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Spring 2012 Undergraduate Class Notes


"Having lost a bit of spring in my step," Helen "Stevie" Roberts Thomas writes, "I'm now asking Lori Ann in the Wheelock Alumni Office to take over as scribe for our class."


Cordelia Abendroth Flanagan (Class Scribe)

Two classmates sent news: Jane "Jacey" Clapp Donaldson and Sarah Thomas Allnutt. Jacey is doing OK. She and her husband divide their time between West Columbia, SC, and Florida. She and I ("Crow") keep in touch. Sarah is in a retirement home which is near her old home, and the family is nearby. She still swims three times a week and goes to meets.

I am in a retirement community near Albany, NY, and near my younger daughter. I am still grateful for my Wheelock education.

Please send any news to me or Lori Ann Saslav, Wheelock College Alumni Office, 200 The Riverway, Boston, MA 02215-4176.


Mary Hemphill Haring (Class Scribe)

We were so sorry to hear that Mary Segoine Davis' husband, Skip, died in December. You are in our thoughts, Mary.


Carol Moore (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

We were sorry to hear the news of the passing of Agnes Fitzgerald Davis' husband, Walt, in February. She is still in the active retirement community in Seattle that she and Walt moved to a year or two ago. People there have been very supportive since Walt's passing, and most of her family lives in the area. Agnes is still active in the arts community - opera, ballet, and theater.

Mary "Polly" Horr Foster has been thinking about her dear Kent House roommate, "Topsie": "We had wonderful times together at Wheelock and kept in touch for many years. We visited each other before we married and after we married." Polly also wrote of the days she used to split the year between East Greenbush, NY, and Naples, FL. In fact, she was writing that very note from Naples, where she was spending two or three months and doing a little golfing. Barbara "Windy" Windels Mulqueen was also in the mood for reminiscing: "When my four children were young, I taught nursery school - five years I was head - at my church. Then I moved on to Green Farms Academy and taught first grade for 20 years. I loved it. Not much money, but I ran it. And (thanks to Wheelock) I was prepared. When I retired, I volunteered at a school in Bridgeport [CT] plus did several other things. It was a good life, and I am thankful to Wheelock."

Ruth Chickering Wheeler is still active with church, family, and ballroom dancing. She has three grandchildren and four great-grandsons and still drives to New Hampshire every summer to visit daughters, relatives, and friends. In April 2011, Edith "Deedie" Hall Huck and Anne "Amy" Mulholland Heger '49 visited Ruth for three days, and they toured the D.C. and Virginia mountains.


Anne Mulholland Heger (Class Scribe)

Thank you to the several gals who sent in news.

Alice Roberts Gow's husband passed away last December. David Gow was headmaster of the Gow School, which was founded by his father. Under David's direction, the school grew from a few converted country houses to a quadrangle of handsome brick buildings surrounded by fields and woodlands. David had many accomplishments in the education field. Alice is slowly adjusting to her loss. In March she spent a few weeks with her son and family in Florida. Our deepest sympathy to you, Alice.

Enid Stockbridge Holly writes that she and Lee are doing well. They will be traveling to Pennsylvania and Michigan for the weddings of two grandchildren this summer. The rest of the time they will be gardening in a patio-gardening area they created between the house and lake. She will also be golfing as the golf course is right across the street. Jane Bartlett Mason and husband Bob are great-grandparents to grandson Adam's two children, who live in Israel while Adam is working on his Ph.D. at a university there. "He and his family were recently in Zambia, Africa, for eight months working with the peasant farmers," Jane writes. She was looking forward to seeing Adam in April, when he would be speaking at a conference at Yale.

Marjorie Pritchard Stevens and Bob have been married for 62 years. Arthritis has slowed her down, but she is still active in church, travel, and family activities. They are truly blessed. Cindy MacGilvra Temby has moved to a small apartment in Petersburg, VA. One son is a couple of hours north, and the other son is a few hours south of her. Now it will be easier to see them. She is settling in and finding life more leisurely than in the Boston area. "I will hopefully work part time with school lunches, which I am interested in," she writes. She sends her best to all.

I (Anne) received a note this Christmas from Barbara Lightner Whitehouse's son informing me of her death in the fall. Be and I corresponded all these years each Christmas.

I am still in the same house with a large dog (black Labrador) for company. My daughter and family are next door to me, and one son is a few blocks away. The other two sons are within a half-hour drive. I am so lucky having them nearby. We are all going to the Virgin Islands soon - a trip we all look forward to each year.


Edith "Anne" Runk Wright (Class Scribe)

Mary Hathaway Hayter and I (Anne) went to Boston in January to attend the premier performance of John Harbison's Sixth Symphony, commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. We had received a special invitation because a poem written by my husband, James, "Entering the Temple in Nîmes," was set to music and performed by Paula Murrihy, a mezzo-soprano, at the beginning of the first movement. The concert was a delight, and we met the composer, John Harbison; his wife, Rosie; and the mezzo-soprano. While in the city, we went to Wheelock and got a walking tour of campus, visiting the library, the student center (where we had lunch), and the Brookline Campus. We had a wonderful, nostalgic visit!


Libby Gerow Peterson (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

Earlier this year, Jane "Stuie" Stuart Froelicher's husband, Chuck, wrote to let Wheelock know that "Stuie's Courts," a tennis facility at Colorado Academy, was completed and dedicated in 2011, four years after the start of the project (and Stuie's passing). Chuck was headmaster at the independent boarding school from 1955 to 1975, and Stuie was "the quintessential headmaster's wife" there from the time of their marriage in 1966 to the end of his tenure. In charge of all of the school's social events and the faculty wives' activities, Stuie also taught in the preschool and kindergarten; acted in school plays; and, when the school went coed in 1971, dealt with concerns of female students and young female faculty members. Her favorite pastime during those years was playing tennis - for both exercise and relaxation - and, according to Chuck, "This splendid complex makes a statement to all that the contributions she made to the institution, and the standards she set for living, will not be forgotten for a very long time - if ever." He put together a special booklet about Stuie and her work at Colorado Academy so that future generations will be able to learn about the "Stuie" of "Stuie's Courts."


Ginger Mercer Bates (Class Scribe)
Elizabeth Bassett Wolf (Class Scribe)

Thank you, classmates, for your prompt and unbelievable email responses to our plea for Class Notes news. We 80-year-olds are Something Else! Ginger and Chippy

Our dear Ginger Mercer Bates says she is feeling spoiled. She has learned so much from the experience of having had a stroke this past year. Her family and friends have been very supportive, and it makes her feel better and stronger. Brian has been a trouper. Barbara McCarthy Brennan is still selling real estate in the Framingham, MA, area. It's keeping her up-to-date in the area of social media. She recently enjoyed a wonderful cruise in the Caribbean - nothing like warm sunshine in the winter! Volney Forsyth Dawson sends greetings from Chicago. Twenty-four members of her family spent her 80th birthday in a wonderful and large house in Keystone, CO. There was good outdoor entertainment for all. The highlight of their time together was a musical play that the entire family performed about her life. It was a complete surprise. Volney was very touched by how well they knew her. It was love, laughter, tears, and great music.

Nancy Rosenwald Foilb emailed that, as we are all looking at our 80th year, it is time to reflect on our years at Wheelock College and to think about how our lives have changed since then. When she got married in her senior year, she didn't think much beyond those years, and now she realizes what wonderful times they were - so she's hoping all her classmates can reflect on all those good times and are grateful for our bountiful blessings now! Janet Culbertson Gill celebrated her 80th last September with a beautiful party given by her two daughters. All family and close friends in attendance had a good time. "I remain in very good health with a busy schedule," Janet writes. Margaret "Peggy" Clifford Goode puts it succinctly: "Things are much the same in Scituate - salt air, blue waters, and good living. Best to all, Peggy." Ruth McKinley Herridge and her husband, Bill, continue to enjoy their life in Toronto and the many great times with their five grandchildren. Ruth continues to minister to the community through a prayer group of which she is a member. Ruth looks forward to seeing her classmates at our next Reunion in 2014.

