Elizabeth Palmer Peabody Award

Elizabeth Palmer Peabody is best known as a teacher and educational reformer, and more specifically as the mother of kindergarten in America.

Elizabeth Palmer PeabodyInspired by the work and philosophies of Friedrich Froebel, she established the first kindergarten in Boston in 1860. Peabody was also a popular instructor in training courses for kindergarten teachers, and it was she who encouraged a young Lucy Wheelock to enroll in one of those training courses.

Wheelock was always extremely proud that Elizabeth Palmer Peabody's signature was on her diploma, certifying her to teach young children. It has been written about Peabody that she "had a particular affinity for finding unity amidst all kinds of diversity—social, cultural, historical, aesthetic, and linguistic—and above all a powerful drive to express her philosophical idealism in concrete ways."

To honor Lucy Wheelock's mentor, a woman whose dreams are so well reflected at Wheelock College, the Alumni Association will present this award annually to an alumna/us of a graduate program at the College who reflects Peabody's commitment to diversity and education, and the values of Wheelock College.

Purpose: To recognize and honor the work of one alumna/us who has completed post-graduate work at Wheelock College.

Criteria: Recipient must have completed a graduate or post-baccalaureate certificate program at Wheelock College. The recipient's professional or volunteer work should exemplify the mission of Wheelock College: "to improve the lives of children and families"; as well as a demonstrated commitment to finding unity in all types of diversity.

Past Recipients:
Yvonne Achilles ’90MS (2005)
Diane Cassella Ohanesian ’78MS (2007)
Dr. Angela Paige Cook ’73MS (2009)
Louise Marsden ’11MS (2011)
Audrey Peck ’90MS (2012)
Andrea Weaver 94MS (2014)
Chris Hoeh '94MS (2015)
Mary Brady Naumec '99MS (2016)

Deadline: Applications are currently being accepted, and can be submitted through mail, fax, or email (see below). The Award will be presented at Wheelock's Alumni Symposium.

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