Winter 2013 Undergraduate Class Notes

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

Lucy Parton Miller (Class Scribe)
"I have to confess to playing and reading most of the time!" Bobbie Munson Carpenter writes, but, in addition to enjoying large-print books and playing Scrabble and Mexican Train, she attends Bible studies, goes to exercise classes at the local recreational center, and tries to walk at least two miles most days. Bobbie spent Christmas 2011 in Phoenix with her oldest daughter and her family, and in the spring one of her granddaughters and great-granddaughters spent a few days with her in California. Bobbie Finkel Jacobs fondly remembers her days keeping track of her three active boys and volunteering - with the Washington National Symphony Orchestra and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, at an outpatient surgery clinic at a local hospital, and providing various services as needed at posts where her former Air Force husband was stationed. "Now, at 91, I'm living comfortably in Arlington, VA, remembering those happy years at Wheelock," she writes. "They truly were special, and a special Wheelock friend, Winnie Williams, and I still share those memories." Winnie Little Williams is still enjoying the best of both worlds - Bonita Springs , FL, in the winter months and New London, NH, in the summer. She kindly added that she is happy to see me (Lucy) and my husband at Naples, FL, Wheelock luncheons. Winnie occasionally talks on the phone with Bobbie Finkel Jacobs about the "good old Wheelock days."

Jean Sullivan Riley (Class Scribe)
Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2
At 90 years old, Lois Smith Haley is living comfortably at a small assisted-living facility in Salem, MA. She enjoys taking rides in the car to scenic areas on the North Shore and going out to dinner when the opportunity arises. Lois has a daughter and sons living close by and several grandchildren who visit regularly.

Jean Reilly Cushing (Class Scribe)
Nadene Nichols Lane wrote in May: "Just back from my winter schedule to see my three great-grandchildren - a girl, 9, and a boy, 7, in Islamabad, Pakistan, and another girl, 2, in Dubai. I visit with the families for a few months and then stop in London to see my youngest daughter and family. I'm blessed to be able to keep in touch as it's a long trip over and back!" Nadene's summers are busy with friends and family at home west of Boston.

"All the big hints I've dropped off for the past six months about my 90th birthday on May 20 certainly paid off!" Janet Champney Poss wrote later that month. "I'm off to another 'surprise' gathering in a few minutes, having already glowed in the recognition by three organizations I've been involved in over the past 40 years (Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Society, the Democratic Town Committee, and Behavioral Health Care), to say nothing of family and friends! May all of you be so blessed at 90!"

Carol Moore (Class Scribe)
Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

Anne Mulholland Heger (Class Scribe)
I (Anne) was so saddened with the news about Lois Anne Gilbert Galbraith. She lived in what was then Pilgrim House, and I lived there my senior year. Her husband, Arnie, and my husband, Frank, got to know each other when they waited for their dates, Lois Anne and me, in the dorm sitting room. (That is the way it was done way back then: No men on the second floor.) Later when they lived in Little Silver, NJ, my husband and I lived in Long Branch (my hometown), about six miles away. The two men often rode the commuter train to New York City together. We eventually moved to Ohio and then Massachusetts. After that, I saw Lois Anne only at Wheelock Reunions. She was a wonderful person.

Edith "Anne" Runk Wright (Class Scribe)
Nancy Spencer Adams continues to see old Wheelock friends. She and Barbara Thompson Trainor still have lunch at least once a year and have much fun reminiscing. She is happy to report that Barbara doesn't change. Nancy has also talked with Kent Wright Holt and Beverly Maurath Newell and learned that all three have sold their homes and now watch someone else mow the lawn and shovel snow. Nancy, however, still lives on the waterfront and enjoys the pair of swans that nest on her lawn every year. (I [Anne] have seen her photographs of the swan family, which are gorgeous!) Dr. Hill would have been delighted to know that Nancy is learning a lot about seabird life. Polly Page Cobb has a very busy life keeping up with active, athletic children as well as 16 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. She attended the weddings of two grandchildren during the summer, and another is now a full-fledged doctor! Her whole family went camping for a week at the Glen Ellis Family Campground in Glen, NH, in August. "What fun!" says Polly. Deborah Woodworth Edgar is at the Concord Health Care Center in Concord, MA, which has become her home. She arrived there on her birthday about three years ago, unable to walk. Daughter Annie; Annie's son, David, 9; and David's father all live in Debbie's former home. Debbie hopes that anyone visiting in the Concord area will come and visit her.

Barbara "Buzz" Moog Finlay and her husband are doing well. The Finlays were terribly shaken by the news of Katie Hargrave Sykes' death on April 20 from a massive stroke, which hit her during a family vacation on Hilton Head. Buzzy wished to write this beautiful and moving tribute to Katie as her contribution: "Katie was loyal to Wheelock and (probably) never missed a Reunion. She and her husband, Bob, attended Florida meetings as well. There are four Sykes children and numerous grandchildren, many of whom live in the Rochester, NY, area. Katie and Bob took all 25 family members on an Alaskan cruise for their 60th wedding anniversary. Needless to say, it was a fabulous trip, and Katie had commented, 'That ship was really hopping!' Katie was passionate about her garden (flowers, vegetables, and herbs) and also was an excellent cook for her expansive family. I was most fortunate to be Katie's roommate for three years at Carlton House and the following year in a Brookline apartment as 'neophyte kindergarten professionals.' She was a dear girl, and I doubt anyone has a bad word to say about Katie! She will live in the hearts of all who knew her."

Patricia (Knowlton) Paine-Dougherty responded to my (Anne's) Ode with one of her own:

      I love the Class of '50 Ode

      It sets the tone in just right "mode."

      Putting down positive thoughts,

      Things which never can be bought!

       I share my tale with Classmates all,

       Along with Cheers for a lovely fall!

Can we hold Dr. Harvey responsible for this burst of poetry? I'd like to think so. Pat realized she has been remiss in writing before and sent a wealth of news to "sum up years of living." After decades of volunteer work on many committees and boards (she was a trustee of Wheelock for more than 20 years and felt it one of her best experiences), she and husband Robert have lived a fairly insular life in her historic home, "Wynden," in Princeton, NJ, where she has lived for 47 years. Sons Thos. (Princeton), John (Upper Montclair), and Rod (Manhattan) all come home often. Her five grandchildren are Sarah, a teacher in a charter school; Laura, an assistant at Barnard; Jack, studying for a Ph.D. at California, Berkeley; Emily, a senior at Tufts; and Evan, a sophomore at American University. All love to visit their grandparents and keep the house buzzing with lively and loud conversations. That doesn't sound very "insular" to me (Anne) but does sounds lots of fun!

Dot Hutchens Seelow still spends time as a social member of the Jacaranda Country Club, but, alas, her golf days are over. However, she keeps busy with both contract and duplicate bridge and reads a lot. Unfortunately, she sees a lot of doctors, too! While in Connecticut last November, she did see Buzzy and Janie Cohen Sackett. She adds her condolences to Buzzy's tribute for the loss of Katie Sykes, whom she last saw at a Wheelock meeting in Florida last winter. Edith Nowers White writes from Venice, FL, that all is well with Russell and her in their independent assisted-living facility. They moved there in the fall of 2011 from their home of 12 years in Massachusetts. The Whites did get to Massachusetts in September 2011 to attend their 65th reunion from Sharon High School with daughter Carol White Jones '75 and husband Bill. Over Memorial Day '12 they celebrated the high school graduation of twin grandsons and had a family reunion in Atlanta with all four children, their spouses, and five of their six grandchildren. They will be meeting grandson Sidney for the first time although they know him via Skype.

I (Anne) had a quiet and very pleasant winter [of 2011-2012] despite cataract operations on both eyes. Now I can see without any glasses except for reading, which has made quite a difference. I continue to volunteer in the children's room at Poets House by helping with school groups and reading children's poetry to them. I've had some rewarding experiences with children and poetry, met some outstanding teachers, and had time to grouse about testing vs. creative teaching, and the perils of Leave No Child Behind. I'm hoping Jackie will write an article for The New York Times that will inspire those in government who are in charge of education to seriously regard the Wheelock philosophy and incorporate it as a goal for all USA elementary schools.