Nancy Shapiro Hurwitz and Michael spend their time in Naples, FL, from November to mid-May. They celebrated their 60th anniversary in December with their daughter Amy, her husband, and their two girls. Their daughter Louise has two boys. She and Michael play golf, bridge, etc. They had a very pleasant Wheelock lunch in Naples with Jackie Jenkins-Scott, who spoke briefly about new and exciting happenings at the College and also about the 125th Celebration events. Sally Dickason Lunt, a widow for 18 years, keeps busy with her many children, grands, and great-grands; bridge; and quilting/needlepoint/knitting. She spends time in Osprey, FL (near Sarasota). Eileen O'Connell McCabe mentions that she is basically well and remains busy. She spent the Christmas holidays on the West Coast visiting two of her children who live in Seattle, WA, and Berkeley, CA. She has seen Neilie Heffernan Odell and occasionally talks on the phone to Agnes McBride Barry. She enjoyed seeing Lois Mirsky's picture in the Wheelock Magazine: "She remains as active as ever and looks the same - lovely! Congratulations, Lois."

Caroline Howard McCarty's volunteer activities are many: peer counseling, reading to a blind gentleman, pushing wheelchair-bound patients (physically handicapped and/or memory-impaired) to their various activities, Garden Club activities, interviewing staff and residents on her local in-house TV, and ushering at Sunday chapel. Then she treats herself to yoga twice a week! Way to go, Caroline! Lois Barnett Mirsky is excited about joining with some members of the administration in alerting alumni to "Wheelock College's Policy Connection's Alumni Wire" on the Internet. It is created to tell graduates about significant bills in Congress and state legislatures that affect children and families. (See Wheelock Magazine, Fall 2011, Page 24, for more information and Lois' message.) She sends love to all. Penny Power Odiorne is happy to report that she has had a good year healthwise. The highlight of her year was the mini reunion she had with Chippy Wolf and Nancy Pennypacker Temple '54/'80MS in Boston prior to attending the Wheelock graduation of her grandniece. Penny bursts her buttons with pride to experience the growth and success of our College and all that it is offering to young men and women.

Frances "Fran" Levine Rogovin reports that she has had a busy year and sends her best wishes to her classmates. Suzanne Hamburger Thurston says she thinks she and the house are falling apart at the same time. Doctor appointments and service appointments fill her calendar. There was a lot of activity and togetherness for the 10 who came for Christmas. I counted seven grandchildren in her email. Is that right, Sue? She is a health care volunteer now and occasionally does pen and ink drawing. She has also written five children's books that she gives as gifts. Life is full! She keeps in touch with Elsa Williams and Persis Luke Loveys. Elsa Weyer Williams informs us of the death of her husband, Don, last August after several years of health issues. Between them, they had eight children, all of whom remain close and very supportive; 15 grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. The family is looking forward to two family weddings this summer. Elsa also wanted us to know of one of our classmates, Rosemary Murphy, who passed away in February. She lived in Pilgrim for one year and then married and transferred to Rochester, NY, continued in early childhood education, and became an outstanding kindergarten teacher. She and another classmate, Mary Jeffords Mills, were good friends. Thanks, Elsa, for reminding us of these two former classmates who are no longer with us.

Virginia "Ginny" Thomas Williams writes about her phone chats with Ginger Bates and Elsa Williams. Ginny and her husband, Dick, are grateful for the ability to enlarge the font on the Kindles which their daughter generously gave to them. She misses traveling except for an annual trip to California, where she visits her daughter. A rotator cuff problem keeps her from doing those things we all used to do when we were young at heart. She also has had some contact with Persis Loveys. Margaret Austin Wyman mentions that she and her husband have moved to Marion, MA, where they are enjoying nearby ocean, family, and grandchildren. With her new hip and more mobility, she enjoys walking the beach and continuing with her bell choir directing. It was a big year for her: She turned 80 and they celebrated 50 years of marriage.

I (Elizabeth "Chippy" Bassett Wolf) had a delightful trip last June to Venice and the Dalmatian Coast with Tauck Tours. A widow friend from Stanford and I went together, a wonderful traveling "team." I still enjoy babysitting with three of my five grandchildren who live nearby. The nonprofit world keeps me out of mischief. Remember, you don't have to have email to add to these Class Notes. Wheelock has my address and phone number. Just keep in touch. Be well, each of you. xoxox, "Chippy"


Persis Goodnow Hamilton (Class Scribe)

In this winter of no winter, at least here in Massachusetts, many of you sent in news! I (Persis) thank you very much.

Ann Melrose Blauvelt wrote that she enjoyed the 55th Reunion, rooming with Dottie Weiss and me. She missed her buddies Sue Waters Shaeffer and Alarie Preston Midgley. She did not mention the tour of Boston I gave to her while trying to get her to the airport. She ended up in a cab. She also told of her activities. In December she and Pete celebrated Christmas with their sons in Rochester and Marietta, GA. Earlier this year, she spent a week with a dear friend in Virginia Beach; went back to Georgia to attend Grandparents Day at the Walker School, which her two granddaughters attend; and went to Ireland and London for a tour. They were excited about sailing back to New York on the Queen Mary II. Evelyn Jenney Eaton writes that she is still enjoying life in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is active in the Assistance League (a national organization), and she still sings in the church choir and a local group called Viva la Musica. She enjoys knitting and reading. They are about done with long trips to Europe but plan to travel nearer to home. They had their 50th wedding anniversary in August 2009! Congratulations, Evelyn!

Ruth Bailey Papazian was sorry not to be with us for Reunion. She hopes to be in Boston later this year and would love a tour of the College. She will be happily surprised, I think. Ruth and her husband took the whole family to Aruba last summer and had a grand time with water sports and just being together. Their oldest granddaughter graduated from law school and is working for the city of Toronto. Alexandra, a business school grad, is working for her dad in his software business. All the other children are involved in various sports. Ruth's days are filled with working out at the gym, swimming, volunteering at church, and enjoying the grandchildren. Later in 2012 she and her husband expect to take a river cruise on the Danube. Mary Louise Stickles Perkins had little snow in Colorado but a cold winter just the same.  Her granddaughter, Molly, and her husband are in Ghana with the Peace Corps. Grandson Mark and his wife have a son who is nearly 3. Grandson Rob will graduate from high school in May and will attend the University of North Dakota. Grandson Brandon, a sports and band participant in high school, teaches gymnastics to young children. Addie Bradlee Polese was also sorry to have missed Reunion. She did catch up a bit with Ann Blauvelt. She and Jim had plans to drive south to Manasota Key, FL (south of Venice and 20 minutes north of Boca Grande). They are thinking of selling their large house and are planning a trip on the Danube in September. (Maybe they will see Ruth Papazian!)

Beverly Haley Richter and Ed enjoyed every minute of Reunion. They spent a month in Fort Myers, FL, to get away from the cold of Maine. She spent some time on the bunny slopes with her grandkids but feels she is slowing down. (I can relate to that.) When she returned to Maine, she was busy with outdoor cleanup work and painting so she'd be ready for the warm weather when it finally got to Maine. Joan Genesky Rubin reports that all is well but wonders where all the years went. Daughter Elyse is a senior editor at the University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School of Journalism and has a 19-year-old daughter. Daughter Laurie teaches in Wellington, FL, and has two children, ages 11 and 13. Joan spends winters at her home in Boynton Beach, FL. She is most involved with skin cancer education, especially in the school system. She serves on the board of directors of the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation and in February chaired their annual fundraiser at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. She also serves on the board of Palm Beach Round Table and the board of trustees of Palm Beach International Society. Joan and Ben make their home in Chestnut Hill, MA, and summer on Nantucket Island.

