Applying for Graduate Studies: Master's Programs

NOTE: Wheelock College has reached an agreement to merge with Boston University. Please note that the graduate application requirements may change. The College is working with BU to determine its revised academic program portfolio in the new Wheelock College of Education and Human Development.

We will be in contact with all prospective students and applicants as the merger discussions between our two institutions continue and more details are available. Information will also be available at as developments warrant.

Please contact Graduate Admissions at 617-879-1114 or with any additional questions or to speak with an admissions counselor. We look forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months.

Required Materials for Masters Degree Candidates

(Domestic Students Only. See International Student Requirements here.)

  1. Wheelock Graduate Application - Domestic students applying to Wheelock's graduate programs are asked to submit the online application. We ask that all students adhere to our priority deadlines.

  2. Essay- Please submit a 3-5 page essay describing why you would like to attend Wheelock College as a graduate student. Your essay should include information on which degree program you would like to pursue, how you became interested in this field of work, and why you feel Wheelock College, with its mission to improve the lives of children and families, would be the ideal place for you to continue your education. You are also encouraged to describe the strengths that you bring to your chosen field and the professional challenges that you will face.

    All applicants are welcome to submit additional materials they feel may give the Admissions Committee a broader view of their achievements. Supplemental essays regarding poor performance in undergraduate coursework may also be appropriate. Please contact an admission counselor if you have questions.

  3. Letters of Reference - Three (3) letters of reference are required. One should be of an academic nature from a faculty member who is familiar with the applicant's academic work (e.g., a former professor or instructor of the applicant). The second reference should be from an individual who can discuss the applicant's work or relevant experience. The third letter may be either academic or professional at the applicant's discretion. References from family members and/or friends are not acceptable. Please note that additional letters of reference may be requested at the discretion of the Admission Committee.

    You must use the electronic reference form we provide as part of the online application. Please follow the instructions on the application to have the electronic recommendation sent securely to your recommenders by email.

    **Applicants to the Child Life and Family Centered Care program are highly encouraged to provide a reference from the Child Life Specialist under whom they completed their 100 hours of volunteer work.

    **Applicants to the Social Work: Advanced Standing Program must have the following: (1) A reference from their field instructor/field supervisor from their BSW program. The field instructor/supervisor should include a narrative that speaks to their assessment of the applicant's readiness to engage in advanced level graduate work and field practicum. Be sure to include specific recommendations such as, demonstrated readiness to engage in advanced year work; suggested waiting period post-BSW; additional hours in the advanced year field; and/or attending part-time vs. full-time. (2) Applicants must also submit their most recent field evaluation form. For current BSW seniors, please submit your fall semester end field evaluation. For graduated applicants, submit your final senior year field evaluation. For applicants who have graduated 5 or more years ago, or are unable to provide this documentation, please clearly include the ways in which you have engaged in social work professional practice since graduation in your required admission essay.

  4. Academic Records (transcripts) - Students applying for admission to a graduate program at Wheelock College must hold a Baccalaureate Degree from an accredited institution. Degree-seeking applicants must present official transcripts from each junior college, college, and university (including Wheelock College, if applicable) at which the applicant took courses or was granted a degree.

    Applicants should contact the Registrar of each school attended, requesting that an official transcript be sent either to the student or to the Office of Graduate Admissions directly. If the student chooses to submit the transcripts, they must be sent in their original sealed envelopes. Any applicant still taking courses or completing a program at the time of application may be eligible for conditional acceptance and must submit a follow-up transcript showing final grades and degree subsequently obtained. Additional transcripts regarding transferred course work may be requested at the discretion of the Admission Committee.

  5. Resume - Work experience and career progression are important and will be considered by the Admissions Committee. Resumes should be submitted in a professional format and include: contact information, educational background, work experience, and skills.

  6. Interview - Not all degree programs require an interview. However, application interviews are required for the following programs: Child Life Program, Educational Studies/International Teaching and Global Learning, Integrated Elementary and Special Education for Initial Licensure Program and the Nonprofit Leadership Program. Also, while interviews for the Social Work program are not required, they may be requested by the Director of the program. The Admissions Committee also may request an evaluative phone or personal interview with an applicant to further discuss the applicant's academic and professional goals. Students applying to other programs may request an evaluative interview. All students are welcome to meet informally with members of the admission staff and faculty. In each case, unless the student is initiating the request for an interview, the Admissions Committee will contact the applicant directly.

  7. MTEL/Initial Licensure Information for some Education Applicants - information for Professional Licensure Candidates Only - Some licensure only programs require the submission of MTEL scores. Students will be notified of any requirements during the application process. Students applying for a master's degree program that will allow them to be eligible for professional licensure must submit copies of their initial licensure documentation. For more information please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.

  8. Child Life and Family Centered Care Applicants - Students applying to this program must submit documentation of 100 hours of volunteer work completed under the supervision of a Child Life specialist. (Most often these hours are completed in a hospital setting. If you have any questions please contact us at or 617-879-1114) Students must have completed at least 50 of these hours at the time of application.
    Download the 100 Hour Volunteer Form.
  9. Teacher of Reading Master's Degree Applicants - All Teacher of Reading Master's degree applicants must submit a letter from their principal or Human Resource department stating that they have been employed at their school for a minimum of one year. This requirement ensures that all teachers enrolling in the program will meet state reading licensure requirements following graduation from Wheelock.

All applications materials once submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions become the property of Wheelock College. Incomplete applications as well as applications for students who have been admitted and do not register or who have been denied will be kept on file for two years from the time of application or admission decision. After this period they will be destroyed.

Wheelock College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic or other school-administered programs.

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