Registering as a Non-matriculated Student

Graduate study at Wheelock CollegeNon-matriculated students are individuals who wish to take an individual graduate course or Professional Development Institute for professional growth, to prepare academically for graduate studies, or for personal enrichment. Students may elect to take a course for graduate credit or audit, but it is assumed that they are not currently enrolled in a Wheelock graduate degree program at this time.

Graduate Credit

At Wheelock College, you may enroll in up to 6 credits of graduate course work as a non-matriculated student before formally being admitted to a degree program or being approved for Life-Long-Learner status (for more information please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at

Satisfactory performance as a non-matriculated student may enhance your application for admission to one of our programs, but it does not guarantee it. Courses successfully taken by students may later be counted towards the degree, if admitted, with approval of the appropriate academic Dean. We strongly recommend that students who anticipate applying courses toward a future degree program speak with a Program Director prior to registering.

Professional Development Opportunities

Many professionals may also choose to use our graduate courses for Professional Development Points (PDP) or Continuing Education Units (CEU) as issued by the state or the student's governing professional organization. To find out how many PDP or CEU points you will earn by getting a grade or auditing a course please consult the bylaws of your professional organization.

It is expected that students who wish to obtain graduate credit for participation in a graduate level course at Wheelock have obtained a bachelor's degree. Students who have not obtained a bachelor's degree may participate in our graduate course offerings by electing to audit a course.

Graduate Course Offerings for Spring, Summer, and Fall

Registration dates will be set in advance and can be found on the Office of Academic Records and Registration web page. Non-matriculated students are expected to abide by Wheelock College policy with regard to registration (including late registration), payment, and enrollment in graduate courses. This information can be found in our Course Catalog.

To register as a non-matriculated student, please visit the Take a Course web page to see courses specially selected for non-matriculated students, along with registration information. You may also consult the student portal (using the course search option) to view all Wheelock courses. If a course isn't listed on the Take a Course page, you can still register by completing our Graduate Non-Matriculated Student Registration Form and faxing it to 617-879-2099 or mailing it to the Office of Admissions, Wheelock College, 200 Riverway, Boston, MA 02215. Payment or Wheelock voucher must be included at the time of registration.

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