Teckie Reese Shackelford returns to the College for meetings of the Wheelock Corporation. She is "much impressed with the direction the College is taking while at the same time keeping the same energy and commitment to children and families that it has been noted for over so many years," she writes. She hopes to return for the 60th. Even though she was at Wheelock for only a year, she remembers everyone well and lovingly. Teckie and her husband are traveling more, but he is still engaged in banking and she still has her business counseling students who need help with the college admissions process. She enjoys her work and hopes it keeps her young. Barbara Silverstein writes that, "God willing," she will be at our 60th. She is still working hard and hopes to slow down in 2012. She has been showing and selling her designs at Canyon Ranch resort and spa in Lenox, MA, once a month. You can check out Barbara's jewelry in the gift shop at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

I am sorry to report the loss of Candy Palmer Smyth Vaughan. She died last Oct. 1 of cancer. She is greatly missed.

All is well in Worcester. Yes, I really live in Worcester, not a suburb. I am well cared for at my new home, Briarwood Continuing Care Community. You can check us out on Facebook. My daughter and her family are nearby, so, happily, I am part of their lives. I think from time to time about a trip, but I have too much to do here!


Joan Patterson Brown (Class Scribe)

Sue Terry Covell and husband Tom have moved into a new home in Casa Grande, AZ, and briefly lived next door to Sallie Farrel Brown. Unfortunately, Sallie was in the process of selling her home and moved shortly afterward. "So sorry not to reacquaint ourselves over time as neighbors!" Sue writes. "Good story, hmm? Who would EVER believe it?!"


Margaret "Maggie" Weinheimer Sherwin (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

During 2011, most of us reached that impressive-sounding three-quarter-century mark, and a number of people had real celebrations.

Carol Stuart Wenmark invited 90 people for a potluck party, complete with tents, games, lots of visiting, and even help with cleanup. Carol is now busy perusing seed catalogs for the best stuff to grow and sell at her farmers market booth. Gail Wheeler celebrated her 75th with a dance party. Music was provided by her sons, and the 40 guests included some of our classmates. In November, Gail had both knees replaced. She is staying true to her recovery exercise so that she can quickly return to her more active pursuits.

Mardy Moody O'Neil and Hugh enjoyed a rail trip through Scandinavia and a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg - both glorious adventures. Back home, Mardy is involved in a book club, Savvy Seniors, and many other activities as well as marveling over their 21 grandchildren. She keeps in close touch with Pommy, Gail Wheeler, Julie Russell, and Jeanie Tulloch Griffith. Mannie Cook Houston was looking forward to a trip to Arizona and a reunion with her son. Mannie enjoys her grandson Colin, 3, who appears to be miles ahead of her technology-wise. Her granddaughter is in Alaska working as an observer for a fishing company. Laura Lehrman thoroughly enjoys living in New York City, where she can attend concerts and visit museums and galleries. She often takes the bus to new neighborhoods, where she checks out shops, eats local food, and feels like she has traveled. Cold and windy days find her indoors enjoying WQXR (classical music radio) and knitting.

Chickie Contas Magoulias is still busy writing more than 500 acknowledgments for the many donations made and kindnesses shown when her husband, "Fr. Nick," died in June 2011. He'd been a clergyman in the same parish for 46 years and was much loved. Carol Yudis Stein keeps busy knitting afghans in school colors for her college-age granddaughter as well as needlepoint pillows with their college seal. She volunteers at a women's health center, where she escorts patients for various health tests. That takes care of her walking for the day. She and Jim were planning a fall trip along the California coast and a dinner with Ann Manfuso Paras, whom Carol hadn't seen since graduation.

Mollie Farnham Love checked in with lots of news. She has started teaching again - this time bridge to adults, but she finds all her Wheelock teaching skills come in handy. Mollie is a tournament bridge player herself. Husband Richard works as an investment counselor. Their son, Rick, lives in Boston, two daughters are near Seattle, and another daughter is in Kentucky. Nice to hear from you again, Mollie! Sybil Magid Woodhouse and husband Woody remain active in the Reno, NV, area but spend time in Oceanside, CA, with their family. Sybil's mom passed away last fall at the age of 94. Sybil and Woody were spared any damage from the wild fires that hit their area in November '11.  Like other of our classmates, Sybil celebrated birthday 75 with a party.


Sally Schwabacher Hottle (Class Scribe)

I (Sally) join "roomie" Barbara Sahagian Carlson in saying, "Greetings to the Class of 1959!" "Boo" writes that she took some time off this year to have foot surgery. She spent about a month reading, braiding strips for her braided rugs, and watching TV. Other than that, the Carlson family is doing well, enjoying "getting into the garden and planting glads" this spring. The Alfred Shaker Museum reopened for the season in early May, and anyone in the area who would like a guided tour can give Boo a call. Patty Haas has lived in Sarasota, FL, for more than 20 years. She is still volunteering at the Selby Library repairing books, etc., and she also volunteers at Cyesis and at Riverview High School with the child care director. Patty saw Maddy Gatchell Corson at Wheelock's Sarasota Luncheon.

Marion Turnbull Mangels and husband Pete are living in a retirement community, Linden Ponds, in Hingham, MA, and spending their summers at their home on Cape Cod.  Marion enjoys playing mahjong, reading, knitting, and going to a caregivers support group; Pete enjoys swimming often. Along with daughter Cindy and family, they enjoyed Christmas in Amherst, MA, at son Andy's home. The oldest of their five grandchildren is a freshman in college. Last summer Marion, Judie Scott Stolp '59/'76MS, and Jeanne Wilson Hatch enjoyed lunch together. Betty Lou Ware Robertson and Donald will be married 50 years in September. They enjoy living in Tulsa with their three great-children and seven grandchildren. She writes that she would love to come back and see the new Wheelock.

As for me, Sally Schwabacher Hottle, I'm still advocating for our senior citizens in Fairfax County, VA, playing lots of bridge, and traveling whenever I can. My 10-year-old granddaughter and I enjoyed an intergenerational Road Scholar trip to Utah last August (caving, hiking, and ballooning, among other things), followed by a trip for me to Provence and Paris in October. I enjoyed having lunch with Mary Runyon Obaidy and Wheelock's Terri Houston last fall. I hope "y'all" are doing well and will send news next time you find my request letter in your mailbox.

Class of 1959 members were all so sorry to hear of the passing of Sue Van Aken Lippoth in May 2011. Her obituary mentioned her wonderful adventures with her beloved husband, Don, and called her the "consummate volunteer," who had a big heart and whose "many charitable gifts and multiple acts of kindness" defined her. Indeed, members of the Wheelock community who had worked with her over the years felt very fortunate to have had her leadership in planning and holding alumni events and were grateful for her time, energy, dedication, and support.


Phyllis Forbes Kerr (Class Scribe)

Sharon Greenberg Burstein and husband Steve retired to Hilton Head Island, SC, in 2001. They are actively involved in their temple, Congregation Beth Yam, where they have been running a film series for years. Sharon used to volunteer as the storyteller in the children's theater in the Hilton Head Library and has spent seven years volunteering in the library's bookstore. Who's their friend (see photo), you're wondering? "We have a pet therapy dog, Daxie Lee, who does tricks and entertains throughout Hilton Head, visiting nursing homes, assisted and independent living facilities, and Memory Matters, a program for those with Alzheimer's," Sharon writes.

"Each move has provided more friends and great opportunities to learn and grow," Betsy McIntyre Doepken writes about having lived in Haverford, Boston, New York, and Indianapolis. Now retired, she and husband Tony are still trying to figure out where they want to "land," she says. They don't seem to get around to downsizing and think of themselves as happily situated halfway between their son (Alaska) and daughter (Georgia). Betsy is very involved in the Indiana Women in Need Foundation, which supplies help to women going through treatment for breast cancer, and both she and Tony volunteer at church, lead mission trips to Alaska, feed the homeless, and "on and on." She explains, "Our lives have been blessed, and we are aware of how important it is to share that." They have a lot of spare rooms if anyone is going to the Indianapolis area!

Ellen French Fulton reminisced about teaching first grade in New Jersey early in her career, marrying Tim in August 1965, having her daughter and son in the early 1970s, and being able to stay home with them until they graduated from high school. She went on to establish a developmental kindergarten in 1991 and then the first pre-K in her county in 1993. "Thanks to Wheelock," she writes, "I was able to write curriculums, with ease, and was praised by the administration." She retired happily in 2007. More recently, she was thrilled to be able to cross "Being at Wheelock one more time" off her "bucket list": She and Joan Tulis Trisko '65 returned to campus in June 2010 for the first time since they'd each graduated. "Everything at Wheelock College is so grand!" Ellen writes. "It was delightful to see all the changes."