 I've had my usual fun in the city, especially with Mary Hathaway Hayter. Nancy Sayles-Evarts and I get together for hours of conversation and laughs whenever we can and, as always, I paid my annual visit to Caroline Livingston Epes, now in her new Buffalo home, where she and Morgan have a snug apartment in their son Charlie's house. I continue to value my friendships more and more. It makes up for gray hair, wrinkles, and limbs that are no longer so limber. Peace!

Louise Butts (Class Scribe)
Greetings! Time to catch up and share the news gleaned from notes and messages sent to our Alumni Office.

Beverly Boardman Brekke-Bailey reports feeling settled now in Springfield, IL, after moving from Madison, WI, last year. She is closer to her physician daughter and other family. Beverly continues to enjoy and expand her interests and skills in the creative arts, is in her fourth silversmithing course, is casting pewter jewelry, and has work on exhibit in art galleries. Take a look at her website: As she says, it is stimulating to be with others with similar enjoyment of the creative arts rather than being bound to any age considerations. Georgie Hale Dana lets us know that she's still hanging in there "above the grass, as they say" and that she is still beating a little golf ball around in that grass. In fact, she had an experience of a lifetime this year as she and her daughter (who made her go!) went to the Masters and spent a month at Hilton Head. Lots of golf and they even improved, before a second great experience with VIP tickets to the Heritage tournament in Harbour Town. "Guess I'll never grow up but sure am enjoying life as best I know how," Georgie writes.

"There is a book in each of us!" are the true words spoken by Sue Post Day, who is very interested in writing her Life Stories. This is an outgrowth of a weekly study group of people who share stories, support, and always positive critiques. In addition, Sue is active in water aerobics, a chorus, and never-ending bridge games, including duplicate. She is doing all this at the retirement community (Thirwood Place, SouthYarmouth on Cape Cod) where she has lived for three years - not far from the Dennis homestead now home to daughter Jennifer. Sue's three children, six grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, spouses, and others happily come and go.  News from Shirley Stevens French tells of a big family reunion of 39 relatives (in Charlottesville, VA) for husband Bob's 85th. There were three generations, all 10 grandchildren, all finding and making new connections. Shirley keeps up with her art museum experience from Boston's MFA by serving on the University of Virginia's art museum advisory board and taking posters of famous paintings into two public schools. She is also a volunteer with 3- to 4-year-olds at a day care learning center working to stimulate language development. "Two book clubs keep my mind alert and lots of tennis keeps my body going," she writes. Sydney Snell Fulford enjoyed seeing the photo of the '51 classmates who attended Reunion 2011 and the one of the Carlton girls with "Muggy," the beloved house mistress. "Perhaps we should start exchanging photos!" she writes. "What fun that would be!"

Sally McKey Pieksen sent word that memories of last year's 60th reunion were flooding back! As she said, it was most special and impressive. The only flaw was missing those of our class who couldn't be there. Wonderful to see those who were!  Maybe we should try for a 62nd Reunion? Sally keeps up with several Wheelock grads: She sees Janie Steele Milchen '51/'69MS frequently, they both had lunch with Prue Smith Giffin, and she was soon to meet with Buzz Moog Finlay '50, who joined us for our Reunion luncheon. Sally is grateful to be still swinging the tennis racket and digging in the garden, and she is active in church and with family. It's the time of life to keep all the good memories on the front burners!

I (Louise) was delighted to see news from Carol "Flea" Pounds Wales all the way from Seattle! Retired in 1996 from 23 years of teaching, she has done a fair amount of kayaking and river rafting, even after having both knees replaced, but now has to settle for walking the dog! She is still involved with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) cases, advocating for abused and neglected children. Flea lost her oldest daughter to cancer two years ago, but her other three live nearby and five grandkids keep tabs on "Grandma." Occasionally she meets with Kathy Buck Larkin, who recently had knee surgery.

I am always amazed at the diversity of classmates' interests, careers, volunteer activities, etc., over the years. There seems to be an unseen common denominator we share, and that is our Wheelock education, experiences, connections - and yes, the aging process! As Sally suggested, how about a 62nd Reunion? Next year is Wheelock's 125th Anniversary. Many events are being planned. Stay tuned, stay in touch ... and just maybe the Class of '51 can make something happen!

Martha Brown McGandy (Class Scribe)
For those of you who weren't able to see for yourselves at Reunion 2012, Pat Conzelman Greeley's ('52/'90MS) double fusion surgery in November 2010 was a huge success, "keeping [her] out of a wheelchair," she says. She now goes to the YMCA several times a week and finds Water Walking and Senior Zumba fun and great exercise. In May, Pat and Tony attended both his 65th Harvard reunion and their granddaughter's graduation from Baylor. They also celebrated their grandson's wedding in Albuquerque, NM, in August. Anne DeLamater Hansen has spent a good bit of time since 2010 in and out of the hospital, but she reported in May that she was then "up and about to some extent" and very involved in therapy. Her family is doing well and has been very helpful to her. She and John are considering going to live with their son and daughter-in-law in Brevard, NC (where they have a fantastic bakery).

"We have matured and mellowed; learned and loved; appreciated and accepted our differences; forgiven and forged forward," Connie Krull Hutt writes of herself and husband Earl and their extended family, with whom they recently took a cruise to celebrate Earl's 85th birthday. Their children plus their spouses/friends joined them in Boston for a one-week cruise to Bermuda and back aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line's ship Dawn. "As a family, we had not spent as much time together since 1973 when we took a round-trip motor home junket across our country and back," Connie writes. "It was a powerful and wonderful experience getting to know each other at this point in time. It was work, but well worth the doing."

The College was sorry to hear from Austin "Wes" Weston about Mary Ellen "Mel" Cannon Weston's passing on March 30. "Although we have lived on the West Coast since her college days, she had fond memories of her days at Wheelock," he wrote. "We were in the Boston area several years ago and she toured the campus."

Rosemary Fettinger Worth had a great time catching up with classmates at the 60th Reunion luncheon in June. "I marvel at the dedication so many from the Class of '52 have shown for Wheelock," she writes. Due to bad weather, Joanna Smith Virden wasn't able to attend the luncheon, but Rosemary was happy to get a visit from her in Maine in July. While visiting her daughter in California recently, Rosemary saw Elaine Barnes Downing for lunch, and she reports that she is well and happy in her retirement home.

Libby Gerow Peterson (Class Scribe)
Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

Ginger Mercer Bates
Elizabeth Bassett Wolf (Class Scribes)
Our class was so sorry to hear that Frances Levine Rogovin's husband, Hugh, passed away in May.

Penny Kickham Reilly
Nancy Cerruti Humphreys (Class Scribes)
"Always using my Wheelock education," writes Nancy Merry Bergere. "It has been good throughout all my endeavors: raising six children, teaching nursery and kindergarten, caring for 23 grandchildren, and volunteering at a historical museum. To all these special opportunities another has come to me: I am now the Pennsylvania state president for Questers. We have 80 chapters and 1,700 members across the state. We learn about our history with speakers and visits to historical places. We raise funds to preserve and restore for the next generation. Any Questers among you? If no, why not? We are all over the country." Jo Smith Howard reports having had a "wonderful, warm, happy time" when Betsy Reed Wilson '55/'82MS visited her this past April. "How much we've shared together and still do!" Jo writes. Jo and husband Bob are active and enjoy lots of time together, including time in Maine in the summer. Having seven grandchildren also keeps them busy, and they especially enjoy visiting the two in college on their campuses. "I continue to be amazed with the great things happening at Wheelock," Jo adds.

"Life seems to be going along smoothly, considering the aging process!" Judy Treat Jacobson writes. She still goes to Maine during the summer and, since her retirement, is able to stay at her cottage in Boothbay - a family gathering spot for 77 years! - from June through mid-October. Judy's daughter and family live close by, and her son and family live in Foxboro, MA, so she can still keep in touch with the Boston area, which she misses a lot.

We were so sorry to hear from Charlotte Cooper Lopoten about husband Gene's passing in April. She is now "living on wonderful memories of [their] 25 years together," she writes. "He was a fantastic man!"

Louise Baldridge Lytle has enjoyed being editor for three years now of The Long View, a quarterly paper written by residents of her community, Longwood at Oakmont, in Verona, PA. She thinks maybe her service as a Wheelock class scribe years ago helped prepare her for this work! The June 2012 issue featured one short article written by Louise and two by fellow Longwood resident Jean Ingalls Perkins '52. In the spring Louise spent 10 days with her daughter and her puppy in North Carolina. Judy Haskell Rosenberg is still loving her retirement community. Her oldest grandchild graduated from Virginia Tech and now works at Ford Motor Co., two other grandchildren are in college, and one is a fourth-grader. Judy keeps in touch with Barry Barrett Theroux, Marilyn Dow Byrne, and Kathy Law Walker, all of whom seem to be doing well, she says.

