Program Components

Please Note: Wheelock College and Boston University have reached an agreement to merge as of June 1, 2018. The merger will form the Wheelock College of Education & Human Development (WCEHD) at Boston University, where programs in early childhood and K-12 education will be offered.

During their four years, PFAScholars participate in a comprehensive developmental experience that focuses on leadership development, team building, documentation, and reflection. PFAScholars participate in the following program components:

  • Monthly Reflective Leadership seminars facilitated by Wheelock faculty (all PFAScholars)
  • Wheelock College Bridge Program (Freshman PFAScholars)
  • New Orleans Service Learning Course and Trip (Sophomore PFAScholars)
  • International Service Learning Course and Trip (Junior PFAScholars)
  • Policy Fellows Program and Course (Junior PFAScholars)
  • Capstone Presentation (Senior PFAScholars)

Components of the Leadership Development Model

PFAScholars and the PFAScholars faculty advisors will use the Social Change Model of Leadership Development to guide their developmental work each year. The approach to leadership development for the Social Change Model is embedded in collaboration and concerned with fostering positive social change. The model examines change from three different perspectives:

  1. The individual - What personal qualities do the students who participate in a leadership development program demonstrate? What personal qualities do students demonstrate that are most supportive of group functioning and positive social change?
  2. The Group - How has the collaborative leadership development process been designed to facilitate the development of the desired individual qualities (above) and also to effect positive social change? What, if anything could be improved? What, if any, other supports might be useful?
  3. The Community/Society - To date, toward what social ends have the leadership development activity been directed? What kinds of service activities are most effective in energizing the group and in developing desired personal qualities in students?

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