"Bill and I continue our lives at a fast pace in New London, NH," writes Tina Morris Helm '64/'98MS. Their family continues to be busy, healthy, and happy. Bill is still chair of the board of New London Hospital. Tina has learned a lot working "feverishly" as a member of their town's board of selectmen. She also continues her regular volunteer work in their local elementary school, which she wouldn't miss for anything; drives the elderly who are not able to drive themselves; has become active in their local Rotary club; and is completing her final term on Wheelock's Board of Trustees. They still play tennis and have had some wonderful trips (including to Holland and Belgium this year). "Despite aches and pains, normal for 70-year-olds, life is good," Tina writes. "Remaining active is imperative!"

A lovely, colorful Valentine's Day letter/collage came from Jessi MacLeod '64/'92MS. She is grateful for family and friends, her grandchildren and her mother, travel, and life. "I appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and cards as I survive breast cancer," she writes. She was looking forward to fishing, kayaking, and exploring in the spring and summer. Judy Holmes Marco and Len are retired and living in Charlotte, NC, near their daughter and two grandchildren-Noah (6) and Sarah (4). Judy knits blankets for children at the Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, volunteers at Charlotte's new Ronald McDonald House, helps with the grandchildren, and plays bridge and mahjong.

Mary Ellen Freeman Smith enjoyed nice summer weather in Maine last year - perfect for golfing, a family gathering, and being at the lake with her grandkids. In May 2011 she had a "trip of a lifetime" to Alaska with five family members from Colorado: three days in Vancouver, a seven-day Inside Passage cruise, and three coach days ending in Fairbanks. She saw beautiful views of Mt. McKinley. Last August, Mary Ellen wrote: "I was very saddened to learn of Sandy Perry's passing this past winter. Such a wonderful, vibrant person and very close friend. She contributed much to children in her teaching and Wheelock with her energy and ideas in several capacities. She'll be missed, but remembered with her smile."

Congratulations to Barbara Russell Williams, who retired from "all paid work" last December. She had worked in a variety of education institutions and milieus and had received a master's in Science and Environmental Education. Her last job, "the best job ever," was that of manager/developer of the science-based K-4 Living Lab School field trip program at the Bellevue (WA) Botanical Garden. She and her husband now volunteer with the heritage museum in Bellevue and for Bellevue Parks, providing naturalist programs and history programs for each. And they hope to travel more often. We are sorry to hear of Barbara's older sister's passing in May 2011 and rejoice with her for having recently become a great-aunt to a boy and a girl. She and her husband visit their son and his wife often - they are nearby - and recently went to Arizona to see their daughter and her family.

Greetings from (Phyllis in) Cambridge! It has been a tough year, but finally Andy, now 75, is feeling a lot better. The three grandkids (just five minutes away), plus my golden retriever, keep me active and busy in all kinds of weather. I still find time to do my artwork at the open studio: drawing "naked people," sketching in coffeehouses, painting watercolors at an ongoing class at the MFA. I manage to see Ginny Agar, Ann Omohundro, and this year Patricia Burke. I can't believe the changes and influence that Wheelock now has as it grows in so many ways. I am very proud to be an alumna.


Margery Conley Mars (Class Scribe)

Lynne Wyluda Beasley is happily settled into her retirement home in Cape Elizabeth, ME. And, by the time you are reading this, Laurie Knowles Carter and Bob should be settled into their "small, comfortable home with its lovely view" in Ashland, OR. Pam Miller Callard became a first-time grandmother on Sept. 2, 2011, when she welcomed Owen into her heart and family. So it is ribbons and bows and baby toes! Congratulations on his birth!

Sarah "Sally" Carter wrote earlier this year of her visit to South Africa for the wedding of her niece: "It was wonderful to explore the incredible beauty of the people, geography, and animal life during their summer season. Cape Town is a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city surrounded by gorgeous mountains, beaches, wineries, farmland, and desert. There is a fascinating mixture of geography and culture as they continue to address, through a democratic process, the economic issues that linger from the days of colonization and apartheid." Our dear Maddi Tufts Cormier has had her share of health issues (including knee replacement surgeries) and now writes: "I also have to have another back surgery. I will hold off with facet injections until this body isn't so wobbly." (Having just recovered from two surgeries myself, I [Margery] know how much I looked forward to mail call each day. Let's give Maddi that pleasure, too!)

Last summer Marianne Hawkey Langenbach and husband Read moved from Medina, WA, their home of 40 years, across Lake Washington to a house in Seattle. It took a year to rework it and the garden, but now they are settled, happy, and ready for visitors. After they moved, Marianne retired, but Read continues to work as an attorney in Seattle.

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of our classmate Joan Carey Noble. She was the roommate of Andrea Murphy Powning and Joyce Nothacker Robinson. Sadly, both Joan and Joyce died of pancreatic cancer less than two years apart. As Marcia Carlson Rintoul wrote, "More research, funding, and attention need to be directed to the cure for this dreaded disease."

Heather Robinson Reimann and husband Joe created a fantastic blog, boldlygoingnowheretogether, so we could follow their adventures as they explored America, the Beautiful last summer and early fall. They enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Southern California with Mike and Sylvia Thorndike Sheriff. Also on the road at the same time but doing the cross-country trip east solo in her van was Connie Muther! She had quite a few wonderful reunions along the way, lots of exquisite scenery to photograph, before reaching her destination in Connecticut to attend a wedding. Last fall, Marcia Carlson Rintoul wrote: "I spent some wonderful time with Sue Gianis Crones on the Cape this summer. While she was there, we had lunch with Karen Kuhl Schwalm, who is living in Chatham. None of us had been able to attend our 45th Reunion, so it was fun to have a mini reunion in Chatham. Sue and I stopped at a wonderful store in Brewster that happens to be owned by a Wheelock graduate and her husband. The shop also has a line of Margery's lovely notecards! I have also had the opportunity to spend some time with Ruth Ann Welsh Rooney. We have met in New York City for long chatty lunches and then have gone to the theater. What fun! Of course, I have kept in touch with my roommate, Joan Austin Yocum, who lives in Arlington, VA. Andrea Murphy Powning was also in the area to spend some time with Joyce Nothacker Robinson's family. We remember Joyce with such a deep sense of love and loss. It always impresses me how very refreshing and interesting it is to be with old and dear friends from Wheelock."

"I said I would never be one of those grandmothers," says Reid Algeo Schenck, but now she admits that that lasted about three seconds after her new grandchild, Lila Louise, was born in 2011. That year was truly an amazing one for Reid for it also included trips to Galapagos, Cambodia, and Vietnam! Sylvia Thorndike Sheriff and husband Mike came east in May 2011 to attend her 50th high school reunion. She contacted Patty Phillips Fraser, who graciously hosted a mini reunion luncheon in her lovely home, which also included Thordis "Toodie" Burdett Gulden, Anne Hallowell Newton, and me as well as our dear spouses.

Following the news of Sandy Tupper Wammack's death, I heard from many of our classmates with warm remembrances of her - including words from her former Peabody roommates Hope, Reid, and Susan. Heather also wrote, as she recalled their first year of teaching in Connecticut when they were living together. The College and I both wrote to her husband, Allen, and had a lovely reply from him. In part, he wrote: "It was so very kind of you to [write]. ... That meant a lot to me and I was very touched. Sandy and I met in Europe when I was in the Army. Never were two people so far apart in our background and station in life. But nevertheless Sandy made it work and we enjoyed 44 years of a blessed life together. ... Thank you for touching me with one more pleasurable memory from Sandy's past."

I believe it was the late actress Bette Davis who said that old age isn't for sissies. I would quickly add that neither is knee replacement surgery. Not only have I found it to be quite painful, but the recovery phase is a long and hard road back to normal. I do hope no more parts get rusty in these years ahead.