Betsy Reed Wilson '55/'82MS also wrote about the visit she and Jo Smith Howard and husband Bob had in the spring. She also reminisced about the cookbook the class put together a couple of decades ago. Oh, dear! And she wants everyone who still uses the cookbook to know that her "Jean Tyng's Bread" recipe has the wrong oven temp - use 375, not 350!

Barbara Stagis Kelliher (Class Scribe)
Harriet Weil Hodgson talked about being a "GRG," a grandparent raising grandchildren, as a guest on The Frankie Boyer Show on the Lifestyle TalkRadio Network in Boston in July. The author of Help! I'm Raising My Grandkids, Harriet told the story of her and husband John's multiple family losses and talked about some of the challenges GRGs face. Later that month, she and her "grandfamily" were featured in an article on, where she talked about the need for GRGs to "lose [their] mobility" (freedom) but also about most grandparents' willingness to do that - to do whatever it takes to help their grandchildren be happy. Harriet's grandson and granddaughter, now college juniors who make their respective colleges' dean's lists and have strong career paths, say that having mutual respect, being a good listener, and being willing to compromise and adapt are all important for kids living in their situation. Harriet says she never expected to use her Wheelock training "at this age and stage of life" but has found herself turning to it often.

Margaret "Maggie" Weinheimer Sherwin (Class Scribe)
Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2
We are a group on the move! If anyone out there would like a nice home in Stonington, ME, Molly McBride Felton would like to hear from you. She has already located to Falmouth, ME, but the house in Stonington remains on the market. Molly is well, and I enjoyed having a nice phone chat with her. Jane Bowler Pickering is also relocating within Maine. Her house in Jefferson has been sold, and they will be residing in Bath, ME, with their son Nathan and his family. They will still be spending winters in Florida. Nancy Alexander Anderson's Sweet Adelines group won the mid-Atlantic championship and will be competing in Hawaii in 2013. Nancy, who still works three days a week for the Girl Scouts, is planning a trip to Disneyland with one of her granddaughters. Mannie Cook Houston has no new news but is managing to contend with the heat, the humidity, and the daddy longlegs spiders who call her garage home.

Liz Sturtz Stern and hubby Murray had a weeklong vacation in Lake Tahoe. They arrived in the snow in late May, but it did get gradually warmer and they had fun exploring an area that was new to them. When she wrote, Liz was preparing for a quilt show. The wall hanging that she was going to enter was made from kimono fabrics that were given to her by Micky Hattori when Liz visited Japan in 2004. (Wheelock people NEVER throw anything away. Could that be the reason my house looks the way it does? MWS) Sandy Meyers Chaiken and husband Lionel are still the prime movers for the Race for Hope in the Washington, DC, area.  This will be the 15th year, and the event continues to grow.

Sally Beckwith Novak is still teaching aquasize, painting with a watercolor group, and singing with three vocal groups, and she belongs to two book clubs. Thus fall she, along with a travel group of her high school friends, will go on a cruise titled The Great Rivers of Europe. She will end up in Switzerland for a visit with her brother.

Arlene Keizer Lovenvirth, still pursuing her acting career, is currently taking cold-reading coaching sessions. It's a multifaceted endeavor, and as soon as she thinks something is mastered, another aspect crops up. Sounds like a good way to enjoy retirement. Daughter Wendi is a physician in geriatrics at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City and director of their Home Visit Program. Arlene had a recent get-together with Laura Lehrman and keeps in touch with Julie Russell as well. Pommy Pomeroy Hatfield will probably pass on attending our Reunion in favor of Jim's Princeton reunion. They are enjoying living on the mainland of Maine after years of island habitation. Carole LeClerc Barry spent five summer weeks in Marblehead, MA, catching up with friends and colleagues from her days at Tower School. In June, she and Dave had a visit from Hugh and Mardy O'Neil. In November, she and Dave will be going on a wine cruise through France starting in Lyon. Carole continues with her volunteer work and says life is good.

Laura Lehrman still loves her "urbanistic" life in New York City, with Central Park as her backyard. She loves hanging out with her grandkids, Jonathan, 15, and Millie, 7. Her trip to Yellowstone has made her want to do a lot more traveling since there is so much more of the world to see. At some point, she had a bad fall and was hospitalized for three days, but she seems to be fully recovered and back to enjoying all that NYC has to offer. Carol Yudis Stein always answers my call for news. She and Jim have been traveling -- for example, on a tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles, where they were hoping there would be enough time to connect with some of our California classmates. In November they will be on a Caribbean cruise and another cruise to celebrate Jim's 80th birthday - this one with members of their active adult community in Florida. Carol has many volunteer activities and notes that retirement is much too busy. Martha Newton Roberts writes from her vacation home in New Hampshire, where she and her husband were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Martha left Wheelock after two years to pursue a degree in art teaching and has had some nifty adventures along the way, especially time spent in Mexico and Hawaii.

Sally Schwabacher Hottle (Class Scribe)
"A beer was 12 bucks!" wrote a stunned Alice Thompson Brew about the "modern, clean [but] expensive" city-state of Singapore, where she spent three weeks in February. It was her first adventure in Asia, and she had a glorious time. This summer Alice was the local farmers market manager, and in August she returned to Ukraine, where she'd served in the Peace Corps, to attend a wedding. In her spare time, she is learning to "replay" bass viola:  She played for eight years as a girl but then didn't pick up a bow for more than 50 years!

Deanne Williams Morse (Class Scribe)
"I'm still singing!" Sara Thompson Orton writes. This past May and June, Sara journeyed to Rome with the New Mexico State University Choir (of which she has been a member for 14 years) to sing the "Bach B-Minor Mass" at an Episcopal church, St. Paul's Within the Walls. "The thrilling thing was that we were joined by a professional Italian chorus, Coro da Camera Italiano, and a professional orchestra, Nova Amadeus - a marvelous collaboration that worked so successfully," she writes. "Although I am no longer teaching, I am certainly still learning, and choral singing is the best!"

Janet Burt Slaton has had a fun- and family-filled 2012! In the spring she attended a lot of Clemson baseball games to watch grandson Tyler, who has a scholarship to play there, and accompanied her 13-year-old granddaughter to a cheerleading competition at Disney World. In late May, she and Paul spent a week on a "family ritual vacation" - 15 years in a row! - on Fripp Island, SC. The following month Janet attended the 8th annual "Cousins Reunion" in Rhode Island - something she put together for her cousins when she realized they would only keep meeting up at funerals from year to year if they didn't make it a point to plan some fun get-togethers. After the Reunion, Janet went to Maine to spend a few days with Margie "Mugs" Washburne Miller, her first roommate at Wheelock. Dee Golden Trasen writes of having worked at Time-Life, married and had three children, and returned to school to earn her A.A., B.A., and M.S.W. She is still working and enjoying it. Her five grandchildren are ages 1 to 11.

Ginnie Colquitt Schroder (Class Scribe)
The months since our Reunion have literally zoomed by! Many of you wrote to share the most recent events of your lives, and for that I (Ginnie) thank you so very much.

Norma Brawley Dugger regards 2012 as a banner year, having successfully recovered from total knee replacement surgery, greeted her first grandchild (who arrived on her birthday), and experienced a "Rocky Mountaineer" tour of the Canadian Rockies from Calgary to Victoria via car, train, and bus! Moreover, the Duggers enjoyed a 10-day cruise of the Kimberly region of Australia, complete with naturalists and zodiac tours of the coastline. (Norma, you are a tough one to keep up with, for sure!)

Kudos go out to the Wheelock Family Theatre from Linda Shemwick Lindquist! Linda witnessed an "outstanding" production of The Miracle Worker there in May. She reports that this was a performance she will never forget. The 8-year-old who played Helen Keller was "unbelievable," as was the young woman who played Annie Sullivan, Helen's teacher. We can all be proud of this wonderful facility on our campus.

