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Recipients of Wheelock's City Year Alumni University Partnerships scholarship have served in City Year sites across the U.S (and in London). They have run afterschool programs, served as tutors, and helped young teens become leaders. At Wheelock, they are studying to be teachers, social workers, juvenile justice advocates, and agents of change.

Meet some City Year alums who chose Wheelock:

Sarah BlakeSarah Blake
City Year Service Site:
Wheelock Program: Masters in Integrated Elementary and Special Education, Class of 2014

I am currently a long-term substitute resource room teacher in the city of Boston and I incorporate the skills from both City Year and Wheelock into my daily instruction. Being a teacher is simply not standing in the front of a classroom lecturing students. When one signs up to be a teacher, one signs up to be a parent, a nurse, a doctor, a scientist—the list goes on. Never mind the many lesson plans made every night or the many phone calls home to parents everyday—the life of a teacher is unpredictable. But, at the end of the day, when the dismissal bell sounds and the classroom is empty, teachers are the ones that can say that they made a difference in a child's life.

Tam EmersonTamara Emerson
City Year Service Site:
Boston and London
Wheelock Program: Bachelors in Elementary Education/Math & Science, Class of 2012

The reason I chose Wheelock was because of my City Year background. I felt it would be hard to find the sense of mission and community I had at City year, but Wheelock is a college that really shares that mission I cared about so much at City Year. It felt like such an easy transfer between the two. It was an eye-opening experience to be in City Year and see the ways children and families struggle. Wheelock helped me take all those pieces that affect families every day and gave me the tools to be a socially conscious and effective teacher. Wheelock also showed me that instead of being a career teacher, I want to be the person who makes the changes so that our teachers can be great.

City Year alum Rose FrankRose Frank
City Year Service Site: Boston
Wheelock Program: Masters in Integrated Elementary and Special Education, Class of 2014

I have been fortunate enough to gain experience serving with City Year Boston and by attending graduate school at Wheelock College. Both have been extremely supportive communities that have helped me to build the confidence to continue doing what I am passionate about. Serving with City Year built on my knowledge of urban schools in a real and honest way, and I use that knowledge every day at my student teaching internship or in my class discussions at Wheelock.

City Year alum Mark PierceMark Pierce
City Year Service Site: Chicago
Wheelock Program: Masters in  Integrated Elementary and Special Education, Class of 2014

My Corps year in the classroom with high school freshmen on Chicago's West side and a year spent as a Team Leader in an elementary school on Chicago's South side were incredibly influential to my life goals. I knew that I would not feel complete if I did not continue to give back to the children of our world. City Year is an organization that captivates its members because of their incredible ideals. With my decision to further pursue education, I needed to find a home for the driving force for good that City Year sparked within me. Wheelock is that place. The two organizations' missions are one in the same, to inspire a world of good, and to do so by putting children first every step of the way.

Mynor RosaMynor Rosa
City Year Service Site: Miami
Wheelock Program: Bachelors in Social Work, Class of 2016

City Year not only changes the lives of the students and communities it serves, but also the lives of the young adults that serve as corps members. During my time as a corps and senior corps member with City Year Miami, I was not only able to help make an impact in the community but also develop my leadership and professional skills. I helped organized The Young Heroes program, which gathers middle school and high school students from all over Miami every Saturday to mentor and develop their leadership skills. The new skills and experiences that I attained with City Year have helped me prepare for my academics at Wheelock College.

City Year Alum Rachel WalkerRachel Walker
City Year Service Site: Boston
Wheelock Program: Bachelors in Social Work/Psychology, Class of 2012

My original decision to attend Wheelock College was based on Wheelock's excellent reputation in the social work field. Wheelock offered amazing internships, field placements, and other connections to catapult me into that world right away. I never would have thought that four years later Wheelock would connect me with such an amazing program like City Year Boston. My experience with City Year was nothing short of life changing. Through my work as a mentor, tutor, and role model, I learned so much about myself and how I can live the mission of Wheelock to improve the lives of children and families. Entering the City Year program I had a leg up on most of my peers. Classes I had taken during my undergrad had prepared me for work with students and their families. City Year provides training, but I felt the studies I had already done at Wheelock gave me a much better understanding of subjects like youth development, social justice, and many others. My experiences at both Wheelock and City Year have without a doubt changed my life for the better. The two organizations fit together perfectly to mold me into the person I am today!

Katrina ZingerKatrina Zinger
City Year Service Site: Boston
Wheelock Program: Masters in Language and Literacy Studies, Class of 2013

It all started with life lessons from my grandfather over ice cream sundaes—each story always emphasizing the importance of both an education and giving back to the community. Like my own foundation, both Wheelock College and City Year are rooted in education and community service. With these principles in mind, I served as a corps member and senior corps members with City Year Boston and attended Wheelock College for my master's degree. Currently, I am the social service coordinator at Cooperative Elder Services, an adult day center for frail and disabled seniors, with the goal of providing a safe, structured, and social environment for elders to remain in their own homes and communities. Through my experiences with Wheelock and City Year, my ideals have been nurtured and developed, but my vision remains the same: give each year in service to others and change the world.

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