Four more years until our 50th Reunion, and already some of us are thinking and planning for that weekend! Our goal is to bring back at least 50 classmates to celebrate our golden anniversary. The countdown is on!


Betsy Simmonds Pollock (Class Scribe)

Linda Hoe Palmer writes of her "fulfilling life." She retired three years ago after 25 years of teaching in Burke, VT, and now does a lot of subbing in Burke and Lyndonville and helps out at her daughter's day care. She also makes quilts and is a trustee of the Burklyn Arts Council. Linda had both knees replaced about two years ago and still skis very actively. She no longer has horses but does swim and walk a lot during the summer. Her four grandchildren are the "light of [her] life."


Cynthia Carpenter Sheehan (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

Monica Freese Eppinger is still working part time at Mystic Seaport. She has two grandchildren who live nearby. She had a knee replacement in November and says she's walking fine now! She sees Heidi Paffard Simmons and keeps in touch with Margo Merrill Loutrel and Leslie Smith Gill

Sarah Jarvis ran a corporate day care center in Dorchester and left Boston in 1973 for NYC, working with Head Start and Follow Through. In 1987 she obtained a position with the Department of Education as a teacher with the Program for Pregnant and Parenting Teens. That program was phased out and she retired in February 2009. Her daughter, Najah Camille Williams, recently turned 31. Carol Hamel Long and her husband are living in their eighth house and "hopefully [their] last"! They are currently living in her hometown, Southborough, MA. She has been working with John Wiley & Sons in New York for the past 15 years, where her off-site work entails executive acquisitions for trade technical books. "I have only the fondest memories of Wheelock and my wonderful friends there and thrill of going to college in Boston in the '60s!" she writes.

Sue Ordway Lyons has been retired for eight years and now fills her time with reading, quilting, and volunteer work.  Much of her time is devoted to family. She has enjoyed a lasting friendship with Susan Castleton Ryan '68/'73MS and her husband over the years. "We just pick up wherever we left off," she writes. Sue wishes the best to all our classmates. Faith Schultz Perkins and husband Dan have lived in Boston for more than 10 years. They are ardent volunteers and Faith is enjoying being president of the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay, an organization whose purpose is to improve the quality of residential life in the Back Bay: "It's very interesting to try and navigate between the needs of the people who actually live here (and who want to be part of a real community) and the goals of the retail and commercial components of the neighborhood." Her daughter and family live in the Boston area, and they cherish the moments they can spend with them. Her son lives and works in Abu Dhabi for the national airline of the UAE. "We've been very fortunate to visit that fascinating city but also to travel to many places in that part of the world," she adds.

There are several from Riverway House who try to get together as often as possible for "mini reunions": Faith, Margie Moss Shekarchi, Keena Dunn Clifford, and Kathy Weinland Lordan.

Susan Webb Tregay and her husband are very happily retired in the mountains of North Carolina. She writes, "I've spent the last couple of years pulling out my Wheelock philosophy and painting my 'Free-Range Children Series' - these are about our childhoods in contrast with today's kids' lives." In addition to teaching painting now and then, she has two solo museum shows coming up with her series. Candy Erickson Weiler has recently retired from her position as principal of the Carver (MA) Elementary School after more than 13 years. She retired midway through the school year so that she could help her older son and his wife with child care for the three grandsons who live a few miles away in Duxbury. She also found out that her younger son and his wife are expecting in June: "We are looking forward to traveling to California to meet the newest Weiler!" Candy and Friend will celebrate their 44th anniversary this August with a trip to Paris and the Provence area in September. "It's great to be able to travel anytime we want, not during school vacation," she writes.

Sue Ackerman Zwick writes: "Even though I haven't taught for nearly 15 years, early childhood is never far from my heart. ... Observing young children, a skill we honed in our training at Wheelock, has helped me beyond the classroom as a photographer." You can view some of Sue's images on her website: www.suezwick.com. Living near New York brings Sue and husband Burt into the city often for theater, museums, and good cuisine. They also have a passion for travel, which has taken them to many remarkable places.

Lani Kung Paone traveled up to Vermont to see Jacki Pearsall Stack and me (Cindy) last July. Actually, she wanted to check to make sure her Wheelock roomie was on the mend. A drunk driver drove through a stop sign, causing a head-on collision. Jacki's husband was killed, and Jacki spent about a month in the local hospital, recovering from her injuries and having physical therapy. Jacki did return to work as a teaching assistant in September and has finally mentioned the word "retirement" for after the next school year! Lani and Chuck have built a home in Mexico, where they plan to spend time after she retires from American Airlines.

I (Cindy) am so fortunate to have both of my children live nearby so I can enjoy the grandchildren and their many activities! I'm also an on-call substitute at a local credit union as a teller - plus I'm still attending 20 or so craft shows a year. There's never enough time in my retirement day to do all that I'd like!

Thanks to everyone who responded and shared their news!


Linda Bullock Owens (Class Scribe)
Tasha Lowell Allan (Class Scribe)

Chris Sharkey Bell retired from teaching in the Sandwich (MA) Public Schools three years ago. She enjoys living in the community in which she taught and is happy that her two kids are close by as well. Jan "Bambi" Bevan lives in Bradenton, FL. Although semiretired, she continues to advise doctoral students at Nova Southeastern College and keeps busy with organizations like the United Way.

"I love this partial retirement!" Cheri Breeman writes. It allowed her to have another fabulous year of travel, venturing around Turkey for three weeks and spending time in many incredible places, including Istanbul, Cappadocia, and the southwestern coast on the Mediterranean. She is still working as a Head Start reviewer and traveling around the United States meeting others from around the country. In spite of its having been a "low snow year" for Colorado, Cheri still skied about 60 days, and when she wrote, she was looking forward to biking and hiking season. She wrote that the moose bedding down in her backyard back in March were a fantastic sight. Sally Holgate DeWolfe retired after 41 years of teaching third, fourth, and fifth grades and then ending her career as a preschool teacher in Aspen, CO. Now time allows for enjoying grandkids, skiing, and traveling. She thinks often of her Wheelock days and hopes to make it east for a Reunion someday!

Rob Petitmaire Harnisch works as a special education administrator in the Fargo (ND) Public Schools, where she has been for 21 years. Her mother, Roberta Beaupain Petitmaire '30, enjoys living with Rob and husband Doug. They get east every once in a while to visit kids John and Brooke. Rob often talks with Susan Anderson Spreter, who lives outside Atlanta, GA. Rob reports that Susan is enjoying retirement, does some response to intervention work, and enjoys her two grandchildren. Jane Luke Hill has settled into a new home in a 55+ community in Georgetown, TX, where life passes at a slower pace. In the summer months she and husband Tom travel to their second home in North Carolina, where her daughter and her family are only three hours away. Jane writes that life is not only good but couldn't be any better. She hopes it is the same for her Wheelock friends.

Sally Fish Longenecker continues to manage the Morgan horse and breeding farm she owns outside of Lexington, KY. She keeps in touch with Pat Cook, Betsy Paine McClendon '69/'77MS, and Nance Kulin Liebgott. All agree that no one has changed at all! Sadly, Sally's husband, Geoffrey, passed away three years ago. She was grateful to those classmates who contacted her at that difficult time. She takes great joy in spending time with her three kids and five grandchildren. Sally spent three weeks in the Middle East with her sister and a friend. Liz Henderson Lufkin is enjoying not working full time (with special needs students) for the first time in years. That's enabled her to visit warmer climates, spend time with family, and be on a flexible schedule!

Jane McDonough met up with Kathleen Murphy Ladd '70 in New York City, and they went to see Jane's son performing at the Acorn Theater. Kathleen is a frequent visitor to New York to help with her four grandkids. Margrete Miner is very busy running a seminar and supervising eight grad students at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. She enjoys the stimulation of observing in many schools. With diminishing budgets, growing challenging student populations, and test-oriented instruction, she wonders how educators manage to accomplish their goals! It doesn't diminish her resolve, however, to make connections and to continue to strive to make a difference. She sends her best to all!