Following our June Reunion last year, Diana Cobb Mead and husband John took a seven-week trip across the United States and parts of Mexico. They also spent 10 days in Cuba - with mixed reviews! Diana said they came home with a host of vivid memories to think about. Over the summer, the Meads spent four months in Waiheke Island (off the New Zealand coast, not far from Auckland) with family and friends - an annual event. To add to the year's excitement, grandson number four arrived. Diana and John have also been busy with home renovations. Whenever time permits, Diana is working to improve her spoken Italian enough to warrant another LONG stay in Italy!

From Chapel Hill, NC, Gail Spivack Sandler writes that she and Gene are proud grandparents to John (20) and Sarah (15), children of son Frank, and soon-to-be grandparents of a little girl, child of son Stephen. Gail has had some health issues over the past five years, but she happily reports that both bouts with cancer are things of the past and she's feeling fine. She and Gene are retired now and enjoy lots of travel during the winter and summer months. This summer, they'd planned to visit the Maritimes - mostly Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. This winter, they expect to be in Key West for half the time and Miami Beach, visiting that new granddaughter, for the rest of the time.

I was so pleased to have Sara Jane Goldstein Drescher and Jaye Kwok come to St. Simons Island for a visit in early June. For Jaye, this was a "makeup" meeting, since she'd been unable to join us at our 50th last year! Picking up right where we left off, we talked endlessly and caught up with each other as we experienced some of the barrier islands' beauty and history. We have promised each other that we'll make time for other "mini reunions" before our next big one in Brookline.

Again, my thanks to those of you who contributed to this issue. June '11 doesn't seem so long ago when reading your news! Although the Wheelock Magazine comes out only twice yearly, please know that I welcome your emails and notes at any time!

Dorothy Loofbourow Nichols & Sabra Brown Johnston (Class Scribes)
Jenny Tincher Cleaves wanted to share again her response to the 50th Reunion memory book question about influences Wheelock had made on her: "Music class influenced me and my children without being aware of it. At Wheelock, I learned about American folk music, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, etc. I bought the old Vanguard Records and played them in my classroom and at home - a lot! (Remember the "Play Party Songs"?) Fifty years later, one of my sons tours the country with other Texas musicians performing a tribute to Woody. Like other musicians, he puts Woody's words to music and records the songs. That's a good influence!"

After spending a couple of years organizing and getting rid of stuff, Sally Bradley Foshay sold her house with a pool on the golf course and was looking forward to a smaller, "more 'turnkey' place," she wrote in May. "By the time you read this, I will have fallen in love with one special little house." She still volunteers at the Valley View Food Bank packing emergency food boxes for people in need, and she does fundraising and makes tied quilts for women and their children who flee to the New Life Center from abusive situations. "Often the quilt they pick out is the only thing they call their own since they come to the center in the middle of the night," she added. "A Phoenix policeman told us that he still has his quilt from 29 years ago!"

Cynthia Pender Robbins writes: "Although I left Wheelock at the age of 18, the people I met and the experience I had in that one freshman year are vivid in my heart and mind. My career path followed Wheelock's values as I worked for 44 years with children and families in educational and social service settings. My husband and I moved to Vermont in 2007 to live in the home he built. We have a daughter and a son and their wonderful spouses and three grandchildren. Our beloved granddaughter, Madeline, died at age 5 of a rare cancer. She has had a profound influence on all of our lives and guides our current choices. The miracle and beauty of children which is so much a part of Wheelock's philosophy has always been a guiding force in my life. My love to all as you travel your life's journeys." Mary Schubert Stearns teaches at the Adult Learning Center in Milwaukee. She lost her husband, Bill, in April 2010.

"Yes, we were one of those couples who married even before graduation!" Donna Herland Ticehurst wrote in May of her 51 years with husband Chuck. Both still have employment from home, and their lives also stay busy with lots of activity with church, family (three children and 10 grandchildren), and a kitchen ministry feeding more than 200 each week. They are generally blessed with good health and "keep the old bones working" by participating in 5K walks, aerobic walking, and yoga classes weekly.

Jane Kuehn Kittredge (Class Scribe)
Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2
"It is a fantastic opportunity with a world-class firm!" Marjorie Sanek Platzker wrote during the summer of her new job as interior design director in the Los Angeles office of the architecture firm NBBJ. According to an announcement from the firm: "Her experience spans more than 25 years and includes a wide variety of corporate and commercial design projects from financial services, law, and high-tech companies to hospitality and entertainment campuses. ... NBBJ is the third largest pure architecture firm in the United States, with an international practice. ... The Los Angeles office is leading the way with parametric design software, corporate workplace strategy, and architectural design for organizations like Samsung, UCLA, and Microsoft."

Daphne "Taffy" Hastings Wilcox (Class Scribe)
I (Taffy) had a wonderful dream the other night that I was surrounded by all of my Wheelock classmates, hearing each of their interesting stories. As you may remember, I had asked you to relate how your Wheelock experience had influenced your personal and professional lives. Sadly, I awoke to realize it was all a dream. To the contrary, I heard from only a handful of you. Thanks to Mary Barnard O'Connell, Ann MacVicar, and Barbara Prior McCulloch for sending their news!

Mary continues to follow her passion for steel drumming. In May, she participated in her 10th New England Pan Festival, where 15 steel drum bands met to play for each other. You can check her band out at Mary also introduced her 6-year-old grandchild to a special paintbrush that holds water in a tube. Charlotte loved the results and enjoys adding paintings to her portfolio. I bet Miss Abbihl would have enjoyed knowing about that!

Ann, who lives in Santa Fe, NM, is officially retired, but she has a great part-time job at the Toy Lending Center at the community college. The lending center, which is funded by the state, has toys, games, and some gross motor equipment available for borrowing. That is a concept I have often thought of developing in my own community.

It was great to hear from Barbara, who wrote of her many living situations, accomplishments, professional activities, and grandchildren. Thanks, Barbara! After Wheelock, Barbara earned a Master of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Theology degree. She lived in Crete, where she developed a kindergarten on an air base. She has also taught in a variety of other settings and had three children, before working 11 years in interior design and 10 in the printing business. Like Ann, Barbara is retired but still working in a variety of school related settings. Barbara's three children have produced three grandchildren.

Now, I guess you will have to hear my news again. During the summer I was awarded Volunteer of the Year for the hospice program where I volunteer. I, along with my two dogs, provided more than 100 hours of pet therapy, and I was the chair of our holiday project, which provides 60 patients and families with a basket of goodies.

I remember how much fun it was to connect at our 45th Reunion. Make my dream come true. Let me hear from more of you before we convene at our 50th. Please take a few minutes to email me anytime - not just when the letter comes from the College:

Margery Conley Mars (Class Scribe)
In May I (Margery) had a mini reunion at Patty Phillips Fraser's lovely home in Boxborough, MA. Sylvia Thorndike Sheriff had come east for her 50th reunion at Beaver Country Day School, so Patty entertained a group of us (Sylvia, Thordis "Toodie" Burdett Gulden, Anne Hallowell Newton, and me) for lunch, including spouses. Anne was particularly glad to be included as she was in Europe [in the spring of 2011] and missed our Reunion. Anne was funny: She later wrote me and said that she thought we all had good taste and had chosen quality men! I agreed with her good observation. We had a grand time and I was so glad that Peter and I could make the journey down from Maine for the afternoon.

Marilyn Rupinski Rotondo & Cynthia Carpenter Sheehan (Class Scribes)
Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

Leigh Nickerson Beatty is delighted to write that she and her husband have moved to East Hampton, CT, to be closer to their first grandchild. "Our retirement on the coast of Maine was wonderful," she writes, "but family comes first!"

"We are living our dream!" writes Jane Shattler Brown, after giving her secret away with her opening "Aloha!" After spending a 22-year career in preschool special education in New Hampshire, she had "had enough" - of both the stress of special ed and New England weather - and moved with her husband and daughter to Maui! Jane does tutor a bit, but her schedule allows them to travel to see their "beloved Red Sox" from time to time and to visit their two grandsons in Austin, TX, a couple of times a year. "We have a saying here, 'Lucky We Live Hawaii,'" she writes.

"That Wheelock training is useful as always" to Grace Coffey Clark, the district reading teacher in the Orange County (NC) Schools, especially now that she has begun working with pre-K teachers on the issues of language and learning in addition to teachers of older students on the teaching of reading and writing. Husband Bobby retired before he was "really ready" and took on a half-time writing job. Their three children live in Washington, DC: Ben works with digital and social media, Lily's at the Department of Education, and Jon is a graphic designer. Debby Devaney Barton visited Grace for a few days this past spring, and Grace says it was fun to see her again.

