as my children move through the grades," she writes.

Donna Beaman Cebula and her family moved "back home to good old Massachusetts" in June after five and a half years in the Orlando, FL, area. She is really happy to be closer to family, friends, and their beloved city of Boston. And she is especially glad to be closer to her sister, Debbie Beaman Wood, so that their kids can spend more time together. Debbie was also in touch with Wheelock and reports that life is good and she's feeling very blessed. She and Derrick celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary in December 2012. "Baby Taylor," now 23, is a graduate of Bryant University and is living and working in Boston. Hayden graduated from WyoTech in Pennsylvania in June and was looking for a job as a mechanic. Emily, now a high school sophomore, is still dancing and playing field hockey and lacrosse. And Carson, Debbie's "little ball of energy," is in fifth grade and plays club soccer and basketball - and reminds Debbie a lot of Taylor at that age.

"Wow - what a difference!" Patti Curley writes. She left her special education resource room in 2010 for an integrated preschool classroom and has loved having her own class and having the same group of children for two years. She has gone back to school and is studying curriculum and instruction. Patti and her husband celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary in July. Daughter Lillian is learning to drive ("Boy, do I feel old"), and daughter Helen is in middle school.


Heather Bowes Ezzy still lives in Maynard, MA, and is homeschooling Matthew, 12, and Hannah, 9, both of whom love to ski, swim, and write stories. Jennifer Roscoe Repeta has a new position as teacher-in-charge at Triumph Inc. Head Start in Taunton, MA. In addition to preschool, it has an Early Head Start program that serves infants and toddlers, and Jennifer is enjoying working with all of the little ones and their teachers.


Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1

Karen Brown Ballou is co-president of her son's co-op in Providence, has two great boys, and really enjoyed getting together with Megan Baldwin and her family over the summer. Karen loves teaching swim lessons to young children through the PODS Swimming Program.


Tara Sullivan Golden and husband Brian live in Quincy, MA, and have three boys - Will, Max, and Sam. The family is very busy with sports and community activities. Tara also has a successful photography business, Tara Golden Photography, and gets to work with many wonderful families. She writes: "My older son was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago, and my middle son with dyslexia, so we are very involved in fundraising and with the schools to be sure our boys get all they need. My little guy started kindergarten this fall! Some of my Wheelock friends recently donated to our fundraising for our Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes! I am so thankful to be connected with them!"


Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1

Rebecca Corpas-Galisa emailed the College in the spring about the passing of her dear Wheelock friend Richard Palazzo and wrote: "He truly lived Wheelock's mission of advocating for children with special needs and their families. He had been working for many years at the Groden Center in Providence, RI, and was deeply loved by colleagues, children, and their families."


Lindsey Allard Agnamba graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a doctorate in educational leadership in 2012 and is the founder and director of School Readiness Consulting, an early childhood consulting firm based in the metropolitan D.C. area.

"It was a busy fall, but I got it all done!" Alison Phillips Efstathiou writes of the months leading up to December 2012, when she received a master's in special education from Fitchburg State University and had her first child, John Raoul Efstathiou. Since 2008, she has been working as the youth director for Grace Lutheran Church in Nashua, NH, where her responsibilities include teaching religion to kids of all ages and abilities and leading teens on mission trips to various parts of the U.S.

As the executive director of the private nonprofit organization Nepenthe House in Lake Charles, LA, Bradley "Scott" Higginbotham runs a 16-bed halfway house for men who are in a 12-month program after coming out of jail, prison, drug court, or treatment. "‘Nepenthe' is Latin for ‘a place of solace and relief,'" he explains, "and the mission of Nepenthe House is to provide men with a living environment free from drugs and alcohol. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work some brilliant young men and witness their transformation into productive men living in the community. Everyone deserves a second chance at life and many of the guys are on their last chance, so giving up is not an option."


Rachel Johnson Brodeur works full time as an early childhood specialist for an agency in Canton, MA, that provides support to low-income and at-risk children and families as well as family child care educators. In addition, she works part time for an early intervention program as a developmental specialist. Rachel is a certified early intervention specialist and certified infant massage instructor. She and husband Greg were married in November 2012 and live in Abington, MA. Debbie Will Pruell, husband TJ, and big sister Emerson welcomed Debbie's son, Thomas, in February. Debbie is still teaching third grade in Sharon, MA. Deborah Wegener is celebrating having earned professional status in the Brookline (MA) Public Schools, where she teaches fourth grade.


Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1

"Great times with great friends!" writes Maryellen Treacy of the spring day she joined a few other alums to celebrate the wedding of Kate Elwood and Jay St. John. Congratulations, Kate! Nicole Becker Karpierz and her husband welcomed a son, Andrew Joseph, on April 2.


Congratulations to Caroline Brzozowy Alexis '05/'06MS, who was married in August 2012. She teaches third grade at the Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot School in the Boston Public Schools. In late summer, Zachary Cone wrote: "I just finished the Adamah Farm Fellowship, where I spent three months living in a tent and learning the ins and outs of organic farming, goat milking, cheese making, and pickling. I plan to bring back what I learned to my students at the West Philly Co-op School, where I am returning for my third year as co-lead teacher." Katherine Friedman is the director of a new preschool in San Francisco, where she has been living since 2006. She graduated from Mills College in Oakland, CA, with an M.Ed. with an emphasis in early childhood leadership in 2012.

In August, Kimberly LaJoie Tissot wrote: "I was recently selected to represent the organization I'm the executive director of, Able SC, as well as Mobility International USA, and the U.S. Department of State during a nine-day exchange visit to promote inclusion for people with disabilities in the Dominican Republic. So, far this has been an amazing adventure! To read more about my trip, visit my blog at:"


Maria Scarpelli '07BSW/'09MSW and Justin Martin '10 were married in Kennebunkport, ME, on May 26.


Reunion 2014
May 30 - June 1

Emily Mirliss Bimbashi and husband Ervin welcomed their first baby, Michael, on June 26, 2012.


Kristen Brock is excited to be working with young children and their families. In May, she graduated with an M.S.W. from Bridgewater State University. Jamie Donchin received an M.S.W. from Boston College in 2011 and is a licensed certified social worker at two geriatric care facilities: She is a social worker for the German Centre nursing/rehab center in West Roxbury and the program coordinator at the Framingham senior center for a unique and successful day program called Continuing Connections, serving people with early-stage Alzheimer's and their care partners. In addition to these positions, Jamie volunteers as a co-facilitator for two Alzheimer's Association support groups and is involved in the Wheelock & Quincy College Mentoring Program. She plans to become a licensed independent clinical social worker soon and continues to enjoy her many hobbies, including Zumba classes and spending time with her family and friends. She writes, "I am still in touch with my favorite Wheelock friends and faculty and look back fondly on my Wheelock days, proud to share with others how wonderful Wheelock is."

Congratulations to Jessica Levine, who finished work on a master's degree in therapeutic recreation at Southern Connecticut State University in the spring. She writes, "I work at a rock climbing gym during my free time, for pleasure and work, and I am gaining experience in the wilderness/adventure therapy field working with children."

In addition to working at South Bay Early Intervention in Brockton, MA, Laura O'Connor volunteers and serves on the volunteer council for Comfort Zone Camp, a bereavement camp for kids who have lost a parent or sibling.


Marci Leno has been living in Bozeman, MT, since graduating with her degree in math/science, and working as the manager of a hotel. "I am loving it out here and am making plans to return to the science realm via grad school in the summer of 2014," she writes.

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