Candis Jan Putterman Stout is still performing and currently promoting the Great American Songbook. She is retired from teaching at an arts-based preschool and from serving on the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Wheelock Family Theatre was awarded a Commonwealth Award while she was with the Council. She enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren.

I (Tasha) continue to teach first grade in Hingham, MA. My home in Hull is a short 10-minute commute with ocean views and sunsets over the Boston skyline, offering a calm ending to every day. My longtime partner, Jim, has recovered from a frightening battle with cancer, and life holds lots of promise for us! I am as busy as ever with the religious education program at my church and volunteering at a South Shore homeless shelter, Father Bill's. I also continue to serve on the board of directors of Wellspring, a nonprofit located in Hull that serves coastal South Shore communities in multiple ways, including diploma and GED programs for individuals who have dropped out of school. The best days are those that I get to spend time with any of my four grandkids! The Boston boat makes a Hull stop, so if you're visiting, please give a call!    


Jaci Fowle Holmes (Class Scribe)
Regina Frisch Lobree (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

In April, Christine Appert, an educational consultant and technology coordinator at University of Virginia in Charlottesville, wrote: "My department (Hospital Education) at UVA launched our child life program about a month ago. ... We have a recent Wheelock master's grad, Amanda Simas ['11MS], as our first child life specialist. Everyone has been very impressed with her preparation and professional presentation."


Laura Keyes Jaynes (Class Scribe)

2011-2012 was Susan Horn Corey's 20th year as a teacher - she's taught kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. Last year she taught second and loved it. She was also a cooperating teacher and mentor to a second-year teacher. "I am also a caregiver to an 84-year-old second cousin," she writes, "and mom to a Jack Russell terrier and six cats!" Paula Davison is putting some extra time she has to very good use as a volunteer for Horizons for Homeless Children. "Quite simply, I just play with a great group of kids, 2 to 7, who are living in a local homeless shelter," she writes. "A great program!" Paula is still working full time as a realtor at The Pinehills in Plymouth, MA, and continues as chair of the Alumni Association Endowment Committee.

Rita Abrams Draper sent greetings from Costa Rica! She and her husband continue to spend winters there and the rest of the year managing their inns on Block Island. They especially love their time with their two grandchildren. Rita is still in touch with Becky Kaminsky, Birdie Smith Denevan, and Mimi Wicker. "In fact," she writes, "we are planning a fun long weekend next November to celebrate turning 60!" She sends regards to everyone.

Nancy Rose is a professional artist who has been teaching art to adults for more than 22 years and has had her artwork shown in places like the New Britain Museum of Art in Connecticut and Selby Gallery in Sarasota. She is happily married with three children and six grandchildren. "After many bumps in my life," she writes, "I am at a time of peace, feeling surrounded by love. I am an active Quaker and an old campus minister who works to bring equality to all people through the Friends World Committee for Consultation, which has consultative status at the United Nations Office. I feel blessed with family and wonderful girlfriends who remind me of you all!"


Angela Barresi Yakovleff (Class Scribe)

It seems impossible to me (Angela) that a year has passed since our Reunion last June. A few of you have news to share, though. Marianne Daly Chellgren writes: "Wish it was last year - we had such a great time at the Reunion! Is it too early to plan for our next one?" (It's never too early to start thinking!) Gayle Griswold Goldberg agrees. She writes: "The Reunion last June couldn't have been better! It was so much fun catching up with good friends, being in Boston on a beautiful weekend, and seeing all the wonderful improvements to the Wheelock campus. Also, staying in the newly renovated Riverway dorm was just the right touch for a great weekend!" Maryanne Galvin's Urban Odyssey, in which "three inner-city teens and three retirees join forces in a yearlong escapade in the great outdoors," was selected for the Boston International Film Festival this year and shown at the Boston Common Loews theater in mid-April. Maryanne and several of the people featured in the film participated in the post-screening Q&A.

Rebecca Neblett Drake Hedin left her public school principalship in 2009 and is now early childhood director at Kingsley Montessori in Boston, where she supervised a Wheelock student teacher this spring. "I love the respect for developmental learning and the whole Montessori philosophy," she writes. Becky's third grandchild recently joined the family. She continues to see Margit Kernan Webb '76/'80MS every December. Dale Zabriskie Pomerantz is working on two more books: One is for parents of teens, and the other is a travel guide. Her first two books, one for parents and the next for grandparents, have sold well. She is the executive director of The Parent School in Chapel Hill. She lives in Chapel Hill with husband Jay. Carla Uribe Ravassa is finishing her seventh year as preprimary principal at the Colegio Bolivar, a North American school in Cali, Colombia. Her three daughters have graduated from college and are living in the U.S. and enjoying their careers ("no grandchildren yet!"). Carla and her husband enjoy traveling, reading, and watching movies. "I love going to work every day and do not see retirement in the near future yet!" she writes. She hopes to be at a Reunion again someday but in the meantime has been enjoying catching up with old friends through Facebook.

We were so sorry to hear this from Shar Sitterly Wager: "After so many years together, I lost my soulmate to cancer this past December. He fought hard but lost his battle." Shar is still teaching second grade at the same school in upstate New York and has no plans to retire yet - she has been there since 1976! Her oldest daughter is an ER nurse and has one child, Shar's first and only granddaughter, now 2 - the love of Shar's life! Daughter Kylie resides in Honolulu and is a second-year environmental law student at the University of Hawaii. Shar's son will graduate soon from an Army training program to be a combat medic. He is presently stationed in Missouri.

I, Angela Barresi Yakovleff, am teaching 4/5 social studies and literacy in Vermont. My colleague, who teaches math and science, is a former first-grade student! We make a great team. In March the town where I work and the town where I live voted to consolidate and close the elementary school where I teach. I've been here since 1978, so the decision is bittersweet. In June I'll be going to Thailand with UVM Asian studies outreach program for three weeks. Asian studies has been an interest of mine for several years now. This past February my husband, Matthew, and I spent time visiting Dave and Karen Berg Ezzi in Arizona. It gave us a reprieve from the cold in Vermont and allowed us to catch up with great friends. Karen and Dave are proud grandparents of a 1-year-old boy. It's wonderful to hear from each of you. Do keep in touch.


Pat Mucci Tayco (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

Rosemary Anderson is happy to share the news that her daughter, Darkia, is attending Wheelock and plans to major in Human Growth and Development/Child Psychology.


Linda Britton Cabral lives in Boston and is the academic superintendent of the Boston Public Schools. Barbara Dalbeck Piccirillo is still an occupational therapist working in Maine School Administrative District #75 (Topsham, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, and Harpswell) with kids K-12. She and husband Peter have two children in college. "I love my job and the continual challenges of new diagnosis and more multihandicapped children, along with our growing population of students on the autism spectrum," Barbara writes. "My background as a classroom teacher has really helped me work closely with teachers and understand the challenges of their diverse student populations."

Ellen Quinlan is the director of human resources for the League School of Greater Boston in Walpole, MA. The League School is a year-round day school and residential community for students on the autism spectrum, ages 4 to 22. "I'm always interested in any recent grads or 'seasoned' grads looking for a great place to work," she writes. "We have an ever-increasing need by our student population." Corny Conyngham Romanowski was the one described as "having lots of fun fixing up our home, a log cabin," in the appeal for Class Notes news that went out recently. She wonders where the time has gone. She and her husband just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and have two children - a daughter, 27, and a son, 21 - and are in the empty nest period of their life. Corny is enjoying teaching nursery school/kindergarten part time and doing volunteer work in her community in Pennsylvania. "I am so looking forward to our 35th Reunion in 2014!" she writes.


Kathy Welsh Wilcox (Class Scribe)

Carla Belcher Sweitzer is in her sixth year as an intervention specialist teaching sixth grade at Hudson Middle School in Ohio, but this has been her first time teaching all boys in both resource math and language arts. This year she spent an unusually warm spring break week in D.C. taking in all of the sights, including the cherry blossoms. They are gearing up to send their oldest son to college in the fall. Carla writes about a 10-day church missions trip they took to the Dominican Republic last summer: "We worked with the local church in Puerto Plata constructing a basketball court retaining wall and leading two kids camps in the city and country. I had the privilege of teaching in the country and really enjoyed co-teaching with the Dominican women. Even though we didn't share the language, we connected with our passion for teaching and children." Jody Mount Vorenberg continues to teach kindergarten at The Orchard School in Indianapolis. Her three girls - Melissa, 21; Abby, 19; and Claire, 16 - are wonderful and involved in their schooling.