"Big doings" for Mary Ann Allen Cowherd during the summer included her area's (Culpeper County, VA's) big celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Mountain in August. She still enjoys working in the schools, especially through Master Gardeners. "We reached all first-graders in the county with a program called Ready, Set, Grow," she writes. She also mentioned that grandson Leo, now 1, is also enjoying "reading" these days, and she sent a mini movie - aren't we high-tech? - showing him opening and closing one of his board books, turning its pages, covering his eyes with it, kicking it, etc.! Suzanne Moon Dykhuizen teaches and is director of tutorials at Hillside School in Marlborough, MA, a junior boarding school for boys in grades 5 to 9. She has found her work there a wonderful opportunity to put her Wheelock education to use. She adds, "We have two granddaughters ages 3 and 4 - another opportunity to practice ideals from Wheelock!" Sandy Cragg Heise is busy September through June taking care of her 4-year-old grandson. "He is a blessing!" she writes. She went to Bangkok this year for the Rotary International Conference - her first trip outside North America!

Betsey Cushman Hughes is the senior vice president of human resources for a communications consulting firm, Feinstein Kean Healthcare - a "very exciting place to work, that is for sure." They work in the area of genomics and personalized medicine in support of biotechnology, pharmaceutical companies, research centers, nonprofit organizations, and the National Cancer Institute. She would love to slow down a bit but thinks retirement will have to wait for a while. Betsey is still "extremely happily married" to David Hughes, whom she met junior year at Wheelock. Their daughter and son and five grandchildren between the ages of 1 and 4 "make [their] hearts sing," and they feel very lucky indeed. Patty Powers Lawrence has "pretty much retired from paid work" but works at the Women's Lunch Place in Boston, a day shelter for women and children, and was looking to add another volunteer job this fall. She and her husband of 41 years have lived in Weston for 31, and she still loves the Boston area. Her daughter owns an art consulting business and lives with her husband in Washington, DC; her son, a baritone opera singer, works at the Zurich Opera in Switzerland - and married another opera singer in July!

Lauren Loeb Lerner has taught for 30 years - the last 15 with the Memphis (TN) City Schools - and has been a children's librarian for 13, seeing all of her school's 650 children every week! Her large (110,000-student) urban system was recently consolidated with the Shelby County School System, and she hopes to teach at least two more years so she can participate in the consolidation. "I still have a lot of energy, teach full time, and have time to volunteer, to cook, to exercise, and to read one or two books a week," she writes. Husband Syd, retired from his family business, is now the executive director of the Greater Memphis Greenline, which is "committed to making trails and protected walkways available to Memphians." They are lucky to have daughter Dory living just a mile from them, and they have a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Vancouver, B.C., Canada, so they can visit son Adam and his family a few times a year.

In the spring, Nancy Noyes Monro wrote of her plans to retire from teaching on June 8. "What a wonderful run this last job was as a gifted intervention specialist and math teacher for sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders," she wrote. "I feel so fortunate to have been able to teach after graduating, stay home when the babies came, go back to teaching when our youngest got to seventh grade, and now retire to be 'Grandma' while Bill finishes up his working career." She is now enjoying time with Bill, their three children and their spouses, their five grandchildren, and her father. Jan Frost Russell is now retired after 27 years of teaching in New Hampshire and is living in Naples, FL. "It has taken me the past three years to get acclimated to the area," she writes, "but I have found some projects to become involved with that continue the passions Wheelock instills in its students. This past winter I was involved with the Harry Chapin Empty Bowls project, raising money to provide families with food. I am also tutoring after-school second- and third-graders at Grace Place in Naples, which is a truly rewarding experience." Jan's roommate Mary Barber Stone purchased a home down the street from her in Naples and is there for the winter months. This year the two of them drove over to visit Carolyn Bail Miller '71 in Coconut Grove, and last winter all three enjoyed the Wheelock luncheon the Port Royal Club.

"I'm a three-time grandmother, and I'm wearing it well!" Mary Curtis Skelton is happy to report. "When I'm not bragging about their brilliance and good looks, I manage a plumbing supply showroom. I even had 'just for fun' business cards made that have my title as 'Toilet Queen.' I also live with and manage the full-time care staff for my parents in Stowe, VT, ages 99 and 102. Additionally, I took up skiing again last winter after a 20-year hiatus. I'm happily restoring the gardens at the house where I grew up. Never a dull moment!" Susanne Bowen Toothaker, still teaching kindergarten at The Gordon School in East Providence, RI, writes: "I continue to be challenged to improve my practice and guide children and their families as they embark on their journey to be lifelong learners." Her husband recently retired, and they enjoy spending time with their daughter and her family in New Jersey and their son and his wife in Virginia. They often see Debby Devaney Barton and her husband, Ned. Eloise Dale Welz and husband Bryan moved from their home in Cohasset, MA - which they sold to son Nick and his wife - to a new apartment complex. She is still teaching a morning pre-K class and is happy to report that her school completed NAEYC accreditation last spring - "quite an accomplishment." Eloise and Bryan love being grandparents and are enjoying having their granddaughter close by.

Gwynne DeLong (Class Scribe)
"We're happy as clams!" Margaret Vinton Cole says of her and her husband's new life in Philadelphia, where they recently renovated and moved into an apartment. She admits she initially found their move there from Vermont three years ago "a radical change after 20 years in a wonderful rural setting." Margie retired from her job of 18 years as breast care coordinator at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center when they moved.

Priscilla Jeffery lives in Connecticut. Her son was married there in October 2011 and lives in New York City. Her daughter and her husband and two children live nearby. She retired from teaching in Denver in 2009. Priscilla met a few classmates in New York City at a Wheelock luncheon in April, and she writes: "It was great to reconnect after (yikes!) 41 years. We discussed how much our education at Wheelock helped us no matter what field we went into during our careers." Priscilla sent me (Gwynne) this note this from Nsawam, Ghana, in July: "In 2011, I founded CPASGhana, an NGO working to improve the lives of women and girls. This June, President Jackie Jenkins-Scott and [Associate Professor] Dr. Joyce Hope Scott were in Ghana, and we were very fortunate that they were able to visit us in Nsawam. They came to the two schools where CPAS sponsors bright, needy girl students so that they are able to stay in school. Jackie and Joyce spoke to the students at both schools, stressing the importance of an education and encouraging the students to aspire to do great things as adults. It was truly a Wheelock moment."

Sylvia Birnbaum Yasner and Ellen Isaacman Albertson met in New York City in the fall of 2011 and enjoyed walking and talking for hours. Sylvia is still working as a school library media specialist at a boys private school in Fairfield, CT. Ginger Neaher Pape is writing more Repotting books this year. On the home front, son Sam graduated from Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism, and daughter Sarah is a sophomore in high school. Ginger was planning a reunion with Gretchen Wagner and Phoebe Hemenway for sometime this fall.

Karen Srulowitz Berman is keeping busy training for marathons. She is very active with Team in Training, which raises funds for blood diseases. Earlier this year, she wrote, "I am off to Australia in two days for a three week-vacation. When I come back, I will have a new teaching position as a fifth-grade teacher." Val Callahan has been elected district governor of District 7910 of Rotary International for 2014-2015. That journey will take her to San Diego, Vancouver, and Sydney. As a retired administrator, she does volunteer work for her church, is on the board of directors for the Music Guild, and sometimes substitute teaches. Marilyn Goodwin Soper writes that, as of July, both she and her husband Bruce were retired, which has meant more time for gardening, genealogy research, grandchildren, and travel.

Anne Brower DuBosque still lives in Huntington, NY. She writes: "My daughter has been thoughtful enough to give me very cute grandchildren. I have grown-up kids and stepkids in Colorado, Montana, and Vermont. I also adopted two boys from Siberia, Russia, six years ago, and they are now 17 and 13 and making strides toward happiness and successful lives. I also have two other teenagers living with me - one from St. Maarten and one from Siberia. My school, Anne Brower's School, is in its 35th year. I usually have around 100 kids ages 2 to 6 and about 12 teachers. I also have a summer camp at my school and just retired, after 30 years, from my job as director of a large summer camp in Cold Spring Harbor, NY. I have started the replacement body parts program and have a new knee (too many years of skiing and soccer). I'm doing great and love skiing, kayaking, gardening, coaching travel soccer, reading, and being outdoors. I am constantly reading and learning and still head teach my 3-year-old class. Just when you think you really know something about child psychology, a child astounds you with a new approach to life. It is so great to be doing what I love. I have bought a house in Jamaica, VT, where my daughter lives. It is also the town where my favorite Wheelock teacher, Ilse Mattick, retired to. She passed away last summer, but her son still comes up each summer. I so enjoyed our last Reunion although my appearance was brief. I look forward to the next."

Donna Van Stone Schmidt retired from Alexandria City (VA) Public Schools as of July 1. She spent the last 12 years teaching at Tucker Elementary, which she helped open in 2000. In May, she and Dale attended their daughter's Ph.D. graduation in New Haven. Donna is going to take care of her 4 year-old twin granddaughters and tutor at Tucker during the next school year. She and Dale hope to do some traveling.

I (Gwynne) enjoy spending time with grandchildren Samantha and Matt, both preschoolers. I continue to co-lead the Schenectady Working Group on Girls, a volunteer organization that facilitates support programming for our inner-city middle school girls. We host a conference day each fall for 150 seventh-grade girls who enjoy breakfast, lunch, a motivational speaker, and three workshops designed to build skills in making good choices, create and maintain healthy relationships, and help the girls find their personal strengths. We also train women from the community to facilitate Girls' Circles Groups that meet in the schools twice monthly using materials we develop that continue the positive messages begun at the conference day. We have received several community service awards for our efforts this year. Next year is our fourth year of following this model. Dave and I still enjoy traveling and this year took a wonderful trip to South America, the highlight being our time at Machu Picchu. I enjoyed a nice visit with Tina Leydon this spring on a trip to Arizona. She was soon to be taking a cruise to Alaska with friends. 

Bonnie Paulsen Michael (Class Scribe)
Our 40th Reunion was magical, with many people staying in Wheelock's beautiful new dorm. We gathered in hallways, sharing stories and songs with dear friends; we toured Fenway Park in this, its 100th, anniversary year; and we roamed about the campus, exploring all that is new and all that is still familiar at Wheelock.

Our class has been busy with families and careers. Some of us have retired, many are still working in and out of the classroom, some are working hard on traveling, some became grandparents, and many are thinking of their bucket lists and pondering the possibilities for the future. Here's the news!

Sarah McGann Stoll Peters has lived a roller coaster life during the past years. After losing husband Dave to liver disease, she and her two children rebuilt their lives. Having retired to care for Dave, Sarah threw herself into part-time work and volunteer jobs. A year ago, she met Peter Peters, an Episcopal priest from England and Australia. We missed Sarah at the Reunion but wished her well when we learned she and Peter were married that weekend! Now, Shannon and Mike (her daughter and son-in-law) are expecting twins in September! Sarah Otis is leaving the Caribbean after 40 years of teaching and administration to put her talents to work in the International School of Kigali in Rwanda! Her three daughters and two grandchildren will miss her sorely! Cat Austin Franks will also miss her longtime friend. Cat has been in St. Croix for the past 20 years. Her three sons have all returned to New England while Cat takes her next step in her career. She's been a clown, a storyteller, an educator, a mother, and a librarian. I (Bonnie) am looking forward to the next update!

Since graduation, Helena Marshall Keiser has taught third grade, worked at a child development center, and raised four sons, and most recently she works as a volunteer at a children's hospital. It's her pleasure to snuggle infants in the NICU as her 1-year-old granddaughter is out of town! Lynn Geronemus Bigelman is amazed at how fast her family is now growing. Three of her four children have had five baby boys, and a granddaughter was born in early fall. Lynn has been the president of the Michigan Reading Association and has completed her 12th year as an elementary principal in a national blue ribbon school! Barbara Tarr Drauschke continues to honor Wheelock by serving as an alumni trustee. Her daily job takes her to Harvard, where she works for several members of the Physics Department (including a Nobel Prize winner!). She and Fred celebrated their 40th anniversary enjoying proximity with their three grown sons.

Alice Liberman Eberhardt is retiring after 33 years of teaching at the Bernice A. Ray School in Hanover, NH. She's looking forward to spending more time with her two daughters and her husband. The White Mountains continue to call her to bike and hike, and Alice would like to spend more time traveling. Betsey Greenwald Zimmering moved from Barrington, RI, to New Orleans, LA, where she and husband Paul raised their children and Betsey worked as a reading specialist. More recently, she has been a literacy coach in Cheshire, CT, for grades 1 to 3. In her spare time, Betsey took up golf, traveled, tutored, and stayed in touch with old friends from Wheelock.

Wendy Flink Levey has spent most of the last 40 years nurturing her two children and her school, Epiphany Community Nursery School. The school has grown from five children to more than 160 children. In her limited free time, Wendy served on several boards, including the Hewitt School, the Browning School, and Phoenix House. She frequently speaks on panels and networks in the world of education. Liz Hile Lindsay and husband Durwood have eased into retirement by traveling to Maui! After teaching for 35 years, Liz thankfully reminisced about the lessons she learned at Wheelock and how she incorporated them in her work as a teacher, a child advocate, and a guide to parents.

Barbara Carter Thoms reports that life in New Mexico is good and she and husband Andrew are enjoying the sunshine! She is currently a principal at a K-6 elementary school in Belen. Daughter Heler works nearby, and her son, daughter-in-law, and new grandson make life full of blessings. Mary Dickerson Pierson continues to enjoy living in the quiet woods of Grafton, NY. She loves teaching early childhood music at the Pine Cobble School in Williamstown, MA, while husband Peter works at the Cathedral of All Saints in Albany. They love seeing their granddaughters, 12 and 3, and were looking forward to welcoming one more baby in November. Pam Goering Pierson has had a varied career in education - teaching, earning a master's degree, supervising student teachers, and serving as the director of education at Planned Parenthood. More recently, Pam has been a marketing director for retirement communities and has published a book on the topic of senior housing. She and husband Richard currently live in Spokane, WA.

Kim Cross Reichert has lived and worked in Westport, CT, for the past 40 years. She continues to teach at her original school, although she's recently moved from first grade to third. She and husband Lee are making plans for the traveling they want to do after retirement! Wendy Petker Sprattler is now living with, and taking care of, her 89-year-old father in Wilmington, NC, and teaching in a Jewish supplementary school. "The weather is great, and the beach is five minutes away!" she writes. Her kids are doing well but live far away in Massachusetts and California.

I (Bonnie) happily continue to teach fourth grade at Westtown School (a pre-K to 12th grade Quaker School near Philadelphia). This year, we moved to a great apartment on campus where I'll be a dorm parent for freshman girls. Each of our four children now has one child, so our time together has become a flurry of reading books, singing songs, and enjoying the variety of developmental milestones only a Wheelock graduate can truly appreciate!

Jaci Fowle Holmes
Regina Frisch Lobree (Class Scribes)
Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2
Christine Appert is an educational consultant and assistive technology specialist in the Hospital Education Department at the University of Virginia and also an adjunct faculty member in the university's Curry School of Education. During the summer, she wrote: "After my guide dog retired in April, I returned to The Seeing Eye in Morristown, NJ. I was matched with an adorable, 2-year-old, black lab named Jewel. She is a wonderful travel partner and we look forward to attending the Reunion next spring!" Christine also mentioned that Amanda Simas '11MS, a child life specialist that her department hired earlier this year, is doing a great job in her efforts to establish a child life program at the hospital. "It is particularly challenging as the pediatric units are in the midst of renovation," Christine wrote. "She tackles her hurdles with Wheelock spirit!"

Jane Davis White's May 2012 had two big highlights: the birth of her third grandchild and then, two days later, her retirement from the DeKalb County (GA) School District! "I am thoroughly enjoying being Grandmumma and being retired!" she writes. "Praise the Lord!"

Laura Keyes Jaynes (Class Scribe)
Linda Mayo-Perez Williams and Julia-Ellen Davis '71 participated in the annual Cooper River Bridge Run (in Charleston, SC) in March.

Leslie Hayter Maxfield (Class Scribe)
Cathie Brown lives in Northampton, MA, with husband Greg and is a sales manager for a national media company that helps small to medium-sized businesses market themselves locally. She and Matthew Porter have two children in their 30s: Ben lives in Shrewsbury, MA, with his wife and their two children, and Aurora lives in Seattle with husband Ryan and a new baby who just arrived this fall.