I (Kathryn) am trying to enjoy life as an empty nester. I decided that, when the boys left home, I would go back to school for my master's in School Administration. Between going back to school and teaching full time, yikes - what a life! I am hoping to be finished with this project by December. My boys giggle that I am back to being a college student and I have to do homework on the weekends.


Linda Edwards Beal (Class Scribe)

Michele Yefsky Charm, JoAnn Chambers Meehan, and Stephanie Poly Zapatka had a great time catching up on careers and families when they met for lunch in the summer of 2011.


"I really enjoyed my experiences at Wheelock," writes Zina Collins Knight. "My roommates and I had a reunion at Wheelock just a few summers ago. We got to meet President Jenkins-Scott and have lunch with her. It was great! We felt so honored. We had not been back to Wheelock for 20+ years!" Zina has embarked on a new career after 24 years as an elementary school teacher - she "finally got back to [her] roots from Wheelock" and is now an early childhood resource teacher. Her son recently graduated from college as a computer engineer, and she is so proud of him. Her daughter is working on her occupational therapy degree.

"Has it really been that long?" Pamela Senese writes. She is in her 10th year as a first-grade teacher at Dedham (MA) Country Day School. In 2007 she received her Orton Gillingham training at The Carroll School - Garside Institute for Teacher Training in Lincoln, MA. She and her husband, Kevin Coakley, enjoy their summers in the mountains of western Maine.


Carol Ann McCusker Petruccelli (Class Scribe)

Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

Chris Schuman Kenny finally had all four children in one school this past year. Next year, her oldest moves up to middle school. She has been busy volunteering at school and has enjoyed getting back in the classroom. She took the girls to Los Angeles last June for a bar mitzvah, and they had a great time touring around LA. She can't believe 2013 will be our 25th Reunion. "It seems like yesterday we were graduating," Chris says. Cindy Cotter Lahey's oldest son, Matt, graduated from boot camp last October. He joined the Army National Guard after high school. He is attending the University of Nebraska and living in the dorms. Her youngest son is a sophomore and is planning on going into a career with computers ("the next Steve Jobs?"). Cindy is enjoying her job at Verizon Wireless in the call center in Lincoln, NE; she was promoted to senior representative. She volunteers as much as she can for several different organizations around town. She is looking forward to seeing all her friends at the Reunion next year.

Jill Postma Martin continues to live in Virginia with her husband and three sons. She is a sign language interpreter working mostly in schools. Arlene Cromwell Mendock got remarried to her wonderful sweetheart, Joseph. He was never married before and has no children. Her three sons are teenagers now. She continues to say what a great place Wheelock is. Virginia Ernst Walsh is still working at the Hartford as an account representative servicing life and disability customers. She got married to James Walsh, and he has two fantastic teenage children. She has been very lucky to be a part of their life for the last 11 years.

As for me (Carol Ann), I am still teaching an integrated class in the city of Boston, which I continue to love. My two boys are school-age and keep me busy. I have had the opportunity to see Becky Johnson Alexander, Johna Doykos King, Marie Cormack O'Donnell '88/'95MS, and Julie Shea '88/'00MS. Please keep in mind that next year is our 25th Reunion. 


Susan Kelly Myers (Class Scribe)

Kolleen DeCarolis Callaghan is the mother of two teenagers and lives in East Lyme, CT. She has been married for 18 years and recently renewed her vows in Hawaii with her children there. She is working part time in her daughter's middle school and really is enjoying being back in education after years at home with her children. She does spend most of her time in her car driving kids to practices and games, though - as she knows many of you can relate to. Theresa Gruetzke Koenig is working as a math coach three days a week, supporting fourth- and fifth-grade teachers in Stafford, VA. She and her husband celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on Dec. 28. She writes, "I remember the day well, as Traci Raeburn McNulty was my maid of honor, and Lisa Hayden Hauser, Kolleen DeCarolis Kallaghan, Beth Flaherty Dufton, and Sherri Bresette Ahlers '91 were all in attendance." Daughter Emma is 16 and driving, and son Conlon is 11 and a huge basketball fanatic, just like his dad. "I always remember my years at Wheelock fondly and still use the educational foundation I was taught in my everyday life at work and at home," Theresa adds.


Gretchen Carney and Edward Geary Jr. were married on March 17 at the Daniel Webster Estate and Heritage Center in Marshfield, MA. Lauren McCarthy Winter, Holly Hoak, Hilary Stewart Reed, and Erin Sweeney DeSantos were all there, and Joe Pagliuca was the best man.

Last September, Kimberly Lawther Jackson was nominated as an honoree by Connecticut Sen. Terry Gerratana and received recognition at the 14th Biennial YWCA Women in Leadership luncheon. "Sen. Gerratana acknowledged the importance of my role in family education, encouraging families to continue to partner with the schools and community to support their child's education," Kimberly writes. "She also noted that I have been 'a persuasive and compelling voice to the state legislature about the value of the Family Resource Center model ... with a wide breadth of knowledge about child and family services that has enriched each group with whom she has worked with in New Britain.' It was humbling to receive recognition for the work I love to do. As a Wheelock alum, I am proud to serve as a leader and to serve as a gateway to education for the diverse population in New Britain."  


Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

Jessica James Moynahan writes: "Hello to past Wheelock Ladies xo. I find myself laughing out loud at times with memories of Wheelock times. That's life to Live, Laugh, and Love to the fullest. Luv to hear from some blast from the past, and wishing all whose paths were crossed endless bliss. I start with a stream of names like ... Kay 'kk' Barnard-Baez, Heather Reese, Anna Calcateria, Sarah Knightly, Amy and Kelly who lived with us on Simmons campus our first transfer year ... just to name a few. Years have gone by, but memories are fond. The door is open. Please feel free to email."


In addition to working full time as a clinical school social worker, Heidi Butterworth Fanion has been very busy working on the boutique business she launched in 2008, Heidi's Bling. She makes custom-designed rings from Swarovski crystals and glass beads that bring awareness to a wide variety of causes, from cancer research to gay rights, and she donates a portion of the proceeds from ring sales to local charities that support these causes. Her rings have taken her to New York and California and also Germany and India, according to her website (www.heidisbling.com), and she "takes great pride in having turned the hobby that honed her flair for fashion into a specialty service."

Things are going well for Jacquelyn Judge Fitzgerald and family, and they are feeling very blessed. She, husband Sean, and their son live in Marshfield, MA, and enjoy living near the ocean all year long. Still working as a fourth-grade teacher in the Boston Public Schools, which she loves, Jacquelyn also teaches graduate courses in the Literacy Department at Northeastern University. "I am so fortunate for all that Wheelock has taught me," she writes. Sonja Swanson Holbrook has a "busy and wonderful" life in Florida with her husband and 1-year-old daughter. She is managing a federal HIV/AIDS program. Sharon Abrams Meinck still loves "being a part of helping young women from around the world share their lives and culture with American families and vice versa" after nine years of working at Au Pair in America in Stamford, CT. She will celebrate her 16th wedding anniversary this year, and her daughter will start middle school in the fall. "It really is amazing how fast time goes by," she writes. "It seems like only yesterday we were back at Wheelock."

It was with great sadness that Wheelock announced on March 6 that our beloved Sue Mackey, the College's manager of campus services, had died peacefully that morning at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center after a brief illness. Sue was a member of the Campus Services and Facilities team for 18 years. "She loved and was totally devoted to Wheelock College," President Jenkins-Scott wrote to the Wheelock community. "We will all miss her commitment to the College, her readiness to assist her colleagues, and her easy smile and laughter."