"It's been an awesome journey and a wonderful career," writes Dorothy Cresswell, who retired last spring after 30 years of teaching. She still mentors younger teachers, serves on a preschool ministry team for affordable child care, and hopes to publish some of the children's music she's written over the years. She adds: "Meanwhile, my wife [Dusty] and I (Go, Obama!) will work toward the closing of the aging and dangerous nuclear power plants. Also, if you want to read a great mystery novel about older citizens making a difference, Dusty has written Danger in the Air to remind us what we can do if we use our imaginations. And we're never too old to do that!" Dorothy stopped by Wheelock - even wandered over to the Brookline Campus and found the Alumni Relations Office - while in Boston for a day during the summer.

Debbie Cann Westcott is still selling advertising for 1430 WNAV-AM/99.9 FM (and now "streaming across the land"). She says classmates can check them out at She has a new weekend job at the Wild Bird Center of Annapolis, MD, where she works with a great team of people selling supplies to feed and care for wild birds. She still runs her "Wheelock B&B" but says it's mostly filled with Navy families and sailors in town for boat shows.

Angela Barresi Yakovleff (Class Scribe)
A hand (occupational) therapist in Atlanta for more than 30 years, Louisa Lothrop Affleck recently started working at Emory Healthcare with a new hand surgeon. She and her husband have been busy helping their elderly parents, who live nearby. Daughter Allison is a graduate of the University of Richmond and is in her second year at Georgia State Law School, and daughter Sarah, a junior at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, is studying in London for the fall semester.

Pat Mucci Tayco (Class Scribe)
Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2
Kimberly Kern English writes that she and Eppy Roman Stevens are having a great time together: "She's talking retirement and I'm talking work (as an RN)." They would love to hear from Wheelock friends who might want to get together west of Boston for lunch or dinner. Kimberly says married life with Rick is wonderful and being a "gramma" for the third time is still as special as the first, but she wishes her kids lived nearby. Their two huge dogs "keep the empty nest active." Linda Kaeding Hoyesen has retired from Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, where she'd been a learning disabilities specialist since moving there from Massachusetts in1995. "Wheelock has had a major impact on the professional I have become," she writes. "I feel extremely fortunate to have had that experience, an opportunity second to none." Linda also wrote to congratulate Sue Kosoff '65/'75MS on her retirement from Wheelock: "Sue directed a gang of us in Peter Pan back when she first arrived at Wheelock. It was a GREAT experience, and I believe one of her first productions at Wheelock. She was an inspiration back then and has given me some terrific memories of that production (along with a remarkable shoulder bruise [I fell off the sets as one of the lost boys]) - probably the first-ever African-American Captain Hook and a WHOLE cast of characters (both literally AND figuratively) to boot. Happy Trails, Sue!" Jerry Parr '78/'78MS writes: "It's wonderful to be back in the New England area [NH], where I can stumble on so many Wheelock faculty and alumni. As I reach those golden years, I am spending a lot of my professional time helping get more men into ECE. Our slogan: Men who change diapers change the world!"

Kathy Formica Harris (Class Scribe)
Ann Marie Christian Dargon, assistant superintendent in Westport, MA, also is an associate professor teaching in the Master's Core Education Program at Bridgewater State University and teaches a course called Assessment and Analysis to undergraduates at Stonehill College. She lives in Wareham, MA, and has four grown children. Ann's husband, JF Dargon, just published his third novel, Josiah Ironknife.

"What memories it brought back!" Bobbie Helbig Van Suetendael wrote in May of her experience bringing her eighth-grade class to see Wheelock Family Theatre's The Miracle Worker. The students truly enjoyed the show, and Bobbie got a kick out of seeing the changes on campus: "Ruby's is a tanning salon!" In June she finished her 11th year of teaching seventh- and eighth-grade reading in Sturbridge, MA, and she says she is starting to think about retirement. Although she doesn't "feel like a grandmother," Bobbie recently became a grandmother for the first time and looks forward to spending time with her grandson, even though he lives in the South!Description: clear1x1

Jo-Anne DeGiacomo-Petrie of Barrington, RI, is working at the Wheeler School in Providence as a pre-K teacher with Dana Brewer Hahn '73 and Peggy Gilbane Smithers '76, and she is finishing up a master's in Curriculum and Instruction at Western New England University. Seven years ago she married Adrian Petrie, and they have added a cat, Muffin, and her stepson, Frank, 17, to their family. She writes: "Mallory, my oldest, is [a junior] at Wheelock and loves it! It is a pleasure to pop to Wheelock - I have such fond memories." Jo-Anne has published her first book (illustrated by Adrian), The Mystery of the Land of Letters, and started a small educational company called Spot and Freckles Learn ( In addition, there are "alphabet flash cards, alphabet wall cards, a DVD of the book, an audio of the book, Spot and Freckles finger puppets for visual/kinesthetic skywriting, a CD of directions for letter writing, and workbooks for uppercase and lowercase letter writing."

For the last 11 years, Lisa Nord Zack has worked as an employment support counselor for the state of New Hampshire. "I work with individuals on TANF [Temporary Assistance for Needy Families], helping them overcome significant barriers so that they may return to or enter the workforce," she writes. "It is great to see folks move forward and gain or regain their self-esteem." Her daughter graduated from Plymouth State University last year and has been working for Nature's Classroom as an environmental educator. 

Carol Rubin Fishman (Class Scribe)
Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2
Mary Alice Anderson Heuschel, superintendent of the Renton, WA, School District since 2006, was named the 2011 Washington State Superintendent of the Year and received the Renton Rotary Outstanding and Dedicated Service Award. A long-standing member of several state and national educational research and leadership associations, she currently serves on the boards of the organizations Washington STEM, a statewide nonprofit advancing equity, excellence, and innovation in STEM education, and Education Northwest, which conducts projects to help solve challenges faced by schools, districts, and communities across the country.

Linda Edwards Beal (Class Scribe)
Over the last couple of years, Alison Abbott Quackenbush has been working her way back into teaching by working part time in four different preschool settings, and she is really looking forward to settling down into one local preschool soon. Daughter Katie is a senior at Tufts, daughter Maggie is a senior at Framingham (MA) High School, and son Danny is a sixth-grader at the local charter middle school. Alison and Steve are "looking ahead SEVERAL(!) years" and recently bought a house on Cape Cod (in Orleans) that will eventually be their retirement place. During the summer they did lots of projects on it and enjoyed their first summer owning a summer house! Alison still sees Sally Weibel Myers '86 once or twice a year and saw Rebecca Meridy Winters this spring. Karen Mankowski Lund still loves teaching first grade in Easton, MA, but really appreciates her "downtime" with husband Rick and their two sons. She and Rick travel to Maine a lot to watch their older son play college lacrosse. As a family, they all go to local sporting events and ski in Colorado every February. "It's not glamorous, but we love it!" Karen writes. She and Rick will celebrate their silver anniversary in May of 2013.

Mary Snow writes: "This year I have been working at Russell Cooperative Preschool, where my 6-year-old attended a few years ago. It has been wonderful to work with such dedicated families and talented teachers. Every day feels like a privilege. I see Amanda Worcester Swinkoski '86 quite often, and I still have a photograph in my kitchen of Jane Cruickshank, Lisa Cutrona, and Jemma Wellen. I miss many of the Wheelock crew and invite anyone to look me up in Watertown, MA."

Libby Hubbard VanDerMaelen (Class Scribe)
Since retiring in 2008, Stephanie Johnson has been enjoying her time with her children and her partner on the Cape. She loved her career as an executive director and developer in the assisted living field but also loves her life now. Her partner works long hours, so they enjoy their family time on the water when she's off. Stephanie adopted her children as babies, and they are now 20, 18 (just started college), and 13.

Carol Ann McCusker Petruccelli (Class Scribe)
Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2
Cheryl Longwell-Townsend lives in Clayville, NY, with her husband, 9-year-old twin boys, and 8-year-old daughter. An audiologist in a hospital setting, she writes: "I graduated Wheelock, continued on to get my master's, and then got my doctorate in audiology. Even though I landed in the world of audiology instead of teaching, my life is still imbedded in the world of children! I love the kids I test and work with at the hospital and get to see newborns through teens. My youngest son has cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder, which ultimately involves me in the community a lot (he is an extremely sociable, lovable child who has a very magnetic personality!). My background and education from Wheelock have helped guide us through a lot of issues with my son and helped me advocate for him in ways I don't think would have happened without my education background from Wheelock."

"Time certainly does fly," Jennie Nelson Morrell writes. "I can't believe it's our 25th Reunion this year. It seems like I was just with all my Longwood Wheelock friends." After 11 years of being a divorced single mom to two children, Jennie found a wonderful man and got married last summer, adding two young girls to her family. This fall she's been adjusting to the reality of having a child in college. Jennie is still teaching full-day kindergarten in Andover, CT, and loves her job - and her summer vacations!

Lori Ann Langlais Hickey finds it hard to believe that her "babies" are now 13, 11, and 11.

"I remember life in the simple days on Wheelock campus when the only thing to worry about was, Does my hair look OK? or Should I go to the party this weekend?" she writes. "Now I pray that one day my three children will like each other and not be so busy needing things to do. Remembering the lazy days!" She misses Katie Longo '90/'98MS and Julie Williams and wonders how Fran Hubner and Tara Kelley are doing.

Pam McInnis Schappler is teaching second grade in Bedford, NH, and enjoying it tremendously. She is very excited for her oldest son, who began his college journey at Clemson University this fall. "I am anticipating that he will find some lifelong friends just as I did during my years at Wheelock," she writes. "My time at Wheelock continues to be some of the best and fondly remembered years of my life!"

Alyssa Greeley writes: "I'm excited to report that I recently fulfilled my dream of traveling to Spain, with Portugal thrown in an as a pleasant bonus. I had a ball exploring the wonderful smaller towns, sampling many types of tapas, and, best of all, finally putting my junior high and high school Spanish to good use!" Amy Lindstedt Kelly has been enjoying keeping up with Wheelock friends virtually (on Facebook) but still hasn't found everyone she'd like, so she asks classmates to look for her. She has started to think about what to do once both of her children are in school all day, every day. She and her husband had a lot of fun watching Evan flourish in kindergarten and were hoping Amelie would get his teacher.

Patty Lynch, a unit organizer with Princess House Giftware, writes: "I have been helping people with new lifetime warranty cookware, dining, and everyday items. I have earned two free trips with them and am working on my third. I choose my own schedule, which is good, because I work full time, teach Sunday school, and have a disabled daughter." Julie Roscoe Orkiolla and Greg Orkiolla '89 are still living in beautiful Utah. Julie taught third grade last year and really enjoyed the extra bit of maturity that third graders have. Greg continues to teach kindergarten so that he can be that first introduction to education for many of the students. Julie's father passed away in April, so they had the opportunity to return to Boston for a few days. Greg enjoyed wandering around town since he hadn't been back in many years. They enjoyed spending time with Craig Sussman '93 and missed seeing Eliza Oliver '92, who passed away in September 2010.

Congratulations to Sarah Rice Patt, who graduated from Simmons with a master's in special education in May. "It was an awesome day," she writes, "especially hearing my kids in the audience shouting, 'Go Mom!'" She is now in her fifth year teaching at the Landmark School - on the elementary/middle school campus. She teaches social studies and tutorials that focus on reading, writing, and spelling. Sarah and Michael have been married for 17 years, and their three kids are doing well in the public schools of Hamilton/Wenham, MA. She finds it hard to believe that her firstborn will be driving soon!

Heather Bowes Ezzy has been enjoying "relearning things," especially history, as she homeschools her 11-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. "They have both chosen to get baptized to show their family and friends how much they love Jesus," she writes. Heather and Steve celebrated their 14th anniversary in June. Heather enjoys scrapbooking in her spare time.

Alice Hasbrouck is now working as a psychologist in early intervention, doing evaluations to determine the special education needs of 3- to 5-year-olds. "I love working with the team of special educators, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, and I love the professional consultation and discussion that flows in our building," she writes. Alice also moonlights with the organization Family Support Line, which works to prevent and heal the harm caused by childhood sexual abuse. "I co-lead a non-offending parents group, facilitating the discussion among parents, grandparents, and foster parents who are raising kids who have survived sexual abuse," Alice writes. She recently presented a very well-received workshop on detecting and reporting suspected childhood sexual abuse to the service coordinators in her countywide early intervention agency, and now she's getting requests to present it to the Head Start and special education classroom teachers in the county.

After running a family child care program from her home for seven years, Jennifer Roscoe Repeta closed it at the end of the last school year in order to devote more time to her busy family. She now also works part time as a preschool teacher at A Child's Place Pre-School in Whitman, MA. Faith Burlingham Lafayette can't believe 20 years have passed since graduation and feels she's been blessed with an amazing family and an incredible job. She and Dale have been married for 11 years, and their three children keep them on their toes! They renewed their vows for their 10th anniversary, and Faith says it was wonderful sharing that day with their children and other family and friends. Employed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the Department of Public Health as regional clinical coordinator, Faith oversees the provision of outreach services to homeless families in the western, central, and southeastern parts of the state. "I have visited Wheelock with my family a couple of times over the years and have been following the changes/growth of the campus," she writes. "How exciting that our Wheelock community continues to grow!"

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2
"Huge changes in my world!" writes Kim Sherman Boit. She and her family have moved from Iowa after five years there and are now living in Connecticut due to her husband's retirement from the Navy. She's hoping they are there "for the long haul," and she looks forward to seeing some of her old classmates now that she's back in their neck of the woods. Patricia Bys Carando is married and has three young children.

Julie Price Barber and husband James welcomed their first child, Nathaniel, in January. Julie is working as a 1:1 aide for an autistic child in Buffalo, NY. Lisa Feucht Kavanagh has her M.S. in science education from Walden University, but after two years of looking for a job have decided upon the best and most important job, staying home with my three beautiful girls! They are finishing kindergarten, second, and fifth grades. My husband is in college now. I am grateful for this time spent with my family. Nicole Tangney Radulski '95/'98MS is teaching first grade in the North Andover (MA) Public Schools. She gets together with two good friends from Wheelock, Amy Armstrong and Cheri Piscetello. She writes: "I ran the Boston Marathon this past April, and ... the three of us [celebrated] my completing my first and one of the hottest marathons on record. I ran for the Dana Farber team and raised over $10,000."


Lesley Turner Szabo, her husband of 13 years, and their 10-year-old twins live in West Simsbury, CT, where Lesley teaches fourth grade. "Besides being mom, teacher and wife, I also enjoy taking exercise classes at the Y, reading, and following education blogs," she writes.

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

"It feels great to finally have a town and house to call home," writes Amy Darling Wood. In June, she and husband Tim purchased a home in Wilmington, MA. Jane Sanders Wuestkamp and husband Tom welcomed their son Alexander Dennis on June 18. "We are all doing well, and Kyle is enjoying being a big brother," she writes.

Since graduating from Wheelock, Ingrid Ordonez-Street has married her high school sweetheart; had two kids, Justyn, 8, and Kailyn, 2; and earned a dual master's in education and special education. She is currently working as a child life coordinator at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Manhattan, NY. "I keep in touch with many of my Wheelock classmates, many of whom I reconnected with at the most recent Reunion," she writes. "I hope to see many of you at the next Reunion!" Katie Mailhot Machuca and her husband welcomed their second child in August 2011, a son named Everett Anderson Machuca. Racheal Spicer-Ness and husband Stew celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary (and 16 years as a couple) this past April.

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

Gina Tarquini and Josh Lamoureux were married this summer in front of close family and friends in the backyard of their new home. Last year marked her eighth year of teaching and her third year at my current school in Springfield, MA, as a first-grade teacher.

Aimee Glassick Dill announces the birth of son Brayden Evan on April 17. Megan Johnson and Michael Medur were married in June 2011 and bought a house in Lynn, MA, in November. Alison Cook Nogueira and husband Scott got married in July 2010. She has a Master of Education degree in administration of higher education and has been working as associate faculty co-op coordinator at Northeastern University since 2008.

Congratulations to Kimberly LaJoie Tissot and husband Chris. In April they finalized the adoption of their 2-year-old little boy, Carter Alan Tissot. "We have had Carter in our home since he was born, so we were thrilled to have him become legally ours," Kimberly writes. Also in April, she was promoted from interim executive director to executive director of the Disability Action Center Inc., "a private, nonprofit organization that empowers individuals with disabilities in reaching their highest level of independence."

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

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