Robin Fradkin Matthews is still teaching writing at Drexel University and having a ball hanging out with her wife and 3-year-old son in suburban Philly. She writes, "I started T for U Handpainted, a small customized T-shirt business (http://www.t4uhandpainted.com) and have already painted things for several of my Wheelock buddies!" Alana Oliver Prange '96/'01MS married Timothy Wayne Prange, a project manager for IAP World Services at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, at Bluemont Vineyard in Bluemont, VA, on June 25, 2011. They had a second ceremony, attended by Alana's parents and officiated by Tim's dad, a Lutheran pastor, at his church in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, on Oct. 31. Alana gave birth to their first child, "Ms. Annabelle Jeanne Prange," on Feb. 12. They live in Alexandria, VA, and Alana is a consultant to the Source for Learning Inc. for their Preschool First website.

"It was a trip of a lifetime that has enhanced my teaching by volumes," writes Sheila Higgins Scott. "I co-wrote a grant with a fellow librarian, and together we were granted $10,000 from a Fund for Teachers and Rural School and Community Trust. We traveled to Ireland, England, Scotland, and France to study the work of various authors and artisans for 16 days [last] summer. My students have a new understanding of the world. I have been able to demonstrate through my own experience that they, too, can travel the world." Sheila is currently working on a master's in Library Science at East Carolina University in Greensboro, NC.

Sarah Zimman '96/'97MS writes: "I got engaged on Jan. 14 to the love of my life, Dennis Dulong Jr., musician/singer/nurse and all around amazing man! We were also in a music video together. A local North Shore filmmaker, Gary Barmin, liked one of my fiancé's songs [and asked him] to make a music video of it. I was also the 'co-star' of it, along with our sweet and adorable dog, 'Sky': http://youtu.be/Pc2V_m9mnBc." Sarah also wrote about having had her hip replaced at age 36 and her recent recovery from her fifth hip surgery. She has been "spreading hip awareness" for the past five years, blogging about her story at http://meandmyhipster-sj.blogspot.com/. Her Flickr 365 photo journey of her comeback from hip replacement surgery has let her use her passion for photography to share her story with others: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjwNA6f3. Sarah also has been writing a blog for the Salem Patch about her love of the city of Salem and her adventures around "[her] city": http://salem.patch.com/.


Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

"It has been an amazing experience," Amy Curry Bassett writes of her and her family's July 2011 move to Portland, OR, and their time there since then. She says the food is "outstanding (organic, local, farm-fresh)," and she, her husband, and their 2-year-old daughter spend a lot of time outside walking, hiking, and exploring. They also have memberships to the local children's and science museums, as well as the zoo. Amy loves being at home with her daughter to watch her learn and grow. Amy Clark Duffy '98/'01MS and her husband now have a beautiful, 16-month-old baby boy who is "very curious and has a fabulous personality." This school year was Amy's 12th year teaching second grade at the Bell School in Marblehead, MA.

Maryelizabeth Falcone-Farrell graduated in 2010 with a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and loves her job conducting assessments on suicidal and homicidal children in New Britain, CT. In June 2011, she and her husband celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary! "How time flies!" she writes. Johanna Lynch '98/'99MS is wrapping up her fourth year at the Hennigan School in Jamaica Plain, MA, teaching the second year of a 4th/5th grade loop. "It's great to get to know my students and their families so well," she writes. She also wanted to share this picture of herself with Amy Clark Duffy at a "super fun (yet very rainy) night at Fenway Park with NKOTBSB in June 2011!"

Bryn Mastyk Yozzo, a former motivational speaker who encouraged people to lose weight and achieve their goals, writes: "Then an illness in our family made us make some choices about what was really important in our lives. We chose to honor what was important to us, which is family. So, I moved in July '11 to Queen Creek, AZ, with my husband, Rob, and our girls, Mykena and Adyson, to help in our family [restaurant] business. I manage the website and Facebook page and also am a server. It was a huge decision for us to move 3,000 miles, but we are excited to be together with my brothers, sister-in-law, parents, and nephew. If you are in the Phoenix area, come check us out!"


Last fall Aimee Farrell Dos Santos was featured on the BIO channel's I Survived ... Beyond & Back, where she spoke about her near-death experience as a child. Check it out! Jackie Klein is working full time for her dad at International Blind Contractors, Ltd. (window treatments) in New York City. She is also an assistant teacher in the kindergarten classroom at Central Synagogue Hebrew School. "This is my fifth year and I love it," she writes. Erin Barrett McGaffigan received a Ph.D. in Public Policy in December. She has a "very supportive husband (who made the degree possible)" and two beautiful 3-year-old sons.

Laurel Simonini Schnitman and husband Michael welcomed their second child, a girl, Weslie Tabor Schnitman, on May 14, 2011. "Jen Dezotelle came to visit when Weslie was born," Laurel writes. "She stayed for a week to help me recover from the birth. What an amazing friend!" Life is pretty busy but lots of fun, and Laurel and Michael especially get a kick out of seeing their two kids enjoy each other. Sarah Houghtaling Schroeder sends a "Hello" from Berkeley, CA. She had a baby boy, Martin Bernhardt, on Jan. 4, and his big sisters, Eva (5) and Elsa (3), love to help take care of him and "can't get enough of him." Sarah isn't teaching but stays active in education by supervising student teachers in the Bay Area.

"I am so grateful for the time I spent at Wheelock, and I think of old friends and faculty often," writes Katie Shaw. She received an M.S.W. from Hunter College in 2002 and married husband John in 2004. They and their adorable dog, Nala, live in Long Beach, NY. As the children's services coordinator at the Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Katie oversees direct services for children and adolescents affected by domestic violence. She has her LCSW and is working toward her RPT (Registered Play Therapist) credential. Stephanie Arnold Thomas and her family have been living in Georgia for six years and love it! She recently started homeschooling her 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son: "It's definitely a roller-coaster ride every day, but we are having lots of fun and meeting a lot of new friends. Our favorite part is the fun field trips we can take whenever we want!"

Amy Darling Wood received an M.Ed. with a focus in Montessori education from St. Catherine University in 2009, and for the last three years, she has been working at the Riverbend School in South Natick, MA, as lead toddler teacher and administrative support staff. "Working with toddlers in the Montessori environment has been a very rewarding experience," she writes. "Along with my current job, I have recently become a sensorial teacher trainer for the National Center for Montessori Education-New England. I get to bring my passion for teaching to adult learners in the process of becoming Montessori teachers." Amy and husband Tim have been married for almost two years, and she is a stepmom to his two handsome boys. Jane Sanders Wuestkamp and family have moved into their new home in North Andover, MA, and she is enjoying staying at home with son Kyle.


After an intense year in the Accelerated Bachelor's in Nursing Program at the University at Buffalo (NY), Suzanne Lewis graduated with her second bachelor's in 2009. The following January, she landed her "dream job" in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Golisano Children's Hospital in Rochester. Congratulations, Suzanne!


Michelle Messina and Daniel Arinello (Wentworth '06) were married in April 2011.


Reunion 2013
May 31 - June 2

Congratulations to Savannah Charest Kinney and husband Matt, who welcomed their first baby, Callie Rae Kinney, on Oct. 20. The Marine Corps currently has them living in San Antonio, TX, while Matt is stationed at Lackland Air Force Base as a dog trainer, and Savannah works as a foster care case manager for a child placing agency. Christine Romero has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area working for a homeless youth shelter and taking classes in early childhood education. She plans to apply to graduate school and pursue an M.A. in Education. She and Benjamin Blank got engaged late last year and will be wed this June 16 in Maryland. 


"I have so much fun, most days," writes Rebecca Gould, who has been doing activities with the elderly at an assisted-living facility since graduating from Wheelock. She has an adorable new niece and nephew!


Kate Needham has been in the Peace Corps in Mali, working as an education and literacy volunteer in a town of about 8,000 people, since the summer of 2010. Among the projects she has been involved in there, she has helped local English teachers enhance their curriculum, trained the school board, held a girls empowerment conference, and started the first-ever girls soccer team.


As a family advocate at Associated Early Care and Education, Chela Vastey works in all six of the center-based programs located in Boston, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, and Cambridge.

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